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Alleged victim A reveals more details of reported sexual assault by Yoochun

By elliefilet   Friday, July 1, 2016   59,031   2,233   448



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Alleged victim A has revealed more details of the reported sexual assault by JYJ's Yoochun.

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On June 30, Yoochun went through 8 hours of intensive questioning by police, and it's been reported victim A, who previously canceled her claim only to re-file, has also given her testimony. According to Channel A, Ms. A stated, "The madam didn't let me leave the room. Yoochun dragged me to the bathroom and sexually assaulted me."

The report further stated Ms. A was the only employee at the adult entertainment bar at 5AM as her coworkers had already left. Allegedly, along with Yoochun, there were 11 men in the room, and Ms. A was the only woman there. This is when she claims the madam, her boss, prevented her from leaving the room, which gave Yoochun the opportunity to assault her.

If her testimony is true, it could mean Yoochun had an accomplice for at least one case. Channel A also revealed the madam in question and Yoochun's acquaintances who were present on the night of the alleged crime have been questioned as well.

As for victim A's re-filing, a rep from Seoul's Gangnam Police Station clarified, "When a lawsuit is dropped, it's not possible to sue for the same reasons. However, A can change her statement during investigations."
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NubianKpop Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Come on. If you work or frequent a bar/club etc you know you are going to be subject to men even women coming onto you. It is one of the hazards of the job/environment. No you should not be harassed. But if you don't want to be subject to harassment by patrons, then report the incident right away, ban that patron from the bar, have management enforce their harassment policy or change jobs or frequenting that bar/club. But don't sue and blame Yoochun or any man/woman that harassses you after the fact when you were able to prevent the harassment. I don't care if they are a celebrity or not. No one can force you to do anything you don't want to do with your body even if you are mutually engaging with them in conversation and then your interaction with them turns sexual. And don't put yourself in a situation in which you could be violated. For those of you who were ever harassed/attacked and could not defend yourself, my heart goes out to you and may you heal and redeem your life back. And as far as Yoochun having a "fetish" for bathrooms  and the picture circulating online to prove that, the only thing I got from that photo is that he shared a loving or sexual moment with someone in the bathroom. Doesn't look perverted to me. No different than a couple kissing and lovingly greeting one another in the bathroom while each of them get ready for their day or returning home and retiring for the evening. We know that the bathroom is one location that some couples enjoy having sex, making love and just conversating. Don't ruin this man's life and career for nothing. But I hope this will give him a wake up call and watch what he does in his private life that will unfortunately become public.

wjngoowon Saturday, July 2, 2016

DEAR GOD, Why is there so much negativity & hate in people's mind & heart?? What goes around, comes around. The negativity/hate you sent out into this universe will engulf your life. You have to pay for your negativity. The moment you send hate, you are bringing your soul energy level down down down. Next time if something bad happens to you, just remember it's because of your negativity. It's good to follow news but DON'T INDULGE in gossip, slander, judging & hate. If you support him, comment "I support him". If you don't support him, comment "I wish the truth will surface soon". Don't prolong the discussion unnecessarily and waste yours & others time. Life is simple, don't complicate it unnecessarily. Live & let live, don't rub your opinions on others & don't think you're right either. I suggest you all start reading philosophy & expand your mind towards love & positivity rather than wasting your time in dissing people/celebrities.

