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VIXX Starlights angry over a fan's suspicious relationship with Leo + agency responds

By alice101   Wednesday, November 30, 2016   192,135   9,269   1



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VIXX fans went through a confusing couple of days trying to figure out what happened between Leo and a homepage master who seemed to be boasting about having some private relationship with the singer. 

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The chaos began around November 20, when VIXX fans started to notice a homepage master who would upload suspicious photos and captions on Instagram like the one below:

The photo is of Leo wearing a birthday cone and the caption reads, "Just the two of us," implying that the person spent private time with VIXX's Leo for his birthday. Fans were furious and confused. Then, they noticed more posts like these. 

Following is a photo of Leo's nephew, and the homepage master seems to indicate that she gave Leo a bib to give to the baby. 

She wrote, "When did you pack and take everything? This time you did a good job putting it on his neck, not head. Everything I give you, you show me." 

Fans were angry since VIXX are not supposed to take home any presents given to them by Korean fans at fansigning events. 

There were more posts like these:

"Good job wearing it coordinated #injeungfairy" Injeung is when celebrities prove that they received the present from fans by wearing it or posting photos of them. 

"Does this make sense?!? Using it as soon as I give it to you, thank you." 

All these photos and information started to circulate VIXX fan sites on November 20, and when VIXX's fan song "Milky Way" came out the next day on November 21, it was off the top 100 chart in less than 12 hours because fans were so angry and were waiting for VIXX and their agency to explain the relationship between Leo and the homepage master in question. 

Then on November 22, Leo uploaded the following on his Instagram. It is a screen shot of  the "Milky Way" lyric:

The highlighted lyric is "Do not doubt our relationship." Fans debated over the meaning of this line -- some said that Leo was trying to reassure his love for his fans, and some said that he was communicating to the homepage master. 

To calm down the fans, VIXX's agency, Jellyfish, uploaded a notice on November 23, explaining that gifts are okay as long as they are 'supports' from fan clubs. The agency stated that this was announced but went unnoticed by most fans. 

Then on November 24, Jellyfish again put out an official notice to the fans -- this  time with more detailed explanations. 

It clarified the birthday Instagram post by saying, "The birthday wasn't what fans are worried about...Support team (fan page people) came to Leo's musical on November 9, so to express our gratitude, we allowed Leo to personally say thank you, and the situation was misinterpreted." 

Basically, the "Just the two of us" birthday party was not true, since it took place at the site of Leo's musical, where other staffs and fans were present, according to the agency.

Jellyfish continued, "...additionally, the fan who uploaded photos and writings that could cause confusion and misunderstanding has been blacklisted as 'sasaeng' since she infringed the privacy of the member....The person can no longer attend fan events, fan autograph events, and recordings related to VIXX. The person also lost the fan membership..." 

Fans are relieved by the news, but some still doubt whether this was truly what took place. One fan found that the last time Leo replied back to a fan on Twitter was to the same homepage master back in September. 

Leo wrote, "Have a good dream," to Bubby_of_J, the homepage master. 

What are you thoughts on this? Was it a delusional fan who was pretending to have a special relationship with Leo or was Leo actually crossing the line? 

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Hiqmah_Izzati Friday, December 2, 2016

" Do not doubt our relationship."    with Eunji ? hehehhehhehehehehh

Sporty_Sloth Thursday, December 1, 2016

Already knew about this... and about the new statement Jellyfish released in wich they explained that they were willing to take legal action against any fan/online blogs/magazines that diffamated VIXX. You should be more careful about what you write.Ps. I imagine the owner of the instagram that started all this shit, as a crazy fan who lives in her/his own dreamland 24/7.

nice_spice Thursday, December 1, 2016

WTH. AKP. SRSLY?!! this whole issue was already cleared. like a week ago. everybody knows they're NOT dating. that's not even the issue here. but the way you wrote the article, you want to make it look like one. and what's with that "was Leo actually crossing the line?" you put there at the end? what are you trying to imply? he's just being nice / thankful to those fans who came and you're putting him in a bad light. and that 'delulu' fan site master who posted the pic already aplogized and explained the situation (plus she also got banned afterwards). those "antis" who created fake rumors was also banned at the fancafe. some 'fans' left, but SO MANY Starlights supports Leo compared to those few ignorant butthurt who left. This whole issue was already over tbh, everyone's moving on already, but then, this 1-week-late article by AKP trying to stir some shit again. you even edit the Jellyfish statement instead of posting the full article that basically clears all the confusion from the issue.  and oh, before i forgot, the twitter reply,,Vixx always do 'menpa', and during that time, Leo replied to other fans as well, not just her. but the way you wrote it here you seem to indicate it's just her. omg.  AKP. can you get your facts straight pls? this can actually be an example of 'defamation of character' and 'spreading of malicious rumors' stated in the Jellyfish statement. you can be sued.

