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Posted by alim17307 pts Monday, July 4, 2016

Past K-Pop fashion that'll make you wonder, 'What were they thinking?'


Fashion is a fickle thing that always changes throughout the years. �You look back at an old picture of yourself from ten years ago and cringe from the outdated look. �Sometimes you wonder, "How could that have even been popular during the time?"

So you'll completely understand when you look back at some of the horrendous fashion choices of the usually trendy K-Pop. �Take on a blast from the past by seeing some of the looks your favorite idols sported back in the day! �Be warned of the cringe!

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2NE1's "Fire" days

'The Flintstones' meet 'The Jetsons'?�

EXO-K's "MAMA" days

Pondering between a skirt or pants? Kai says, "Why not both?"�

J.Y. Park's plastic pants days

The perfect piece if you want to show off your undies and your legs at the same time!

MBLAQ's "Y" days

Please tell me "Y" they dressed MBLAQ in these hideous pants??

TVXQ's "Hug" days

All TVXQ need is some color...and possibly a hug.�

Wonder Girls' "So Hot" days

Who thought that many leopard prints was a good idea??�

H.O.T's "Candy" days

Looks like their stylist threw up 'Sesame Street' on them.

Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby" days

Let's just say the fashion was not so fantastic......baby.�

Super Junior's "Mr. Simple" days

This was anything but simple. �Unfortunately.

SHINee's "Juliette" days

Pretty sure SHINee jumped into a pool of tie-dye for this concept.�

2PM's "Again and Again" days

Glad to see 2PM didn't try this concept again!�

KARA's "Pretty Girl" days

What happens when little�

girls raid their grandmother's closet for cardigans and vests.�

Rainbow's "Gossip Girl" days

Denim on leggings...on denim....under bright pink belts...need I say more?

Girl's Day's "Tilt My Head" days

If Girl's Day members were trying to look like bumble bees, well, they've succeeded.�

Dal Shabet's "Pink Rocket" days

Please place these outfits on a "Pink Rocket" and launch them as far away from Earth as possible....

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