Justice_for_V wjngoowon Sunday, July 3, 2016

I think this is not about the artist anymore, this is about the dignity of sex workers. SMEntertainment is a legal establishment, the Korean law proved SM has conducted illegal conduct towards JYJ like the work hours was against the korean labor law, the vague contract was also illegal. Now these brothels need to come into the spot light for the sake of the these sex workers rights, like the mistreatment, vague contract, payment conditions, working hours, when the client has no right to demand, and when the client has not right to do. JYJ fans didn't release JYJ from SM, forced SM into media light, and forced the courts of korea to induldge in the SM vs JYJ case if the JYJ fans did not indulge, talk and act and SIDE with justice. JYJ fans done good by JYJ , now it's time for the same TYPE of JYJ fans to side with abused party, JYJ Gallery will not support men that engage with illegal brothels. It's important that a star male does not encourage the males of society to visit upon illegal brothel's . They did not say the case was about Yoochun raping prostitutes, the results still have not come out. But photos of him visiting these brothels have. Do you think it's logical illegal sex workers do not suffer abuse under the brothel and might suffer assault or abuse from the client? I'm asking JYJ fans who condemn the victims to stop condemn the victims at the least, and open their eyes to the character of Yoochun to see if Yoochun has a character that fits the bill. An aduio reveals him talking to a teenager, her age in korean is 19, that 17 or 18 worldwide. JYJ3 .NET refuses to translate the audio for JYJ fans to not reflect Yoochun's character right now because of the accusation of rape he is under. Put the accusation of rape aside, do you feel a good man would talk to a teenagers, asking her about her location and informing her that he is coming to pick her up and NOT to tell anyone? I can't defend him on this. And I won't defend him visiting upon brothels that mistreat sex workers and won't protect their workers from the abuse of clients. There is still my stand on Yoochun from the rape case. I will wait to see the results. But his character, his attitude is enough to see an enemy of women, Jaejoong also has a stinking character, he's a drunk wife beater, because there is an audio that reveals him cussing and beating up kids while drunk, it never ever sat well with me what Jaejoong did when this audio came out back then, but I didn't know the english translation of Yoochun's audio, I would have known what type of man Yoochun is back then if JYJ3 .Net translated his conversation with the sasaeng kid. The victims said Yoochun raped them in the toilet, Yoochun reveals he has a fetish with romance in the toilet, like the word (AHHHH) in the toilet, so the victims don't seem like they lied about this about Yoochun. Logically, if one of the victims claims is true, the there is a possibility that another claim is also true. I know for sure he has no moralities when it comes to picking up a teenage kid in the middle of the night, and visit upon questionable brothels owned by mafia that offer services where sex workers may not have a choice in accepting such as BODY SHOWS. He doesn't have a respectable good man reality, that is Yoochun, and the one of the Victims claims carry legitimacy to that character. It's up to the court to decide if he's a rapist. But those women were hurt by Yoochun and Yoochun doesn't think he hurt them because they are prostitutes . It's difficult even for the sex worker to decide if she was raped, one of the sex workers said "I definitely said NO". What evidence did we have about JYJ's claims of SM's abuse, yet we sided with JYJ before the court announced the results. I like then, believe the victims claims deep down I do think they are telling the truth, my displeasure with Yoochun is his disgusting character. When others condemn the victims, I tell them to wait for the results. Because I hated how everyone condemned JYJ for SM when I worked my logic that SM is shady, Now Yoochun is shady, he's backed by a company headed by a son of korea's top mafias. Mafias are in control of brothels most of the time, Yoochun visits such brothels. I'm working my logic. one of the claims of the victims is legit, Yoochun's character is shady, I STILL didn't side with the victims, like you I am waiting for the results. But Yoochun is fucking disgusting, a total creep and seems like the type to do something very wrong if he thinks no one will find out. He's that type that doesn't care about your hurt only his own hurt is what matter to him. look how he didn't care about hurting his fans, friends and family, by visiting brothels, sex for him, his sexual desire comes first "Don't tell anyone okay" to that high school kid, he's secretive about sex, and does it with ones he can get away with. as far as rape though, though I still wait for the results, it's difficult for me to say that he isn't the type. I definitely won't run it past him.

Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

I advise fans to look up important sites like kpopkfans  and  netizenbuzz for very important information on this Yoochun vs Victims issue, The majority of commentators are also very intelligent and analyse issues to a decent degree. I wish they can also come here and share their views to enlighten other fans on this site.

Ieta Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

There mostly just wish him go to die. Where the intelligent at that advice ?.

JamlessCookies Justice_for_V Sunday, July 3, 2016

the commentators on those sites are people just like you who already convicted him just from looking at these articles. :| And stop telling people to google and look up stuffs!

