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[Drama Review] 'Hwarang' - Episode 10

By eric_r_wirsing   Wednesday, January 18, 2017   27,332   7,263   0



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It doesn't matter how good the band is -- it always comes down to the fireworks.

With the instruments destroyed, the Hwarang improvise, and the performance goes off without a hitch. We see that it's not Ban Ryu destroying the instruments. Bad boy Kang Sung is behind it, his face a mask of malicious glee. Jinheung is alerted to Ah Ro's abduction and faces down his mother to get her back. Later, Moo Myung shows Ah Ro her brother's grave. He explains to her that Mak Moon was like family. Ahn Ji gets a visit from an old acquaintance, Hwi Kyung, a former contender for the throne from back in the day. Hwi Kyung has already shared a drink with the Master of Instruments, discussing Moo Myung's fate, and has info to share with the healer.

Soo Ho suddenly remembers hearing about Ban Ryu's false indiscretion and attacks him. Soo Yeon stops the attack the same way and chastises her brother when he wakes up. The following day, retainers assign themselves to various Hwarang, and teach them skills such as horseback archery. Han Soo's brother chooses Moo Myung because he wouldn't have to truly serve him. Servant Pa Oh poses as a retainer so he can be close to the king. And Kang Sung gets to taunt Ban Ryu, having been assigned by Minister Park. At practice, Ah Ro witnesses Moo Myung faint. She gives him mouth to mouth and frets until he wakes up and kisses her...

Maybe don't kick the stones with bare feet anymore...

Ah Ro is still fretting about the brother thing. I wouldn't have stretched it out this long were I one of the writers, but then again, it's not every day you have someone posing as a brother to the love interest, either. They have to throw some kind of monkey wrench in there to foul up the romance and keep things interesting, so why not that? At least they're not having her cry quite as much, which is always a good thing.

I wish we knew more about Moo Myung's illness. It's almost like a seizure, where he seems to totally black out. And we don't see anything from his point of view, like a dream or anything. I'd love to know the reasons behind this, what afflicts him, and why. I know Master Ahn Ji is busy with figuring out what's behind the Queen's poisoning, but I'd like to see him suss out how to help Moo Myung. It certainly seemed like he knew something way back when Dog-Bird was brought to his hut.

"You will reveal your secrets of youth and beauty to me..."

Ban Ryu and Kang Sung have a fun relationship. He's always been the thorn in the side of the Hwarang and is obviously trying to jockey for Minister Park's favor. They're two sides of the same coin because while Ban Ryu hates the fact that his dad wants him to work for Park, Kang Sung revels in it. Personally, I hope there's a reckoning where Ban Ryu does the right thing and sticks it to Kang Sung in the process.

I'm still not sure about the whole Sun Woo-Ahn Ji thing. Sometimes, I don't think the old healer's right in the head. I figure there's got to be more than they're showing us, but sometimes it seems like the old healer just wants his son back more than anything else, and likes to pretend that Moo Myung is his kid. He seems to think that it's important for Ah Ro, too, who has made her position on that perfectly clear. The whole thing seems a bit off to me.

"Very fetching. Now, just fluff your hair some more..."

This episode was even better than the last one. We're seeing more strong characters, particularly Moo Myung's retainer Dan Se. I'm really hoping they explore that relationship more! There's not as much dead space as in previous episodes. Keep it up guys!




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Humanoids Wednesday, January 18, 2017

only watching this for my lovely Taetae

OriginalUsername Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This episode made my nips so hard, I loved it. Hopefully they continue being and getting better.

LovelySerenity Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I enjoyed this episode. Ahro keeps crying unfortunately. I started feeling weird when Ahro found out that Ji Dwi was king

The End



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