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[Drama Review] 'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo' - Episode 7

By eric_r_wirsing   Wednesday, September 14, 2016   63,157   14,925   22



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Life imitating art

Now we see how exactly Hae Soo is punished for sabotaging her marriage -- she's made a court lady, which is maybe a step up from a gisaeng. She learns makeup, literacy, medicine, etc. She is a prisoner in the palace, though. She can never leave...

This is almost a plot device for character development. I like how she gets to know the other princes. But it seems like she gets more of a chance to hang out with our royal family than when she was free. It's cool to get to see how these guys act, and we get more insights into who they are. Prince Yo is proving to be as much of a jerk as his mom, Queen Sinmyeongsunseong, tricking Prince So into removing his mask as a birthday gift to Prince Eun (Prince So did promise Eun *anything* but it was Yo who gave him the idea).

The scar makes him ugly? Yeah right.

The love lines are taking shape finally. I got the feelz when Prince Wook gave Hae Soo the bracelet. I'm torn. Prince So is supposed to end up with her, right? Then why is it that he treats her coldly and is standoffish even? Wook is a lot more the love interest than So. He's kind, gentle, obviously cares for her a lot, and they do things couples are supposed to do. So thinks about her, but he doesn't really give himself. Maybe it's because his family hates him and the scar makes him feel ugly and unworthy?

Remember that we were promised more idols? We got more idols! Z.Hera plays Park Soon Deok, who strides triumphantly into the capital with her father Grand General Soo Kyung. Yes, that's a bearskin, and yes, everyone is freaked out by it. I like her already.

Being in this drama might be a difficult burden to 'bear.' Yeah, I know. I'm bad.

The other idol is Seohyun of Girls' Generation fame. She gets indignant with Prince Baek Ah when she catches him with his sketchpad, drawing people affected by the drought. She's Woo Hee, and a couple generals refer to her as "Your Highness." Yet she's dressed in common garb and talks contemptuously of a "betrayer." Hmmm...

Her face has conflict written all over it...okay, not literally

I thought Kim San Ho's performance was awesome as the Crown Prince beleaguered by eczema. It was interesting to see the normally calm, collected Moo being driven berserk by his itching. And the makeup? Wow! I've never seen as severe a case as he had! Of course, when Hae Soo tries to heal him, she's driven away by his attendants. Remember, the Church burned Galileo for being right. But later he shows an affection towards her as her remedies work. It's a testament to Kim San Ho's abilities, to show so many different sides of himself and remain believable.

The tone of this installment was a lot lighter than the others. I kind of like those episodes, because there's a whole lot of character interaction and you start to care about the people. It's a little hard to get into the family squabbles and possible deaths of people you don't know, so this is a good thing. Besides, we need a little levity because I'm sure this is going to get a whole lot darker again soon.

"Party in the hizzouse!"

I'm totally hyped for this drama. I wasn't sure what to expect (plot's not that original) but I'm pleasantly surprised. We're a third of the way in and I haven't been any major problems yet. I hope it continues to keep up this level of excitement and wonder. It'd be a shame for it to crash and burn with such a strong start. What do you guys think? Like the new additions to the cast? Why or why not?




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hcardana Friday, September 16, 2016

Its normal that Wook looks like the obvious love interest. It is so in the novel and original chinese adaptation as well. While in korean dramas frequently the female lead always ends up liking the male lead, provoking some regretful second male lead syndrome in us, it is not so in chinese dramas and, even more so with Tong Hua novels. Both in her BuBuJingXing novel as in SoundOfTheDesert, the female lead ends up falling in love with the character we would have thought would be the second male lead. In fact, in the novel and in the chinese adaptation the 4th prince doesn't have half the screen time Lee Junki will have here. I'm just glad he is, effectively, both the main character and, as will be shown in later episodes, the main love interest.

DragonOfTheWest Thursday, September 15, 2016

I'm really liking this drama, the scenery and cinematography is beautiful, the friendship between the brothers and Hae Soo is so sweet and funny, yet the show really knows how to be serious and dramatic too, and I'm just loving all aspects of it. So what if it's a bit predictable? I like watching it and I can't wait for the next episode!And Lee Joon Gi is slaying this role btw, and that's coming from someone who has never seen any of his dramas before! Hoping for more screentime, and interaction between him and Hae Soo!

ZoeKkpop Thursday, September 15, 2016

haters gonna hate , the drama still will slay in the upcoming episode

ZoeKkpop Thursday, September 15, 2016

Love  the drama so much !! i\

ROXX25 Thursday, September 15, 2016

I love this episode , WookSoo moments were so sweet .... Poor Soo , i hate the bad prince

SalimatouBalde Thursday, September 15, 2016

This drama is actually good. People are just haters. My favorite drama of 2016.

Claunalisee88 Thursday, September 15, 2016

Guys hopefully the rating will go upppp !!!

1Minoz Thursday, September 15, 2016

The scar didn't look that bad that some ppl there had to close their eyes.  Anyways, the female character (not the actress) is annoying, like the girl in BOF.

aroha Thursday, September 15, 2016

When the 4th Prince was teaching Hae Soo calligraphy I nearly fainted from the OMGness of it. Lucky IU!! =D

MollyMia aroha Thursday, September 15, 2016

wasn't it 8th prince?

ROXX25 aroha Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ws the 8th prince , i got a heart attack in tjis moment ..... so cute

apple_blossom Wednesday, September 14, 2016

And my logic still don't get why this drama has a low rating in SK.

MollyMia apple_blossom Wednesday, September 14, 2016

remakes usually won't do as well as the original, mainly because it's now totally predictable. remakes mostly only attract fans to watch and not the public, i reckon. and i'm extremely confused over princess hwangbo. is she king taejo's daughter? like, blood daughter?

apple_blossom MollyMia Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Yep.. Hwangbo Taejo was Taejo's daughter with Hwangbo Queen.

MollyMia apple_blossom Wednesday, September 14, 2016

so why is she taking the queen's surname and not the king's? princesses take the mother's surname?

apple_blossom Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why type Hwangbo Taejo finger?? Hwangbo Yeonhwa

SalimatouBalde MollyMia Thursday, September 15, 2016

But this one had more than 700 million views in China. It is more than half.

ROXX25 apple_blossom Thursday, September 15, 2016

Same , i really love this drama , even surpasses to Dots in my heart

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