Justice_for_V Ieta Sunday, July 3, 2016

Those sites do not ban different sides of view, unlike JYJ3 .Net that shows only one side of view, blind faith only, no logical thinking. JYJ3. Net also does not post news sources they like. The fans at JYJ3. Net accuse Dispatch of being SM driven but Dispatch has published scandals on Kpop artists, actors scandals like cheating on wife and beating wife showing us the true face of horrible artists who work for big companies these scandals weren't always nasty but they also reveal hypocrisy, kpop artist of SM talk ill of Sasaengs but at the same time they indulge with Sasaeng willingly, such exposed SM artist were Yunho and Changmin and others, Dispatch also revealed scandals on YG artist, Dispatch has caused controversy in all fandoms, every fandom cries that Dispatch works for the rival or enemy but then Dispatch scandalizes said rival and enemy. and the best part is, Dispatch always confirms its releases with photos, audios ect. I bet you the police asked Dispatch are free and hold dirt on everyone, does not mean the dirt they expose, when they expose it is a lie. You can cry the audio of Jaejoong cussing and beating up teenagers are fake that Yoochun's sasaeng audio reflecting his sexing her up intention is fake , but the audio is still there, Yoochun fans back then didn't know what Yoochun was saying in the phone JYJ3. Net have a translator, but they didn't translate to the JYJ fans at that site what Yoochun was saying, they encourage fans to stay away from sites under the guise that everyone in those sites is an SM agent. Not everyone is an SM agent, WHY doesn't JYJ3 translate the AUDIO of YOOCHUN flirting with a Sasaeng ? back then Yoochun fans agreed that is Yoochuns voice, Jaejoong fans agreed that is Jaejoong voice, Dispatch didn't fake voices, and it does not I repeat Dispatch does not target JYJ alone, they have dirt on the whole industry , when they choose to reveal the dirt, might be SOME times politically ASKED, but the content when revealed is real not fake, only the blind in eyesite, logic and ear are in denial. At least admit the audio is real. Yoochun if not a rapist, does engage in sex with sasaengs, evidence? the audio JYJ3 .net does not translate to shield Yoochun. some, if not most, JYJ fans are into shielding the artist not admitting the truth. of course you'll say it's fake and the koreans that translated the audio are liars or not real koreans etc. What a joke, not all of us are brainless, we just want authentic resources. Dispatch has been smeared by more than one fandom not just by JYJ, But Dispatch does just say dirt, I'd cancel them out if that's the case , but they do release photos. They revealed Yoochun going to TWO illegal brothels. the photos are ethentic, C-jes male staff and Yoochun visit illigal brothels, Yoochun told fans SM controlled him, he didn't have freedom when he did what is asked of him, ordered of him, and they didn't pay him, that's true, but Miss A is treated the same way, Yoochun didn't pay her, he goes to a brothel that treats her the same way SM treated him, These girls working in brothels have vague contracts with the brothel and work like slaves, dictated, doing what they are ordered even if they don't want to do the order. Yoochun and males who visit upon these brothels encourages these type of brothel behaviors and inhuman treatment of these sex workers. why JYJ Gallery felt stabbed to know he went to these brothels? as a Woman knowing what these sex workers go through, prostitutes are human, but guys like Yoochun enjoy ordering them to degrade themselves and get to taunt them and throw wounding words and abuse them sexually, touch them when they not ready or say no, guys who go to illegal brothels won't respect the prostitute's no because guys that tend these illegal brothels justify their actions with money, I paid you so your no means nothing, your a prostitute anyway. C-jes CEO is known to have used mobsters to beat an artist for something back in the past, he is also the son of Koreas top mafia leaders. All these fact your going to call fake? Yoochun and C-jes VS Miss A . Miss A might be a fake, Yoochun might not have raped anyone, but he sure was talking to a sasaeng telling her he is on his way to pic her up, wow he and Jaejoong claims they cuss and beat sasaeng because they suffers from sasaengs to their fans to escape their ridicule of him, Jaejoong says he'd abuse his daughter's dignity by shaving her head if she was a sasaeng, yet Dispatch proved that in Yoochun's case at least he secretly meets up with a sasaeng high school kid it's in the audio.

