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Netizens get in a heated debate after discovering Big Bang tags in BTS's 'Blood, Sweat & Tears' MV

By beansss   Wednesday, October 12, 2016   288,346   24,175   0



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A heated debate has been persistent on online communities after netizens discovered that Big Bang tags had been used in BTS's latest MV for "Blood, Sweat & Tears".

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Ordinarily, tags that were added by the uploader of the MV can't be seen, unless one uses a Google Chrome extension. Under BTS's MV uploaded on Big Hit Entertainment's official Youtube channel, two Big Bang tags (Big Bang in both English and Korean) accompanied tags such as BTS, Bangtan, bighit, and more. 

Some netizens began arguing that the tags had been used by Big Hit Entertainment to help raise BTS's MV views. However, ARMY retaliated by arguing that these tags aren't used in the same manner as Youtube hashtags, which help users find specific videos. 

After the issue blew up, it seems that Big Hit Entertainment has decided to delete the Big Bang tags from the MV, and they no longer exist. 

Another opinion within the online community claims that these tags exist for the purpose of being utilized in related searches. Similar tags were discovered in G-Friend and SISTAR's MVs. Under G-Friend's "NAVILLERA" MV, the label used TWICE, Red Velvet, and April tags. SISTAR's "Shake It" MV contained tags like Noel, AOA, and 'Unpretty Rapstar'. 

The debate continues on the exact purpose of these tags, and how they affect or benefit artists if used under MVs. What are you thoughts on the issue?

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anina7 Thursday, November 10, 2016

got here again by mistake. but just think how many people (haters too *cough*) clicked on the video in search of these famous tags... thanks guys! (^ 3 ^)

Shiraa Friday, October 14, 2016

I love how these Korean netizens are always stalking bts to find any flaw/mistake simply because they don't believe that a group that doesn't belong to the big3 is gaining so much attention, even defeating one of the most popular girl groups in kpop history in fastest 10mil views. For those people I have news for you: international fans do not give a shit about the companies. The reason why bts is so big is because their music, honesty and concepts attract foreigners. Aside from that, BTS is very active on social media and often post their bangtan bombs/other personal vids on their youtube channel and they're also active of vapp making bts one of the most accessible kpop groups. They pay a lot of attention to their foreign fans and they are also one of the reasons why this past year a lot of people have discovered kpop. There is this clip of kcon LA, it's the end stage and they ask every group to come up the stage and the difference between the reaction to BTS and the other artists was very noticeable. Seriously korean netizens..don't underestimate the power of international fans. Also about this whole tagging issue. It is just for the recommendations. It's not like bts will show up if you search for big bang videos and even if they did then you could still read the title and see that it says bts and not big bang.

shineekkang Thursday, October 13, 2016

I'm multi-lingual, & I wouldn't be bothered by use of language if it wasn't so god awfully obnoxious and rude in the first place.

thecuddlebear Thursday, October 13, 2016

Since people are still commenting and complaining: Tags on youtube work in a way, so that if you're looking at a something with a tag like #cats it will suggest other videos with the hashtag #cat, but will always prioritize the original uploader's other videos or similar tagged popular videos, which is why Big Bang often pops up regardless of which Kpop video you're watching, when you're starting out and Youtube has no real records of what kind of Kpop groups or videos you like. Granted, this is oddly specific, but it's something extremely common and not really considered shady by anyone anymore. As it says, many groups do similar things. And really, makes it easier for us viewers, but whatever, hahah, I think allkpop (and other netizen/kpop news sites) is just trying to start some drama in the comment section. I'll be in the memes section while you guys battle this out.

CreepyGuurl Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sorry, but there are tags in YT? :')

KautyPop CreepyGuurl Thursday, October 13, 2016


IKNOWMYSELF Thursday, October 13, 2016

I see so many people mentioning the 'BTS tagging Bigbang' issue.. If you really want to be fair about the matter talk about the other groups involved as well, Sistar and Gfriend. But hey, why would you wanna start a fanwar. You guys creating trouble much? This shouldn't even be a big issue its just for related searches. If you wanna watch it then click on it, if not then don't. Unless, when you click on a video that says Bigbang, BTS suddenly pops out.

Kisa_Oberlin Thursday, October 13, 2016


Junj Kisa_Oberlin Thursday, October 13, 2016

More like you again? LMAO

5sosnichun Thursday, October 13, 2016

BTS company is doing shit lots of cheating methods to gather bts popularity and awareness. Lots of articles are about the company going under the media to rise their popularity and its just wrong. Why are they even under that company. They can do so much better.

hellokpop95 Thursday, October 13, 2016

Well, without tagging BigBang, BTS still gonna be a hit. Okay nextttttt

Shafeera Thursday, October 13, 2016

Didn't it just weird using other artists name in your music video? Moreover, there's a lot artists in this world but why must bigbang get tagged? :')))

IKNOWMYSELF Shafeera Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's probably just them in their fanboy mode again.

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