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[Drama Review] 'W' - Episode 8

By jubilantj   Thursday, August 18, 2016   20,323   5,557   6



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'W' is growing more intense the deeper we dive into the plot. 

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Already we are halfway through the drama, and several major happenings occurred in the course of the eighth episode. Yeon Joo is almost shot in the head, the killer is running wild in the 'real world,' and Yeon Joo and Chul part ways, never to see each other again(?). 

We learn that the more a character is relevant to the story of 'W', the more 'life-like' s/he becomes. Or as life-like as one can be as a webtoon character, anyway. That is why Yeon Joo actually bled when she nicked herself with a kitchen blade, and why So Hee and Hyun Seok started to disappear, their entire beings erased from the world of 'W' because their existence is no longer needed to sustain Chul's existence

Chul threatening a guy that doesn't exist. 

Though So Hee isn't my favorite character in the series, my heart went out to her upon learning just how dispensable she became once she was useless to Chul. Her character may not be central to the main story now that Yeon Joo replaced her as the female lead; however, Chul is clearly still deeply affection of his longtime friend, as he assures her that he will need her for the rest of his life and saves her from disappearing into nothingness. 

Yeeeppp, the killer is as real as the Easter Bunny and The Fairy Godmother and Donald Trump's hair combined.  

The other major happening would have to be the return of the 'faceless killer.' I was pretty dubious about his existence...until this episode, that is. He is basically a non-existent existence with no identity. So he's there but not quite there? He's everywhere but nowhere at the same time? Basically, he only pops up when the story needs him which makes it all the more difficult for anyone to catch him. He's as elusive as a butterfly. But more deadly and, you know, murderous. 

Summer is really the wrong season for an all-black look...

One thing I don't get is the fact that this murderer can feel fury, because I was led to believe that he is just an empty sack with no feelings - a killing machine that exists solely to lend Chul's life purpose. The guy gets so mad with his existential crisis that he smashes a window in with his fist. It's kind of comical the more you think about it; here's a murderer with no apparent feelings except the rage within him which stems from his identity crisis! I mean, the 'faceless killer' was only revived because he (she?) doesn't know who he is. So he needs Chul to do the job for him by finally capturing him and ending things once and for all. 

Yeah, I'd have the same reaction too when I'm slowly turning into a 2D character. 

The problem with that is...aside from the killer not really existing, he was never meant to be caught. This killer was created with the sole intention of providing Chul with a believable background story that makes him a strong character with thick skin. Thus, he's just an intangible part of some murky past in Chul's life. What I don't really get is why the killer needs to target Yeon Joo. I guess it's a way for Chul to be alert, be on his toes at all times, and continue his never-ending search for this non-existent killer. *sigh* what a life, pursuing a murderous killer who, in a way, is an inherent part of you. These twists are making the overall story more interesting, though. I'm anticipating what will go down in the next episode! 




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Shine211 Friday, August 19, 2016

I am loving this show coz it keeps me on edge and I keep on guessing

littlejennie Friday, August 19, 2016

In the Title, they should have included "SPOILER'

bigbangslayer littlejennie Friday, August 19, 2016

Why would they? They always tell what the whole episode was about before saying what they thought about it

BoBo101 Thursday, August 18, 2016

I don't know, I liked it, but it wasn't my favorite episode. Lemme give you my critique (although idk how I'll ever be as "good" as this AKP writer). This drama has been one of the best with the pacing, however so much happened that everything mashed together, this felt more like a prologue to episode 9 than it did a separate episode.                                                           There are a bunch of plot holes in the story, like he's in the real world yet he can pop here and there, so why can't he pop back into the 'toon? So Hee starts to disappear when her character isn't needed and Yeon Joo starts to get hurt only when she becomes more predominant to Chul.  Does this mean other people don't exist? And do doctors exist just for Chul, bc only people close to Chul can get hurt(?). What was the plot of this episode? It was still good, but not what I expect out of W.

fantasticlau BoBo101 Thursday, August 18, 2016

Well, episode 9 was definitely mindfu-king.

Nova_Foxy fantasticlau Thursday, August 18, 2016

it was a scary EP

The End




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