Kikay1 Justice_for_V Monday, July 4, 2016

Those are the same sites that remove positive comments about Yoochun. You must be joking! or maybe you are paid by S? Are an "Astroturfer? paid to distort the truth and confuse the public?

hanjivara Justice_for_V Tuesday, July 5, 2016

JYJ3 is not a kpop site it's for JYJ family I have all respect to people and commenters there. while as Kikay said NB, Soompi are the same sites who delete comments in favor of Yoochun. Justice_for_V stop wasting your time in people you clearly hate, you've been passing days replying every single comment with HATE comments. people look for all sites before making their mind we don't need you to come tell us what to do or who to believe it's super silly of you.

ajshawol1990 Saturday, July 2, 2016

What the actual F is happening??

Justice_for_V ajshawol1990 Saturday, July 2, 2016

Scum Yoochun and C-jes's mafia CEO's mobsters failed to shut Miss A up. visit NETIZENBUZZ wirite in the search Yoochun, and read till your hearts content if you want to understand what's going on.

Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

Please copy the lines between the bracts and paste it in google search to find articles I think are important to read help us understand Miss A's situation better. ( dispatch-reveals-park-yoochuns-reps-may ) ( trans-dispatch-exclusive-a-detailed-account-of-the-park-yoo-chun-rape-scandal )

Ieta Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

Thats place full of rumors only. The most intelligent comments is....yuchun, just go die.

Justice_for_V Ieta Sunday, July 3, 2016

Let people visit those sites and visit the site of JYJ3 .Net and judge themselves.

LouiseFerguson (Banned) Saturday, July 2, 2016

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shyloone Saturday, July 2, 2016

arrest this woman already, how many times do you seriously get to change your mind like this..first of all in my country you cant lay charges against someone once you have dropped them, but yes you can go and lay other charges that you didnt lay in the first place, but what the bloody hell would that be, first she say he raped her, then says no it wasnt forced it was consensual, now what is her story, I just dont get the police, people like her wasting police time deserved to be charged exactly for that, wasting police time

Justice_for_V shyloone Saturday, July 2, 2016

why are you so cruel to this women, let the police handle this. do you even care about the truth?

shyloone Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

well i wouldnt say the truth is coming from her, i mean , when you get to change your story so many times, why would anyone believe a person like that, she obviously knows how to lie

Justice_for_V shyloone Saturday, July 2, 2016

I think she added new info to her charge, so that's why it's accepted now. they did refuse the previous charge. the madam seems to confirm something for the police, Google Yoochun's TOILET drawing pic, it will show you Yoochun, holding a drawing where he draws the following. two people kissing, under them Two toilets, under the two people , and right above the toilets, Yoochun also drew another two people, this time one is DRAGGING the other like pulling the foot and the other looks to be holing to dear life, the hand is grabbing at the end of the surface of the Toilet away from the other person, and then a big face screaming the word (AHHHHHHH) The women's Toilet story seems legit. Why of all things they say the rape happened in the Toilet. and he has talked about " conversation.....Toilet" on a fan meeting once to describe something beautiful when they asked them to. This guy is creepy toilet fetish guy, and it's not just that. He drew himself as a wold but a sheep is drawn on his forehead as if that's the real him, in the mirror, he is a sheep hiding the wolf, and the setting is the restroom with an open toilet, His character seems to fits a serial rapist. This is not looking good on him at all.

Ieta Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

You cannot judge people by looking at drawing...

shyloone Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

ive seen that drawing, and that would never be used for nothing, and a drawing is all it is, it dont explain nothing, but only to people who want it to explain something.

