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[MV Reviews] EXO - 'Lucky One' and 'Monster'

By jubilantj   Thursday, June 9, 2016   80,839   21,201   54



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"Lucky One" and "Monster" marked the grand return of EXO, and I could almost hear all EXO-Ls around the world explode in exalted glee and anticipation. 

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The anticipation had grown to frustration and soon evolved to restive weariness thanks to SM taking its sweeeet ol' time uploading the MVs, but at least we got 'em eventually--that's what matters. 

And boy, were the MVs totally not what I was expecting! Well, mostly for "Lucky One." There is just so much going on in "Lucky One" that one MV review barely suffices to go into painstaking detail about every little scene. So I shall try to avoid that and simply mention the scenes that left the most impression or made me scratch my head in confusion. 

"Lucky One" 

Meep. You cannot escape this prison. 

Oh yeah? *stares intensely*

*spontaneous combustion* 

By dear god, SM finally let the boys out of their confounding, stuffy box sets! ...and instead stuffed them into a maze that is also a mental ward. At least we're getting some variety here. Rather than a dance-focused MV with the boys looking cool and throwing winks at the camera, "Lucky One" follows an interesting concept in which the members are test subjects trapped in a maze they can't escape. And the best part of all is that EXO revel in the superpowers once again. 

I interpret this whole 'trapped-in-a-metal-ward-and-tested-on' concept as a means for EXO to regain their powers which they lost when they left their home planet to land on Earth. Though they were forced into becoming test subjects, their powers somehow miraculously returned to them. Or perhaps the tests were meant to achieve such an effect but things went a little awry when the subjects turned on the testers and attempted escape. 

The more I thought about these scenes, the more I imagined the mental ward as a representation of SM and EXO as...well, EXO. EXO are literally the test subjects of SM who 'inject' them with new images and concepts, and in my mind, this video was an artful way of showing the boys reinventing themselves and maturing. And indeed it is a new look (and sound) from EXO, one that I felt aversely toward in the beginning but grew to appreciate more. ...yes, the appreciation happened in the span of one day. EXO are back and they're sleek, smooth, incredibly polished in both their image and sound and they proved it with "Lucky One." And plz, SM, plz refrain from using shiny glue as a makeup device on EXO's faces next time...


MV Relevance.......9
MV Production......10
MV Concept..........9



Moving onto "Monster," EXO are no longer all prim and proper as puppets under the control of some greater force. Total chaos and darkness ensues as EXO stand up against the unknown enemy, their minds bodies battered from a battle they cannot win. We are not certain what they are fighting for, the answer comes more easily when listening to the lyrics. Buuut, I shall get to the lyrics in the album review; for now, I will simply stick with the MV.

Helloooo? Is anyone coming to my dinner party??! 

Sehun, the smasher of hearts...and fine dining ware. 

The footwork in this choreography was pretty boss! 

Everything about "Monster," is a startling visual contrast to "Lucky One." The hues are darker, the camera movements more shaky and distorted, and even the makeup and costumes are black, slightly reminiscent of a punk style fashion. I mean, just look all that leather, combat boots, piercings, and gelled hair; EXO were clearly going for a rebels-without-a-cause image. Or in this case, with a cause, but they had to be apprehended nonetheless for their disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and smashing of china. All that good china....such a waste.

Further, "Monster" was more a nod to the typical EXO-style (or K-Pop in general) concept, featuring various costume changes, choreographed dancing, and the lack of a solid plot. Not that a plot is absolutely necessary, but I couldn't help but notice the absence of one in comparison to "Lucky One." I tried to link the random dinner table scenes to the scenes where EXO are being tortured and captured, and likewise tried to link those scenes to the rest of the MV but to no luck. If looked at as a whole, I believe EXO are trying to make the statement that they are willing to overcome all boundaries and obstacles in order to win their object of desire. In short, the MV was bit hard to follow and not as creative and enjoyable as "Lucky One."

All in all, I was thoroughly impressed by the sheer energy of EXO in executing their choreography, and more importantly, their willingness to be more bold and daring with their music by breaking free from a tired image. 


MV Relevance.......9
MV Production......10
MV Concept..........8


OVERALL SCORE FOR BOTH MVs............9.15

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Emma992 Monday, June 13, 2016

Is it true that Monster will get another mv? An explicit MV? I read that somewhere.

ZoeKkpop Saturday, June 11, 2016

i love all of their voice but woah , Sehun and Kai improved alot ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

ZoeKkpop Saturday, June 11, 2016

1Minoz Friday, June 10, 2016

I think they didn't understand the Monster mv. Them looking beat up and got locked up, the watch ran counter clockwise, they had dinner together, Baekhyun with the snake, him sneaking out, then the cops moved in, them against the cops, them got beat up and put into a van, the watch ran clock wise, the van driver got out and opened the van and revealed as Baekhyun, then all of them walking off happily.

raquelrope Friday, June 10, 2016

EXO-L mama proud of the children *-*

ajshawol1990 Thursday, June 9, 2016

It is indeed one mans' opinion.

ajshawol1990 Friday, June 10, 2016

Am I the only one who think this is a little too biased?

foltarida Thursday, June 9, 2016

the chorus really awesome, but rap part really standart

BASHER Thursday, June 9, 2016

i am happy and proud of them. talking about the concept maybe at first we wont understand it but if we use to watch it over and over again i think we would able to understand it or maybe we should just try to connect everything lol anyways what the matter most is they are good no matter what.

Kyungiie Thursday, June 9, 2016

9.15 is such a great number,  I feel so proud of EXO.

JungkookxYonghwa Thursday, June 9, 2016

Honestly, I only know like 3 songs by EXO (Overdose, Call me baby, Sing for you). I never really liked that they were waaaaaay too popular, but I'm obsessed with Monster! It did remind me of Maroon 5 though (One More Night), but I've been listening to it all day. It's amazing.

exoKexoM_23 JungkookxYonghwa Friday, June 10, 2016

you should check out Moonlight, it's a really sweet song.

leenhwa JungkookxYonghwa Friday, June 10, 2016

There are so many EXO songs that you're missing out... you should give a listen to albums like XOXO or EXODUS. There's a reason why they are so popular :)

gemini116 JungkookxYonghwa Friday, June 10, 2016

Thx alot !! I was going crazy trying to figure out the song that MONSTER remind me of !

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