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[Drama Review] 'Doctors' - Episode 15

By eric_r_wirsing   Tuesday, August 9, 2016   14,990   3,162   0



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"I think there's a quarter hiding in here..."

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Hye Jung talks the dad out of suicide, and he steps down. That night, when everyone is safely in bed, she discovers Joong Dae hiding at Soon Hee's. The next morning, Seo Woo ignores a call from her father and gets slapped when she trades insults with him. Joong Dae returns to the hospital and resumes his duties. Tae Ho slams the plans for the geriatric center while pushing to re-brand as an influential research institution. He uses Ji Hong's 60 million dollar patent as leverage, much to the annoyance of Myeong Hoon and Chairman Jin. Hong further angers them by suggesting they overhaul how they aid impoverished patients. Seo Woo is worried about Young Guk avoiding her, but he says that things have changed. For days now, Yoon Do's house has been taken over by his uncle and In Joo hanging out and sleeping there. His uncle gives him Ji Hong's lock codes, and he breaks in there to get some privacy. The doctors get a couple unique patients: one with a battery lodged in his eye from a gas explosion and a pregnant bride-to-be. Ji Hong and Hye Jung operate on the woman, despite Ji Hong's belief that she won't live. He was right, but the baby can grow inside the womb. If the patient can hang on, then they can deliver the child. The husband weeps for his doomed wife...  

Myeong Hoon is now being attacked on several fronts, watching all his plans fall apart. Much more than Chairman Jin, he is the one being affected. His brief exchange with Ji Hong after the board meeting was disturbing. He was polite, but referred to Ji Hong's suggestions as an "attack" and said he'd learned a lot. Seo Woo is also defying him, breaking away from daddy as she searches for herself. I don't think this is her bad girl routine, I think this runs deeper.

"Wow this thread on Facebook has been going for 6 days!"

Young Guk and Seo Woo have a weird relationship. He tried to elevate it to the next level, and now he's pulling away. He even mocks the idea that he might like her. So I'm not sure what's going on. Sometimes I feel for her, and they've done a lot to soften her rough edges. By this episode, she seems a little more normal. And I think that's a good thing. I really am curious how this is going to shake out.

Ji Hong and Tae Ho made a dangerous enemy in Myeong Hoon. They've pulled out all the stops this time, directly confronting him and quashing his ideas. Of course, conflict being what it is, the Director has no choice but to try and take them down, all in the name of greed. I can see many ways this might play out, from framing them, embarrassing them, or even striking at Ji Hong by going after Hye Jung.

They run to the bathroom, realizing they both had the same tainted food at dinner.

This episode we saw a difference in medical philosophies. Ji Hong didn't want to operate on a patient he felt was dead, but Hye Jung and the husband needed to try. It was important that they make sure she had every chance at life. Ji Hong accused Hye Jung of not thinking like a doctor, but isn't a doctor supposed to save lives at all costs? They both had valid points, but I think the husband needed to be sure that he tried his hardest to save her.

This was a darker episode. They packed it with the right amount of levity to lift the mood, but still... We had a near-suicide, a guy with a battery lodged in his eye socket (a rather disturbing image), and failure to save a life. It is good that they packed tons of humor in this episode. I laughed out loud a few times, and I think it stopped the installment becoming too melancholy. I really liked how they set things up, and there are still some plot points that need to be wrapped up. But we've got plenty of time. I'm inclined to just to sit back and enjoy the ride.




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