Ieta Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

Do you even care about the truth because right now i can see that you already set to your mind that yuchun is guilty. So, what the different

JamlessCookies Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

First, she claimed that she was raped. Then she dropped her claim and changed it to consensual sex. Now she changes her claim and says she was raped again. Who would seriously believe her?

shyloone JamlessCookies Saturday, July 2, 2016

she cant claim she was raped again because she already used that then dropped the charges, so once those charges were dropped, she cant use them again, so now i think she saying something different like it was the madam who forced her to stay and that it was only her and all these men,and peobably she claiming she was fingered or something is that different to rape lol sorry but i have no idea what this woman is on something lethal

Justice_for_V Ieta Saturday, July 2, 2016

if the drawing looks someone being raped in a bathroom and screaming it can.

Justice_for_V shyloone Saturday, July 2, 2016

obviously she was threatened to withdraw he initial case , forced through threat, to not encourage others to cause such a problem for the brothel, the brothel wants to protect their client Yoochun, if one client is exposed other clients won't trust the establishment (the brothel) so they send one of their thugs and she pulls out the charge. guess what it's too late, other women got the courage to stand against this celebrity, this time she got her female boss. Think about it, this female boss this madam confirmed to the police their questions, no wonder things got serious and yoochun got called in for CRIMINAL investigation, it's not even questioning, if these women were lying the police would have exposed them. During sasaeng times he was flirting with a sasaeng real creepy audio, asking the 17 year old kid about he location, it's supposed to take 7 hours from soul her place, she kept giving him information about her location because he kept asking her different questions, then at the end of the call he says he'll reach her at 2 hours and don't tell anyone about this call. listen to his tone of voice like he's aroused disgusting, if you want translation of the audio just google it, really why don't you google this creep, his laundry is out in the open everyone ells sees it. his attitude is trash, I'd be suspicious of Yoochun even if he is proven innocent, like did he have sex with that 17 year old? he cusses at the ugly sasaengs with hate, the ugly ones and sleeps the night with the pretty ones, approaching these teenagers running on hormones that worship him as a god, they dumb kids not demons, not monsters and what is the adult doing? he's preying on them, the kid and the hopeless is his targets in the night, disgusting adult. look up the audio, the way he speaks to that teen, if you still think that's something a healthy man does, my God just My God even I can't wrap my head around it. I'm digging more dirt to know just how dirty this secretive sick fuck really is. This talk is all on his attitude as a human, but if someone now tells me this guy raped someone I won't be suspicious of them, i'd be suspicious of him, he cut me no slack this twisted mental sex maniac. google the fucker, do your own research I was thinking this some set up or frame, the problem is Yoochun NAILS YOOCHUN, how blind and in denial you gonna be.

Ieta Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

Is it you ms A ?. Since your comments too emotional. You totally dont want to hear any reason and you expect us to agree with you. What is your problem ?.

bangeryun94 Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

"Obviously she was threatened" No its only obvious to witch hunters like yourself. And the MADAM hasn't confirmed a damn thing, she hadn't been to the police and the police haven't been to her. The tape is bogus. That tape has been going around since the 3 of them left SME. Are you some kind of sex expert to know if he's "aroused" on a fake tape? Do YOU watch an abundance of porn or have sex with a lot of men so you would understand and know what that sounds like? Are YOU one of the women? What do you think the police would have exposed sweetie when they don't do the investigation? Yoochun hasn't been charged with anything. The police don't charge him anyway. Were you counting on his international fans to be ignorant of that fact. Well I'm not an international fan, I live in Korea and I know the points you made about him are total crap. The MADAM hasn't talked to police. No its not obvious the first woman was threatened. The tape is fake and has been around since 2010. He hasn't been charged with a damn thing yet. And you're another god damn sheep.

Justice_for_V bangeryun94 Saturday, July 2, 2016

I'm speculating she told the police something, the article that miss A gave her testimony, read the artcle that is posted before lashing ought on me. about the Yoochun Flirting with a Sasaeng fan here the youtube link at second 10 and his whole tone through ought the audio is very greasy like he moans kinda, just speculating he was thinking of his dick when he was asking her about her location, that's something a sexual predator would do . and why he keeps drawing toilets? it's a sex fetish. I'm using my mind based on what Yoochun provides. get off your horse.

