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Posted by KpopJoA85 pts Thursday, January 12, 2017

JYJ's Junsu talks about his past hardships as he prepares to go to the military

JYJ, Junsu (XIA)
On January 12, JYJ'sJunsu greeted fans through Naver's 'V' app. With his military enlistment approaching, the singer expressed his sadness in parting with his fans.

"Please get rid of February," Junsu pleaded, as he will be going off to the military next month.

"It's too bad I have to say my farewells to you all as my military enlistment is in February. Too bad we can't get rid of February," the singer commented.

The singer also recalled his past saying, "It is difficult to move forward without fully healing one's scars. I don't know what an adult's take on this would be. Please let me know your secret to overcome life as a young person in society."

He went on, "I had a lot of hardships during the past whether it be family or life in general. I think I just went after my dream that time. I thought this was the only thing that I can do, so I kept running and never looked back. Although there were many mountains I had to climb, I think I managed to climb them all."

The singer continued, "As far as religious beliefs go, my mother once told me that God only gives you tests in which you can handle. I feel like I have grown more through these trials...I wish that these hardships now will someday turn into thanksgiving and praise."

Meanwhile, Junsu is busy with his musical 'Death Note.' Based on the popular Japanese manga of the same name, beginning back on January 3 themusicaladaptation will continue through the 26th.

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