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Netizens shower EXO's Kai with hate comments for being cast as the lead in new KBS drama

By beansss   Thursday, January 12, 2017   211,044   15,545   0



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The topic of EXO's Kai potentially leading a new KBS drama as its male lead is riling up netizens, with discussions about Kai's acting, idol actors and the prejudice they receive, and more. 

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The day before, news broke out that Kai had been cast as the male lead in youth drama 'Andante' alongside actress Jung Da Bin. Since then, whether in response to the backlash Kai has been getting or unrelated, KBS has announced that Kai's casting is still in discussion. 

One netizen on an online community thinks that "the reason that idol actors get hated on is because of occurrences like these." They ranted, "Why does SM do this? Why would they make a kid who's been in a few web dramas suddenly the male lead in a public broadcasting station drama? Even in a supporting role on a public broadcasting station drama, it's easy to get hated on... Honestly, judging by his web dramas alone, I don't feel that he's all that good, but now, he has to do well to avoid backlash. And Kai gets all the pressure. One of his members who appeared on a historical drama, and not as a main character, plus he was bad in the beginning but showed improvement little by little, even he got torn down until he became dust? There are idols like Siwan, D.O, and Sungjae who are finally trying to show people that there are some idols who can act... but none of the three started out with a lead role. It's not that Kai is doing anything wrong, but I wish he just wouldn't. Honestly, from the perspective of a muggle (common term K-Nets use to refer to non-idol-fans), I would just not want to watch a drama with an idol as the lead." 

Others seemed to agree, adding, "Even if it is for a morning drama, there are so many actors out there who work their heads off to land a lead role in a public broadcasting station morning drama, so what does this make them...? Doing this all because of an idol's popularity is really not it. It's not like we have no idea what his acting skills are like either", "I think Kai should have actively rejected this. They say in Sungjae's case, there have been roles he rejected. In SM, do you not have a choice on the matter?", and more.

Even EXO-L seem to be on the agreeing side, saying, "From a fan's perspective, it's not all that welcoming news either", "When Kai came out an a web drama, I watched the 1st episode and stopped watching... I wish they wouldn't make the ones who aren't good at acting act...", and so on. 

What are your thoughts on Kai being cast as the male lead of 'Andante'?

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clang2 Saturday, January 14, 2017

I'm so happy !!! Kai ♥

exobeastbtobgot7 Saturday, January 14, 2017

question in point now. does kai get to choose or not ?there is so much we dont know. seriously tho, these idols land the roles because their have the marketing factor also. have you seen dramas that have been made wonderfully but because of lack of attention they dont get the attention ? the people investing in these dramas want to see assurance in returns and profits from their investments so its logical they would choose the idol

ariyan exobeastbtobgot7 Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ah~u know right, drama with idols as leads has never been successful.

ZoeKkpop Friday, January 13, 2017

ZoeKkpop Friday, January 13, 2017

i really glad to see kai as lead lmao , if u rally a exol support every member , not solo stan

Humanshadow Friday, January 13, 2017

i don hate kai but i hear a lot of rookie actor in korea struggle to get opportunity in drama ...experience as support actor  is really importance  to deliver smooth acting ...this going harm kai if he not perform well ...feel so sad

foltarida Friday, January 13, 2017

he accept that drama because he confident about it, we never know is he escalate his acting capability or not, just wait and see after it we can judging. remember hyeri girls day, a lot of people complaint about her being woman lead in reply 1988, but after watch her drama, a lot of people impressed by her acting,i think its too premature to judging kai acting capability

sheldon_egg Thursday, January 12, 2017

I agree that it's too sudden to put him on a lead on a big broadcast like kbs. And honestly, if you think about it, there are so many people who go to college and get an actual degree in acting, why don't leave acting for them? Instead producers use a few idols to get more attention to the drama, it's kinda sad... Unless those idols prove that they can rock acting on small roles before, why push them to hard onto the show?