Justice_for_V Ieta Saturday, July 2, 2016

Yoochun? is that you? your laundry is ought on google you creep secretive sick,

bangeryun94 Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

No, because you are Victim A or someone close to her. No speculating sweetie.

Ieta Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

Your comment make me sick. I am international fan and i never see this situation in my country. Person still not guilty until he prove to be guilty and media cannot twist the situation like this. All the evident cannot be share to oublic unless the case already bring to court. But now, he still not charges but media already pointed to him as a rapist. Where the justice ?. Your name is justice but justice for who ?. That lady ?. They keep changing their story and i absolutely doubt her credibility. You ask us to not condemn the girls before we know the truth....but you already label yuchun with rapist. Is it fair ?. Your point always with his toilet drawing. Are you real ?. Do you think that will show someone attitude by looking at their drawing. If there is person always drawing it mean that he got some attitude problem with woman ?. I hope cjes read your comments and press charge to you.

Justice_for_V JamlessCookies Saturday, July 2, 2016

maybe these articles will help give us better understanding of Miss A situation against a dirty rich celeb wasting money on Body Shows in illegal brothels and the mafia CEO's methods to sweep things under the rug. Look how they treat the weak. Please copy the lines between the bracts and paste it in google search to find articles I think important to read ( dispatch-reveals-park-yoochuns-reps-may ) ( trans-dispatch-exclusive-a-detailed-account-of-the-park-yoo-chun-rape-scandal )

Ieta Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

Do you really think that i will believe on disptach article ?. The most corrupt news is from dispatch. They sure will put effort in this matter and absolutely dont care whether it is true or not. Honestly, for a person like me that stay outside sk will find tnat sk media is totally play dirty in scandal like this. For them, rating and profit ie more important than someone life and pride. I admit media in my country not truly clean but they never play dirty like this until make someone life totally ruined and thats why there is high suicide in sk. You know what....even the strongest person surely collapse if you push him like this. We are not defend him blindly, just give him some fair treatment like what you give to that girls. The way you talk like you are very confident that he is guilty. I am sure that there is sex but i totally not agree if there is rape. As a woman i believe there should be hesitation to tell the sex details to public like that except if her attention to gain sympathy. Is it she not believe to police to give justice to her until she need to announce to public like that ?. But i am sure she brave to do that because her identity is hidden. So, here the disadvantage is yuchun side.

shyloone Justice_for_V Sunday, July 3, 2016

You know what your problem is you google everything that people make up on the internet and believe, Netizens are exactly the most bullshitters on earth and hate on everything, you think everything people say on here is the truth, and you believe media before police , no google that

starempress Saturday, July 2, 2016

um... that's not a different reason, that's a complete change in story. Are they so desperate to nail Yoochun that they'll accept any story that comes off the street?

shyloone starempress Saturday, July 2, 2016

It seems that way, they obviously aint got no hard evidence so have to go back to accuser A, because she the only one who slept with him , and even though she said it was consenual after the first time she said he raped her, I cant figure out what is her next story going to be, and why would the police even use this woman after already telling lies

melon Saturday, July 2, 2016

right. Evidence please, progress please. convicted yet? punishment please. Are the so called victims telling the truth? Or have they teamed up to make the same type of statement. They all seem the same to me.

Justice_for_V melon Saturday, July 2, 2016

Google Yoochun's TOILET drawing pic, it will show you Yoochun, holding a drawing where he draws the following. two people kissing, under them Two toilets, under the two people , and right above the toilets, Yoochun also drew another two people, this time one is DRAGGING the other like pulling the foot and the other looks to be holing to dear life, the hand is grabbing at the end of the surface of the Toilet away from the other person, and then a big face screaming the word (AHHHHHHH) it seems he draw one of his rape victims in the toilet. The women's Toilet story seems legit. Why of all things they say the rape happened in the Toilet. and he has talked about " conversation.....Toilet" on a fan meeting once to describe something beautiful. He also drew himself as a wold but a sheep is drawn on his forehead as if that's the real him, in the mirror, he is a sheep hiding the wolf, and the setting is the restroom with an open toilet, His character seems to fits a serial rapist. This is not looking good on him at all. Yoochun is both mental and a creep and the evidence I posted works of his art, that nail him, by himself. at least do not bash the other side, you don't know what condition the weak are in against the gang establishment that hires them for trash like Yoochun to enjoy degrading, and Yoochun is also a power, he's a celebrity and a client to this brothel. Maybe they both want to pay the women to shut them up,keep the case under the rug. keep an open mind, don't shut the other side up. why won't you wait for the result of the investigation.

