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[Drama Review] 'The K2' - Episode 12

By AllK_Maknae   Wednesday, November 2, 2016   21,168   3,233   5



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If you thought episode 11 had you at the edge of the seat, you are quite mistaken. 'The K2' is becoming a real hit as each episode evolves into something new and more eye-catching each and every time - especially in episode 12!

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Becoming more like a game of clue, the original plot has taken on a rather unique transformation. 'The K2' shifts from being about revenge and politics to a murder mystery waiting to be solved. What makes this performance even better is that the show really masters giving us a few clues here and there, keeping us on our toes. But, as we know from previous episodes, the cliffhangers just lead into an unexpected plot twist often more disappointing than not. Things may change this time around.

There are a lot of secondary characters that suddenly come into the picture who know more information than we expected: Master Song, Choi Sung Won, and even the interviewer Ji Yeon. While there is a lot of talk regarding the presidency, viewers' eyes are glued to Anna due to her mother's murder and her love connection to Je Ha. This episode lacked a bit of romance, but the dilemmas were worth it and had me forgetting my hopeless romantic needs.

However, and I warn you this may come as a spoiler to some, I feel that I easily solved who the killer of Uhm Hye Rin (Anna's mom) truly is. If you recollect, Choi Yoo Jin decided to be truthful with Je Ha and revealed some personal information to him. She mainly admits one important thing, "I did not kill Uhm Hye Rin but I know who the killer is and I cannot say." Hold the phone - we are really supposed to believe the devious Choi Yoo Jin didn't kill Anna's mother?

Well let me turn you into a believer, because I have (in my opinion) the clues that prove it to be true. When Choi Sung Won, Choi Yoo Jin's brother, and Anna visit a prison to speak with the man who witnessed the murder of Uhm Hye Rin, he also shares some crucial information. 

The prisoner whispers that he knows exactly who the murderer is and says to Anna, "On the broadcast, the lady beside you. That was the killer." He didn't specifically say names, just "the person beside you." This led me to believe that Ji Yeon, the interviewer, is the culprit!

Korea's lead for 'How To Get Away With Murder'

It finally makes sense. She has a dark, twisted past involving Choi Yoo Jin, and Ji Yeon often pursues tainting Choi Yoo Jin's "delicate" image. If I'm wrong, forgive me, but I feel strongly about this and am expecting to see more crucial details revealed in later episodes.

Can I just say this drama has an uncanny habit of selecting the most devilish looking people to play the most manipulative parts? I feel weary around people with large, untrustworthy smiles backed up by smooth talk, and Choi Sung Won and Park Gwan Soo definitely seem to match. If only Anna could get the big picture. She questions which side Je Ha is on, but she keeps forgetting Choi Sung Won is Choi Yoo Jin's brother - how is he any better?

Tell Ji Chang Wook he looks sexy with his hair pushed back.

Aside from pointing fingers. I'm a bit surprised the newspapers are not putting any clues together themselves. In the beginning netizens and news outlets seemed to be so nosy and intrusive, making stories and exposing Anna left and right. Now they have no leads in Choi Yoo Jin and Uhm Hye Rin's mysterious past despite Anna, Choi Sung Won, and Choi Yoo Jin themselves exposing minor details here and there.

This episode did seem a bit corny at times, mainly with the fashion show scene. However, it was necessary in order to expose Choi Sung Won's despicable behavior as he seems to put the "innocent Anna" into more danger than she'd expect. Je Ha sees through it, but Anna is becoming more independent and vocal which is getting annoying. Just trust your man, girl!

Episode 12 really turned the game around, and the episodes to follow will really determine how much 'The K2' will work up this sudden murder mystery. Hopefully this blazing topic isn't extinguished too quickly and we find out if Choi Yoo Jin is guilty or not.

Choi Yoo Jin - Queen of disgusted faces.

The reveal of the true murderer will make or break this drama's ending.

Until next week, start rewatching episodes and putting some clues together of your own.






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yoonburning Wednesday, November 2, 2016

i'm just worried about Anna being too dependent on the drug.. hope she won't die due to overdose at the end of all this..

emanresu10 Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A solid episode!  Anna is struggling to address the long suppressed feelings related to her mother and her passing, and is to some extent, grieving for the first time.  In her fragile state, she appears to have placed a concerning level of trust in her “Uncle” Sung-won, who is exploiting this vulnerability to suit his nefarious agenda against Yoo-jin.  Je-ha tries to shield Anna from Sung-won’s manipulation, but is rebuffed by Anna at the fashion show.  Hopefully our hero can maintain his position as shepherd for Anna, and protect her from those who would use her.  Meanwhile, Yoo-jin faces threats from all sides, and is taken off guard by a fabricated story that ultimately leads to her involvement in Anna’s mother’s death being questioned.  Master Song also comes forward with an unexpected threat.  Yoo-jin turns to Je-he in her turmoil, and in a show of vulnerability, confides in him, denying any role in the murder of Anna’s mother.  In an attempt to take back control of the spiraling narrative, Yoo-jin reveals publicly the secret of Anna’s parentage that she had for so long stopped at nothing to contain.  For more analysis of The K2 (and more Yoona!), see my blog: [ emanresukdrama.wordpress . com ].

kangseul_gi Wednesday, November 2, 2016

i also think that its Jiyeon.  but one thing is, why Jiyeon gave the witness info to Chairman Choi if it was really her.  And during the interview, the one that sit next to Anna is Choi Yoojin... since the sitting is Anna -  Choi Yoojin - Jiyeon.  So I believe that the witness is on Chairman Choi side and manupilate to say it was Yoojin who kill her mom. or,  maybe the witness not see Anna during the interview, but other time where she appears in tv.

savvygal Wednesday, November 2, 2016

This is a good piece of review. Choi Sung Won doesn't seem the goody good person that he portrays himself to be. Did Choi Yoo Jin get hit by her hubby for real? Those red finger marks on her face looks genuine... Ouch!

beautiful_flower Wednesday, November 2, 2016

the drama get better every ep

The End



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