wexonex3 Thursday, January 12, 2017

wow why hate on poor Kai, when he did nothing wrong? plus, he is attending acting classes .. so stop bashing him and wait for the drama's release!! And, I don't get the EXO-Ls who don't support him, It's not like he went to KBS and told them to give him a lead role, go on and hate the writer or the director for choosing him.

galaxyifan wexonex3 Thursday, January 12, 2017

I'm an Exo-L and I'll be objective: Kai isn't a good actor and this role is too big for someone who can't act that well, we can disagree (not hate on him) with his choice (because yes at the end of the day it's his choice) there's nothing wrong with it, not hate on him, not bash him, but we can express ourselves on that. It's not because we're his fans that we have to support every single thing he does, we have to be objective.

junxxmin wexonex3 Friday, January 13, 2017

most probably because the industry is not all fairy dust and what you think. SM probably pulled some things to place him there, they have a lot of influence. Most likely they're speculating that because he had a web drama that did fairly okay they can just stick him into a leading role because he needs the korean public's love again. He used to be one of the better known names in exo until his dating news. It seems SM is desperate, and nobody's really hating on kai. From an objective point of view this guy was a born dancer, but not a born actor. They want him to work his way up and actually have experience and slowly improve. There are idols working their butt off to disprove the stereotype that idols can't act and Kai taking a lead role to botch it up with all the pressure he faces and receive hate is just bad on both sides. I'm starting to wonder, did you even read the article at all because if you did you'd know that nobody was hating kai they were being realistic?

Shawtyigotit galaxyifan Saturday, January 14, 2017

How can you call yourself 'EXO-L' if you not support Kai?

chocosoo wexonex3 Monday, January 16, 2017

i guess i'm one of those exo-ls who doesn't wholeheartedly has her mind on this. that is because i also want to consider things outside of being an exo fan. being objective doesn't mean that you are bashing the members. the reason why i don't really have my heart in this is because i somehow knew that this is how knetz will react. for me, it's more of protecting jong, yeol and joy from unnecessary picking from those harsher knetz. even though we say that they are being close minded and unforgiving, you can't take away the fact that they are the primary audience of their shows. i could probably say that the intl fans' opinions matter very little in this. hopefully, sm knows what they are doing that they are laying their idols in this vulnerable position. this is very tricky for their careers, if you think in a broader perspective.

galaxyifan Shawtyigotit Monday, January 16, 2017

yeah i'm an exo-l, i've been an exo-l for longer than fake a$$ exo-ls out there who follow blindly oppa whatever he does, i'm a real fan who isn't going to say yes to whatever they do, Kai doesn't have a talent in acting therefore no, I will not support him being lead when many other no name talented actors would've made a great thing out of this opportunity, sorry I'm not like you 13 y/o ''pls marry me oppar'' fans who'd defend oppa even if he commtits a murder, but I have a brain you see, and eyes not to follow blindly any groups, so next time you want to defend your pre teen stan pov maybe you should think twice because tbh that' ridiculous okay?

minzeliron Thursday, January 12, 2017

Wow, I have a crazy idea, how about you just don't watch it? "This is why people hate idols," no, booboo, people hate idols because they don't have their own lives to focus on. Business - get you some.

bangeryun94 minzeliron Friday, January 13, 2017

What is the point of airing a drama that few will watch? Sorry, but if ordinary people aren't interested in seeing him in a lead role it's certainly not because they don't have lives to live. After all the backlash and there was a boatload ... business, that is what the network will focus on and he will most likely lose that lead

chiidori Thursday, January 12, 2017

I agree this might be too big of a role for him at this point in time, but I hope he does well. The problem might not have been his acting in his previous projects but the fact that they gave him such cringeworthy roles. He won't get better if he isn't given a chance to explore new characters. Jongin's a sensitive kid. I hope all these hate comments aren't getting to him.

FieryGirl21 Thursday, January 12, 2017

Okay I understand where people are coming from but is it Kai's fault he got this opportunity. I say give him a chance. He could surprise us and be brilliant in this drama! Lets all be positive for a change <3

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