vixxhu Thursday, December 1, 2016

starlight from KOREA.(English is not good enough)1. Please shut down this article. Who are the fans angry at Leo? Cause we are not angry at Leo. Also do not think that Leo cross the line. You allkpop make rumors with antis.2. Presents are allowed with official support. The fans who did not know this information just did not interested in give support to VIXX. The fans did support should upload  review contain price, what they gave and so on. So any fans read reviews about support would know that presents are allowed.3. VIXX love fans so they had a small chat and did not refuse take photos when supporters asked. This is same as they write down special mention with signature if fans asked at fan meeting even it is not allowed. All fans are special to VIXX. They make all fans feel special. So Some of fans misunderstand like only they are special. If you have time read the reviews how VIXX face their fans even met at first time, instead of make rumors. 4. We angry at Jellyfish did not make it clear official announcement about support. So they gave Leo as a target to antis. Fans should know present is allowed with official announcement not support review.5. Fans who gave support and present are not rich. Maybe some of are rich. But most of fans make fund to support VIXX. The case of matter support also made fund some of fans joined and donated money.6. Fans also angry at homepage master. She cross the line and made rumors Leo had special relationship with her. It is impossible she had private time with singer. There was Jellyfish employees like manager and staffs of musical(Monte Cristo). She is well known as invader of Leo`s privacy among the fans. Now some of fans joined that case of the matter support ask to refund, cause she acted like she prepared support food and presents all by herself and her money.7. Leo` reply was just one of his replies he send to many fans. VIXX some times send replies to fans(Mention party) as communication with fans.7. Usually songs released as fan service did not have good records. Because we do music streaming for the year-end music awards. Milky way is not for. We still stay at vixx`s side and do our job: music streaming and votes for the year-end music awards.

KCH Thursday, December 1, 2016

Such a shame it had to come to this, all because ONE person had to be stupid. Of all the things idols have done over the year (this year alone!), It seems silly to attack Leo over someone that people assumes happen. In fact, it's so silly that I don't even think the people who attacked him were fans anyway. There was even saw one comment translated as pretty much saying they were a "fake" fan.

JFee Thursday, December 1, 2016

Who are they even angry at? Leo? The girl? The agency? What responisbility do they think the company has? Random people on the internet start rumors and jump to ridiculous conclusion started by one annoying fan and it is someone elses rsponibility to clear that up without knowing what was going on in the first place?Is Leo a bad person for being friendly? Sure, it sucks to favour specific fans or something, but can't he be nice randomly to someone? Should we be mad at anyone who ever received slighlty nicer reaction from an idol than us?Punishing(!!!) VIXX because one fan went too far?! Who the hell do these people think they are? Just because you consider yourself a fan what kind of power do you think that you will be granted?

Cat_Claymore Thursday, December 1, 2016

I know this really isn't about dating and that fans are more upset because they jumped to conclusions and assumed that the group and company favor "rich" fans but I still honestly don't get all the backlash? I guess i'm just not the kind of person who gets upset at stuff like this but attackig Leo over one stupid little fan and leaving the fandom over it is way too overdramatic in my opinion. And I thought that the Starlight was a mature fandom..

Logan_W Thursday, December 1, 2016

This is kinda non-related to this specific incident as the girl has been labeled a sasaeng, but in general has there ever been an instance of an idol dating a fan? Here in the States that isn't really that big of a deal as plenty of male musicians have confessed (sometimes bragged) about sleeping with fans and dating them, but I wonder how it would be received in Korea. Also I wonder if any idols would even want to date a fan or if that is too weird for them? I think it's more okay for the underground rappers or even like for instance mainstream rappers, say if Jay Park met a girl at a concert or event and started talking to her it would be acceptable, but I wonder about actual idols (Got7, BTS, etc)

Cat_Claymore Logan_W Thursday, December 1, 2016

An idol from the new "idol band" from JYP "Day6" had a member who started dating a fan after their debut and was kicked out of the group and the company

karebearsays Cat_Claymore Thursday, December 1, 2016

I thought he left though?

kitteauaena Cat_Claymore Thursday, December 1, 2016

he wasn't kicked out, he voluntarily left because he didn't want his dating scandal to become a burden to the other members.

Gallifreyan7 Thursday, December 1, 2016

She's either stupid to expose their possible relationship or just a sasaeng ... Either way it looks like it was made to anger their fan .

Hyeriioo Thursday, December 1, 2016

Most members in vixx gay Anyway

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