Ieta melon Saturday, July 2, 2016

All she have only story. I confuse which one is correct. Please after this come out with evident not another story.

shyloone melon Saturday, July 2, 2016

Well they all worked in the same place so probably all had coffee the next day after the first accuser

bangeryun94 Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

Why won't YOU wait for the investigation to actually begin? YOU are the one that has found him guilty and wants him punished. And you keep bringing up those drawings. They're not evidence. This is sounding more and more like a carefully planned setup. Who is *justice for V* sweetie? One of the women? Yourself? ARE YOU ONE OF THE WOMEN OR ATTORNEY FOR ONE OF THEM? You haven't posted any evidence because YOU are not in possession of evidence.

Justice_for_V bangeryun94 Saturday, July 2, 2016

I was confirming his attitude, his personality as a human, I never said he raped someone, I said if you asked me if he done it, i'd definitely suspect him. He fits the category of a serial rapist, and I already explained how on more than one post here, using nothing but Yoochun himself, his drawings, his phone call to the high school kid (there a translation for the audio by the way) do I have to re-post again? just scroll around. This all from google you going crazy on me. His attitude reeks, he's a weakling that find his power by overpowering defenseless women in the middle of the night when they alone and powerless with him. What he want picking up a high school girl, driving himself all the way from sole to that area of hers, that takes 7 hours just to pick her up? it's all in the audio, it's an old audio but it reflects his character, the type of man he is. the same he done with the girls at the illegal bar he visits in the middle of the night. how he gets one to stay so late? I speculated this madam lady since she's the boss can make her stay late for the client. JYJ were not free from SM ordering JYJ against their will, don't you this this madam can force this a worker to stay late against her will too? by they way, it's yoochun that reflected himself.

bangeryun94 Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

YOU don't know his attitude or his personality. You can't confirm anything---unless you frequent the same establishment or WORK there. Even then it's an opinion not evidence of anything more than him being an asshole to the women paid to have sex with him. And you're not speculating sweetheart, you ARE A. I'll tell you again. Nobody cares how you make your living. Blackmail and extortion are something else altogether. Everytime you comment and you've already made a mistake mentioning something you shouldn't if you were just a netizen making an observation --- the comments are being emailed to the authorities and C-Jes. You might want to stop. If you want a receptive audience go post on the other 2 websites.

bangeryun94 Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

Oh and I don't need a translation to listen to any video since I am Korean and speak it reasonably well. That audio tape was proven fake several years ago. Stop speculating especially since you are one of the people involved in this investigation.

Justice_for_V bangeryun94 Saturday, July 2, 2016

when a guy is being accused of raping a woman in a restroom, and you this same said man has drawn a picture of what seems to a a rape scene in a restroom and a head spewing the words (AHHH) you start to assume the victims side of the story sounds legit based on theory. Also same said man is known through his own words, who asked the age and confirmed the age of the speaker on the others side, who also sounds like a kid, and he tells this kid he's coming to pick her in two hours, after he kept asking her questions about her location, yes that something immoral of a man to do, it reeks the evidence that his intentions towards the high school kid was sexual. This is all Yoochun's doing, it's clear what type of man he could be (the drawing) and what type of man he is (seeking ought females in the middle of the night in a shady manner, this one is a high school kid, the victims are defenseless prostitutes, why does he not date a lady of his age, someone he can form a normal relationship with, he deliberately seeks those he can control, it's a possibility and he want it secret. The more you talk to me the more reasons I'll give you. and don't try scare me with threats like a mobster would do, this is freedom of speech, and I have not said anything you can't find on youtube like the audio type of the sasaeng flirting, and the picture of Yoochun holding his drawing. The shield is cracking , I would post on JYJ3 .net but your admin has banned me, allkpop at least allows for all views and speculations to be posted. Your scared I'm opening minds? go a head and get me banned, thats what you do when you can't defend your case and see the other side is making a great deal of sense.

