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[Album & MV Review] EXO - 'Lotto'

By jubilantj   Tuesday, August 30, 2016   44,699   7,931   0



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EXO - 'Lotto' (repackage album) 

Track list:

1. Lotto

2. Lucky One

3. Monster

4. Artificial Love

5. Can't Bring Me Down

6. Cloud 9

7. Heaven

8. She's Dreaming

9. White Noise

10. One and Only

11. They Never Know

12. Stronger

13. Monster (LDN Noise Creeper Bass Remix)

If EXO had experimented a bit with the groovy "Lucky One" and given a nod to their signature sound with "Monster," then "Lotto" would be considered a far, far deviation from either track. 

'EX'ACT's repackage album 'Lotto' features four new tracks, including an auto-tune laden title track of the same name, a bombastic, declarative track titled "Can't Bring Me Down," a softer R&B number titled "She's Dreaming," and a remix of "Monster." 

"Lotto" may be a deviation from the group's previous releases, but that doesn't automatically render the track original. Like I did for "Lucky One" (and 'EX'ACT' as a whole), I applaud EXO for experimenting with different genres, inching slowly but surely away from the tween heartthrob image of their earlier days. I mean, it is an appropriate new direction as the members are either well into their adulthood/young adulthood. A concept like "Growl" wouldn't be too fitting anymore. However, "Lotto," for all its maturity, was not the best that EXO could have given its fans who were dearly anticipating this repackage album.

Now, before me you curse me and all my future posterities, hear me out. "Lotto" isn't a terrible track; in fact, I could bump to this track all day thanks to its sick, slick synthesized melody, the "WHOAA OHH OHH OH" in the chorus that immediately gets stuck in your membrane, the oscillating electronic drum sequences, and the crafty usage of auto-tune to lend the track a modern hip-hop/trap vibe. The song immediately reminded of Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih, Fetty Wap, YG...basically lots of artists that dabble in trap music. "Lotto" is pretty much SM's response to Chris Brown's "Loyal," Chris Brown and Tyga's "Ayo," YG's "My Nigga/"Don't Tell 'Em," and Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen." It's like those songs had a baby and birthed "Lotto." It isn't necessarily a bad thing to emulate a popular sound...but it isn't exactly original either. When Chanyeol started rapping I was like, "Since when did T-Pain speak Korean??!

I won't dismiss the song just for its lack of originality, however, because EXO pull off the concept quite flawlessly (more of which will be discussed in my MV review). Plus "Can't Bring Me Down" is just an awesome song. It's got hints of the familiar EXO sound: heavy, imposing, nearly overwhelming synths. Except, this time around, the song accentuates the bass more, resounding and reverberating in not only in your ears but also deep in the pit of your gut. It's not an entirely displeasing sensation, and your body ends up entrusting itself to the addictive tune. On the other hand, "She's Dreaming" was a bit disappointing and this is coming from someone who loved EXO's R&B tracks like "What If..." "My Answer," and "Love Love Love," which contained The Isley Brothers and Earth Wind & Fire influences. I actually didn't understand why "She's Dreaming" failed to strike a chord with me for all its smooth R&B croonings and harmonies. Perhaps it just struck me as too plain as compared to EXO's better R&B numbers in their previous albums. I actually preferred the repackage album's more in-your-face tracks like "Lotto," "Bring Me Down," and even the remake of "Monster" over "She's Dreaming." It can't be helped, I guess. This style of R&B coming from EXO, I'm just not used to. In good time, the track might well grow on me. 

MV Review

Before I begin my review, can I just sneak in how goooood EXO look in this MV? Like damn, they be rocking the hell out of them formal wear! *ahem* Okay, not let me get back to the MV. The set and colors for "Lotto" were reminiscent of "Monster," featuring a vintage color gradient with mostly dark hues. The choreography is unlike anything that I've ever seen from EXO: incredibly fluid and dare I say more sensual than their previous choreographies. The teen angst is gone, replaced by a lustful craze that can only come from their induction into young adulthood. 

After watching the MV the first time around, I was confused as to why the boys were going up against law enforcement. Then I realized that EXO seem to be involved in some sort of illegal underground gambling syndicate, burning that cash to save "Lady Luck," who, for unknown reasons, was trussed up to the ceiling like a plucked turkey. It made for a cool visual image, but it left me scratching my head in confusion. Was this lady luck in cahoots with the law the entire time or did she get captured in the end like the rest of EXO? The panning of the camera from scene to scene made it a bit difficult to follow the plot. 

The concept for "Lotto" deviates far, far from EXO's past concepts, and as I've mentioned before, the boys are ready to embrace a new image and sound. That was clear enough with the release of "Lucky One," which, in a way, served as a prequel to "Lotto." Both are just so...different from the EXO we know, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. EXO embrace this new side of them with welcome arms, and they even pull it off to an impeccable tee. The song may not have been all that original, but at least EXO rocked the concept with a confidence and sure style, much like they do with any other concept that is handed to them. 


MV Relevance.........9
MV Production........9
MV Concept.............7

Album Production...9
Album Concept........7
Track listing..............8


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kacichan Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lotto had to grow on me, it took a while but now I can listen to it and enjoy. She's Dreaming is way better then Stronger, I actually kept it on my playlist. Can't bring me down is FIRE. I love the song so so much. After Lucky One it's my fave from the album. But I'm not gonna lie, as an album it's way weaker then Exodus. (I still love them so much)

Exo_Leia Tuesday, August 30, 2016

As an EXO-L I actually had to have Lotto grow on me, and I prefer live versions as the autotune isn't my style. I did love "She's Dreaming" that song for me is just so relaxing

Variable Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I think this is their worst album yet. Quite a biases review.

Knigin Tuesday, August 30, 2016

We all know this album was a flop but jubilantj is an exo-l so the rating is biases. I would give it 5.5 tops.

xxxxxIIIxxxxx Knigin Tuesday, August 30, 2016

flop lol? yeah its a flop thats why exo become triple million seller!!!!!

TOODAMNFILTHYY xxxxxIIIxxxxx Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Just because the album sold well it doesn't mean it was a hit. There are many movies that did well but were considered flops

frz_wdj_4886 xxxxxIIIxxxxx Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Maybe it was because of their predominant popularity...?(Pls dont kill me)

xxxxxIIIxxxxx TOODAMNFILTHYY Wednesday, August 31, 2016

i didnt say it was a hit but definitely it was not a flop. just because you dont like it its a flop already!

xxxxxIIIxxxxx frz_wdj_4886 Wednesday, August 31, 2016

exo song are good we all have different taste of music so i understand if you dont like exo song but dont call it flop. and who else would support the artist of course there fans.

ahgase88 Tuesday, August 30, 2016

the whole thing is just straight fire

MissyMinzyy Tuesday, August 30, 2016

9/10 that monster remix killed the album. Lotto is wolf part two we know exo l who don't like it and exo l who love it. I liked the first time I listened to it I loved I did think auto was a bit much after 2-3 listens idk I love it.

jenna Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tracks that i like the most is lotto, monster, lucky one, can't bring me down, heaven and one and only. I like remains tracks too. The whole album is really good.

The End




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