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Netizens are divided over whether Na-Eun recently got work done on her face

By jubilantj   Friday, September 16, 2016   264,024   14,689   1



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A Pink's Na-Eun is under netizens' scrutiny for how "different" she appears as of late, particularly her face. 

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One person had uploaded a post on an online community titled "Leave Son Na-Eun alone (plastic surgery explanation)," attempting to defend Na-Eun and convince everyone that she did not receive any cosmetic procedures on her face. 

The OP shared various proofs and, consisting of Na-Eun's past and recent pictures. 

"Left is her bare face before debut. Right is her recent bare face." 

"Left is during 2013 'No No No' promotions. Right is from the Japanese calendar which was released couple days ago.

"Left is from a 2013 fan meet and greet for 'No No No.' Right is from Japanese promotions in August."

"During an August 'V' app broadcast." 

"From Na-Eun's IG yesterday.

"Na-Eun from a couple days ago.

"Na-Eun in 'Cinderella and Four Knights.'" 

"Left is Na-Eun in 2016. Right is Na-Eun during 2011 promotions of 'I Don't Know.'" 

The OP added at the end, "I wrote this because there are many people claiming that Na-Eun's face changed and that she got botox or fillers. As you can see from the pics I uploaded, it's just her makeup style and hair that's changed; there is no other noticeably big change. Even her bare face is the same. But y'all are spreading rumors that she got work done on her face without any evidence, saying stuff like A Pink are has-beens. I think that's too harsh especially toward someone who will be making a comeback soon. If you don't like Na-Eun, just don't look at her. Don't write weird things about her. Just pay her no mind. Kapeesh?"  

Netizens who saw this post seem to be divided, with some agreeing with the OP and others who seem convinced that Na-Eun does indeed look different. 

They wrote, "People on Nate Pann are great at sh*tting on female idols who are pretty, have nice bodies, and are popular^^ what's hilarious is that if their oppars are insulted, then they defend them like rabid dogs lmaoooo seriously I've got no answers for y'all tsk tsk tsk.

"This is 2016 but doesn't it feel like we're seeing her from 'Luv' days? lolololol Honestly, you can drastically change the way you look with makeup. You know girls film videos and upload them on YouTube. How can they raise their noses and give themselves cheekbones and a sharper-looking chin with contouring and shadows? That's possible from what I saw looool. Like you can even elongate your eyes? And even give yourself double eyelids hahaha. What kind of logic is it to say that what y'all do is just makeup and that Na-Eun's makeup transformation is plastic surgery? lololol."

"I don't know what fandom y'all are from but y'all are hilarious. There is nothing to criticize here but they want to create an issue so they always say they point out her cheeks lol. Na-Eun's always had chubby cheeks.

"Her face did change for sure from the days she was on 'We Got Married' with Taemin. Not sure if that's from weight gain or from botox. I'm also watching 'Cinderella and Four Knights' and I'm not sure if it's just awkward acting but her mouth shape appears different, too.

"So she's always looked like that? Honestly, I thought Na-Eun was really pretty in the past but I saw so shocked to see how she looks nowadays.

"Na-Eun got her nose done, too. I also like A Pink but her nose looks different from what it looked like during 'I Don't Know' days...I remember being surprised at how her nose changed on 'We Got Married,'" and more.

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MelodyForever Sunday, September 18, 2016

she's kind and pretty, poor her,  she get hate for no reason

hiroonakamura Sunday, September 18, 2016

she looked so good before though so no need to get work done

acitra Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lol even before debut many idol received 'basic ps' from their company.. Why need to compare? Just take it as a regular upgrade. As time goes by and idols getting more popular, they expected to look better and better in every comebacks so whats the big deal. As long they're pleasant for the eyes who cares ☺️

dessi Sunday, September 18, 2016

Not to be bad, but her upper lip looks bigger.

AJ_ROBLESSK8 Sunday, September 18, 2016

Seems natural to me, gorgeous regardless <3

LordLiar18 Saturday, September 17, 2016

I don't think she had procedures done in her face to me... She doesn't look that different just slightly bloated but nothing really different.

intricate Saturday, September 17, 2016

They should rename this website to All Clickbait

intricate Saturday, September 17, 2016

tl;dr: Some netizens are confused about whether or not Naeun got cosmetic procedures done, based on no facts whatsoever.

intricate Saturday, September 17, 2016

Serious question to AKP, for what reason is this an article? If I wrote a blog post about "EXID Junghwa's alleged Pepe the frog fangirling" would you make that into an article as well?

mi_goreng intricate Saturday, September 17, 2016

some netizens are thinking that na eun got something done because they think that her face changed. If you really don't like akp's articles then just don't go onto this site. There's no need to comment against AKP's clickbait because its their website so in the end they get to do what they want to do with it. just don't go onto AKP at all if it bothers you so much :)

intricate mi_goreng Sunday, September 18, 2016

i'm worried that AKP turns into a website that no longer generates information. I've been here for a couple years now and yeah, of course I don't like it when AKP publishes clickbait when sites like koreaboo and soompi don't. AKP can and has done better than this.

ly3330 Saturday, September 17, 2016

netizens always finding something to hate about naeun...... she doesn't deserve this.... she's just getting older and everyone's faces change as they grow older and mature.... her face might have gotten just a little bit chubbier than before but omg that doesn't mean she got ps ... geez.... and who cares ?!?! i'll still love her even if she's fat or chubby...  LOOK AT HER CHUBBY LITTLE CHEEKS HERE:

she's beautiful... no matter what ...

even from no no no era, she's the same... just older people.... :

@ you haters:

ebilfairy Saturday, September 17, 2016

She doesn't look like she had anything done, she's just maturing and wearing different make up.

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