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[Drama Review] 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' - Episode 5

By AllK_Maknae   Thursday, December 1, 2016   14,456   2,911   3



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'The Legend of The Blue Sea' is building up more suspense through its dynamic plot as fans can't resist dropping everything they are doing just to see when Jun Ji Hyun will confess to Lee Min Ho that she is a mermaid, along with the results of other various situations.

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While episode four previously laid out more of a storyline for viewers to enjoy, especially regarding the repetitive fate that can be from the Joseon Era and Lee Min Ho's mother, episode 5 seemed to turn things tame again.

When you just can't trust your man when he is on the phone.

I was expecting more danger to occur from the cliffhanger episode four left us on, but as always K-Dramas just leave your heart racing over nothing. Ma Dae Young (the murderer hired by Ahn Jin Joo) simply stares eerily at Jun Ji Hyun as he tries to enter Lee Min Ho's home, but Lee Min Ho arrives right on time and questions Ma Dae Young with suspicion before Ma Dae Young runs off into the darkness. Now that he knows where Lee Min Ho lives, I am expecting a plethora of problems to come - not only for Lee Min Ho but also his friends as well.

Once again, the directors of K-Dramas are excellent at casting their characters. The evil Ma Dae Young (the present day incarnate of the devious nobleman from the Joseon Era) really carries a sinister atmosphere around him and his uncanny way of spotting Jun Ji Hyun wherever she goes is unsettling. 

Hopefully, Lee Min Ho's step-brother and father can intervene in Ahn Jin Joo's plans of having Lee Min Ho killed (which they appear to be trying to do at least) before it is too late!

When he says it was his mom but you still don't trust yo man.

Episode five did offer a lot more humor and continues to have me in stitches from Jun Ji Hyun's expressions or when she bites Cha Si Ha's finger when called a "bloodsucking parasite."

Let's also take a moment to appreciate the homeless woman in Gangnam who is, to put it simply, a walking fashion icon! She, alongside the little girl Jun Ji Hyun meets, seems to offer a lot of great advice, heartwarming dialogue and indirect context Jun Ji Hyun can use in future episodes. I love that these secondary characters are given huge significance to the development of Jun Ji Hyun's life on land and the overall plot.

The face I make when I judge basics in public.

However, humor aside, the intense, dark and dynamic story suddenly came to a standstill as this episode focused more on Lee Min Ho's relationship with Jun Ji Hyun in the present time.

Lee Min Ho can't seem to find a way to separate himself from Jun Ji Hyun, no matter how cold-hearted he may act. I mean, he goes as far as putting a tracker in the cell phone he purchases for her. Good intentions are always shrouded with an interior motive, I suppose. But this was a crucial asset in the show's progression, more than you'd think - especially when Lee Min Ho follows her to Gangnam and discovers Jun Ji Hyun really was waiting to confess her secret at Namsan Tower.

Looking for a fxxk to give like...

Yet we are left with another huge cliffhanger as right before Jun Ji Hyun can meet with Lee Min Ho at Namsan Tower in order to tell him something she "can only tell on the first day of snowfall," Jun Ji Hyun is struck by a car! Like, totes cliche, but still jaw-dropping!

 I think the only reason this car accident was more fatal is simply the 'fact' that a mermaid can never damage their legs while they walk on land as a human or else they suffer dire consequences - which I assume is that she can never become a mermaid or swim again.

But mom, do I have to go to school? *Cries in bed*

As the camera zooms in on Jun Ji Hyun's tearful face and the credits begin to roll up, viewers can only sit, cry and pray for Lee Min Ho to come to her rescue, somehow, in episode six!






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themsbabyg Friday, December 2, 2016

I love LMH in BOF but since then .. esp in Heir .. I really hope he will challange his acting skill with other type of roles. The plots and storyline were not interesting enough to make me anticipated for more. Because of that I watched My Fair Lady .. the girl child actress was really amazing and the rests of the casts were great too. maybe I was looking for differences in kdrama.

yekky Thursday, December 1, 2016

I love this drama. It started off super weak but after the second week I was hooked. I think the main reason I was disappointed was because I was expecting something more like My Love From The Star (which is my favorite drama of all time), but now that I've stopped comparing the two I'm really beginning to enjoy this one for what it is.

s333 Thursday, December 1, 2016

The drama is "slowly" getting better ....It is an okay watch but somehow the story is not pulling me in. Furthermore some of the supposedly funny scenes seem forced. It tries to be funny but not really funny. It tries to be romantic but not really romantic. It tries to be thrilling but not really thrilling. I feel the 2 leads can act but somehow the way the story is told and directed are lacking. Sorry I sense the potential but it is not getting there yet.

The End



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