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Posted by alim17110 pts Monday, November 7, 2016

Idols who are the only well-known member of their groups

1. Solbin from LABOUM
Solbin is definitely getting favorable treatment from the agency because of her doll-like, pretty visuals and standout features. She's done modeling and MC-ing gigs, even appearing on 'Running Man,' but the other members have yet to be promoted as well, so they are sadly quite unknown by the public.
2. Zico from Block B
Zico deserves his fame quite a lot because he is super talented and charismatic. The agency probably does favor him a bit, but they're quite fair to the other members as well, giving Tae Il solo opps, Park Kyung collabs, and P.O, U-Kwon, and B-Bomb a sub-unit group called BASTARZ. Still, especially considering how BASTARZ was treated recently on a music show, it comes as no surprise that Zico is really the only member the public seems to care about! Unfair, right?
3. Cha Eun Woo from ASTRO
Cha Eun Woo is quite the looker with another looker from Fantagio, Seo Kang Jun, even praising his visuals as better than his own! With Cha Eun Woo's pretty boy looks that made Cosmic Girls' Cheng Xiao keenly self-conscious, Cha Eun Woo has made his way into many people's hearts. He appeared on variety shows like 'Laws of the Jungle' and 'Happy Together 3,' but the other members are pretty much nowhere to be seen.
4. Cheng Xiao from Cosmic Girls
Cheng Xiao became widely popular after her rhythmic gymnastics skills and her adorable resemblance to Chun Li came to light. The lovely Chinese idol was refreshing in both looks and personality, bubbly and youthful so the public had no choice but to immediately love her. Also, she's super talented, amazing everyone with her rhythmic gymnastics win on 'Idol Star Athletics Championship' and her cool first pitch for baseball. Although Nexon claimed all of Cosmic Girls were chosen as models for mobile game 'M.O.E,' only Cheng Xiao was really chosen as a model as she is in the promotional pictures and CFs while the others are MIA. She's also been in many photo shoots and received high-paying offers for Chinese variety shows! Although Yoo Yeon Jung did get recognition from IOI, she was sadly not a hugely popular member of the project group and was only a recent addition to Cosmic Girls.
5. Seo Kang Jun from 5urprise
As mentioned before, Seo Kang Jun is a hot star for not only his ridiculously handsome face but also for his super great acting skills that manifest in even the smallest of glances. After hitting success with 'Roommate,' all of the other variety show appearances after that, and successful dramas, he's definitely outshone the others in 5urprise, although Gong Myung is hard at work following in his footsteps, slowly making his way up there!
6. Jota from Mad Town
Mad Town might no longer be considered a 'rookie group,' they are still quite unknown in K-Pop. However, Jota is paving the way for them through variety shows. He started off amazing everybody with his judo skills and hot bod in 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education' then moved onto wooing the public with his sweet nature in 'We Got Married' opposite Kim Jin Kyung.
7. Nara from Hello Venus
These days, it's quite obvious that the agency has been pushing Nara of Hello Venus out into the public, landing her promotional gigs, like the 'Buckaroo' one opposite Lee Kwang Soo and the 'Eider' one opposite Lee Min Ho, as well as variety shows like 'Laws of the Jungle.' Will she make it as big as some of the other idols mentioned in this list? So far, she hasn't left that big of an impression, but she's probably "the" member the public would recognize out of the group just for being promoted more.
8. Nada from Wassup
After her appearance on 'Unpretty Rapstar,' the agency claims that this hot idol is receiving offers left and right for promotions and CFs! She's even releasing solo music soon, complete with an official MV, so looks like Wassup is finally getting more limelight as a group thanks to Nada. But the other specific members will remain in obscurity for the time being, looks like.
9. Bohyung from SPICA
This talented star has been very active these days on various TV shows, showing off her amazing vocal talents. She wowed everybody by winning on singing program, '100 Seconds War.' That's when it all started, and then she moved on to winning yet another singing program, 'Girl Spirit'! She also contributed to drama OSTs, like the wonderful one in 'The K2.' It's sad because the other members of the group are also superbly talented, but hey, at least she's getting the group better known!
10. Hongki from F.T Island
Although F.T Island is quite a senior group by this point with a huge fan base and each member with his own good-sized fandom, this does not mean that the public is all aware of every member of the group. Hongki shows up a lot more in Korean broadcasts than the other members. The other four are much more reserved in their public appearances unless they're in a group with all the focus and attention naturally on Hongki as the most outspoken one, so it seems safe to say that in the public's eye - rather than just the fandom's - Hongki is far better known than any of the other members.
11. Jung Chae Yeon from DIA
The trainee rejoined the group after her success in 'Produce 101' and project group IOI. She's allegedly being hailed the next Suzy for her similar girl-next-door look and can be seen in many photo shoots and often seen in the center of DIA's promotions. The group has yet to hit it big, so she's pretty much the only member the public really knows about well for now.

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