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[Drama Review] 'Entourage' - Episode 15

By beansss   Monday, December 26, 2016   17,676   2,820   0



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Episode 15 of 'Entourage' is the 2nd to last episode of the series, and although I haven't gotten all the way to the end yet, I do think that the storyline has arrived at a good place. 

Turtle: Wait, it's ending already? But I still don't have a job or a girlfriend or anything!!

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This episode focused less on the overall plot itself and put more focus on the characters, dotted by thematic overviews of the going-ons of the entertainment industry, as was an essential element of this drama from the beginning. While I did find myself more interested in the implications of what Cha Young Bin (Seo Kang Jun) and Lee Ho Jin (Park Jung Min) parting ways would be, I didn't mind that. I've talked before about how the meaning of the word 'Entourage' does well to describe the way all things in this industry revolve around the actor/actress/star while people like entertainment company CEOs such as Kim Eun Gap (Jo Jin Woong), managers like Lee Ho Jin, and everyone else around the star are easily replaceable parts. That theme again came through in episode 15, despite the fact that as viewers, our role is to root for Young Bin and Ho Jin to makeup and pull through together. Seeing Ho Jin really considering his role as a manger and reflecting on whether or not he really belongs there, as well as reflections on what he really wants to do in life, helped a lot in humanizing this role of the manager, who is often perceived as this very unimportant, solely function-driven figure. The actor, as well as the situations placed around him in the storyline, managed to bring that out nicely. 

This cactus in a sun hat is making me so angry!!!

The episode also covered Cha Jun (Lee Kwang Soo) and Jooyeon's relationship from a more distant perspective, even though with Cha Jun, you can't help but become invested in the situations he gets involved in like it's really happening right before your eyes because he's just Cha Jun like that (if you get what I mean...). They date by doing virtually the same things Young Bin and Sohee did, like meeting up in places with other friends aka Turtle (Lee Dong Hwi) and spending time in cars, but for some reason, Cha Jun and Jooyeon's relationship as two stars dating seems more... real? It also has to do with the fact that they're two veteran stars, and they have a more developed/imaginable history, and they at least seem more serious about being together despite being celebs, I think. And this poor Cha Jun character, we really can't help but love and hate him at the same time. He's just so... ugly, and that's not talking about his face or his looks, but just the way he is as a person, and yet, he's so relatable and so like us in our lowest moments... the cringe-level when he went in her house even though no one was there was too real. Cha Jun's character in this drama overall is such a dominant presence that the entire relationship plot in this episode turned out very believable and held my attention, and the only thing I found slightly disappointing was the ending. Are they really just going to break up like that? Judging by how all of the other mini-plots in this drama ended just as abruptly, it can't be a surprise if Jooyeon is just gone like that... but I'm sure I'm not the only one hoping to see her next episode, right? 

Mario and Luigi's real-life height difference. 

As for Young Bin and Ho Jin, I just don't see myself being as sad even if I see them parting ways in the end. Which will be the main question to answer in the next and final episode. In terms of the series as a whole, despite all of the ups and down it proved to be a true drama, I have to note that each of the characters experienced significant growth and change, and it managed to stick to its original themes even in all the rockiness. Which is why I think the score for these last two episodes will remain just an okay-ish-drama score. Maybe there will be a lot to talk about with the ending, or maybe there will be nothing to talk about at all. We'll find out soon! 

Wrapping up with some purple Seo Kang Jun eye-candy.





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