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[Drama Review] 'Uncontrollably Fond' - Episode 2

By eric_r_wirsing   Friday, July 8, 2016   35,124   9,819   6



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Because when you're alone, a teddy bear can be good company.

Going back in time about 10 years, we see the reasons for Noh Eul's epithet at the end of Episode 1. Apparently, they had quite a history, where Joon Young broke up with her friend, then pretended like he and No Eul were dating. He also attended her dad's funeral and carried his portrait at the end. We also find out a lot about their past. In the present, she acknowledges she knows him, walks away, and collapses in the snow...

Joon Young's mommy issues primarily stem from his school days. He's pretty much got an absentee father, and we're told exactly why his mother wants him to be an attorney -- so she can tell his dad "I raised him well without your help." But instead he pretty much acts out in school, is last in his class, fights, and gets suspended. His mom does not seem to make it any easier on him, though. Instead of the warmth he might need, she gives him an icy shoulder.

Another drama, another running sequence. These guys should invest in Nike or something.

It's not hard to see where Noh Eul's toughness comes from. She's always been a scrapper with a sense of justice and fairness that transcends material concerns, like when she gives away food from her father's stand. Here she clearly needs money, and I don't think she is going to Detroit her ideals just to get the documentary made. At least, I don't see her doing that

This episode focused more on him than her. It doesn't delve too much into her background, but I think it's deft writing that shows us who she is rather than telling us. But I think I want to know more about her. It's kind of unfair if we don't get more of her story. The narrative should focus on both leads.

Food fight!

And nothing more said about the disease, although there is our giant plot hole. They made a big to-do in Episode 1 about how it was fatal, and he only had a year to live. But that's not Parkinson's disease, as they said. Far from being insidious and asymptomatic, he should be shaking uncontrollably at times. It's also not fatal, though there are complications. There must have been an error in translation somewhere.

Now I'm curious about what happened in the 10 years they were apart. What happened during that time to shape who they are today? Was there anything that went unresolved from their shared past? If it was as gripping as this episode was I'd be totally down with another episode devoted to the past.

Legend says that if you fold a thousand origami cranes, you will pass finals.

It's gotten a lot better. Maybe the first episode was so awkward because they were trying to find their drama legs. Now they have, and this installment kept me watching. It's not totally trope free, but at least it's fun to watch. Seeing them lock horns tickled my funny bone.




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gentong Saturday, July 9, 2016

if you like the telenovela style (south america like mexico drama) or the theater style ( eyelid movements and head movement bla bla) then you should adapt more because this drama more like film series. the story still intro part with flashback need really focus. for all i really enjoy the story line though sad but with the character of neul hope no sad ending credit:mybae

SongOfMyPeople Saturday, July 9, 2016

The one thing that will boost the ratings of this show is that the lead actress would get a rape scene. Women love it when they see other women becoming miserable.

Joan_Hdr SongOfMyPeople Saturday, July 9, 2016

Actually the ratings are good 12.5% which is good

magieth Friday, July 8, 2016

Wow this review is so fcking bad. Look like a 10 years old kid wrote it, completely turned off reading this, such a waste of my fcking time 👎😡

gentong Friday, July 8, 2016


gentong Friday, July 8, 2016

should go before haters come

The End




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