Justice_for_V bangeryun94 Saturday, July 2, 2016

the audio is fake? who's the liar now, I took the English translation from a sight that know their korean, I don't know about you though. Google Yoochun pretty Sasaeng. the whole eng trans of the audio by real koreans. Calm down before the truth gives you a heart attack.

bangeryun94 Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

I don't rely on god damn Google for accurate news. I'm not 15, I'm not an impressionable Yoochun fan and again each time you reply I'm emailing your comments to C-Jes and the authorities. You accomplish nothing by coming here pretending to be someone concerned about "those poor women" You ARE A so just keep commenting and we'll just keep emailing

Ieta bangeryun94 Saturday, July 2, 2016

Yup. Please email all her comments to cjes. I would like cjes to file lawsuit to her. Something wrong in her comments.

JamlessCookies Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

I already saw that video. It still doesn't prove that it was him who was talking to the saesang.

Justice_for_V bangeryun94 Saturday, July 2, 2016

You rely on fantasy for accurate information. C-jes's CEO is the son of one of the 3 top South Korean mafia, I won't be surprised if the brothel Yoochun's goes to see women degrade themselves for his pleasure,(cause it arouses sick weaklings like him with toilet fetishes.) belonged to his dad before he retired, who knows, as far as I know it's the mafias that control the brothels. You hate Dispatch because it produces hard evidence that reveal the true colors of your delinquent oppa who made a huge mistake that even C-jes can't cover up. wake up C-jes, the police, the media they all already know. I am worried for the victims safety now. Thank God for google, all that is out now is out, trying to silence me is plain useless :)

Ieta Justice_for_V Saturday, July 2, 2016

Now i truly believe you are miss A

shyloone Justice_for_V Sunday, July 3, 2016

i wish you would stop telling people to google this that and that , because most of what you say to google is all a load of crap,geez i think you actually should wait too see what the police have to say because you tend to believe to much garbage that other people say, and most of the stuff put up about Yoochun is pretty much that, no one is telling you to believe him,thats your choice,but you believe pretty much everything too easy

bangeryun94 Justice_for_V Sunday, July 3, 2016

I don't want to silence you. As a matter of fact, I want you to keep talking. And I believe I told you I am most definitely NOT a fan. Have you been drinking because I haven't said shit about Dispatch. Yeah, thank god for google. It shows how deluded you really are. Btw sweetie, you shouldn't have disliked my comments under your real name. Now we're not going to play anymore.

federick Saturday, July 2, 2016


Zikashika federick Saturday, July 2, 2016

These kind of cases is happening lots in south Korea with k-pop artists. The things is when a person is working as an artist he never shows who he/she is really is. he always have to do what his agency told them to do. An artist can't even smile at public with out thier angency/manager permission. The life of artist is not an easy one and not a true one. I don't know if he did it or not. because no one knows. only he himself and the victim (if there is any). The fans gets emotional and the rivals (who don't like him) also gets emotional on this case. You guys don't know the truth. if you are truly his fans, you can believe him its up to you guys BUT you can't say that this is truth just because you believe it. and rivals once also can't say that he is bad person just because you believe it. because no one really know we are only guessing. in my opinion. Artists never shows their real self in front of anyone. Now its depends on investigation how this will turn out. i hope everything turn out good for junsu and also for the girls (who filed a report).

federick Zikashika Saturday, July 2, 2016


atravista Saturday, July 2, 2016

Pig yoochun

shyloone atravista Saturday, July 2, 2016

hello Clesbo oink oink

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