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[Drama Review] 'Ddanddara' - Episode 17

By jubilantj   Friday, June 17, 2016   18,882   1,510   3



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I may not like this drama all that much but man, this episode was an emotional roller coast ride. 

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Seok Ho thought he was doing the right thing by turning himself in as the 'murderer' of that no-name producer when in fact he was only seeking rectification and closure for himself. As the brother of the producer pointed out during their meal together, it was actually an incredibly selfish decision on Seok Ho's part. Going to prison would only make him feel better about himself; it would do nothing for the producer's remaining family members. In short, Seok Ho hadn't stopped to think from the producer's family's point of view at all. 

Seok Ho trying (and failing) to convince Min Joo that prison life will do him good. 

He may not have thought it consciously but in the deep, dark depths of his soul, he probably hoped that turning himself in will free him from the overbearing guilt of killing someone once and for all. But like Lee Ji Young, Kim Joo Han, and Lee Joon Seok, Seok Ho will have to live with the sharp thorn in his side for the rest of his life...and have the whole incident serve as a lesson well-learned to never make the same mistake again. 

Seok Ho attempting to seek closure.

I was honestly just as shocked as Seok Ho was when the producer's brother declared that he would not be pressing any charges. That is until the dinner scene in which he mournfully told Seok Ho that he was also partly responsible for his brother's death. So in a way, he is selfish in the sense that he wants Seok Ho to suffer as well. 

No one wins out in this situation, and each person walks away with a heavier heart than before. It's not the perfect ending I was expecting for Seok Ho, and I'm glad the drama didn't give him the chance to redeem himself which will allow him to find redemption on his own. Seok Ho has the learn how to forgive and come to terms with what he did on his own, not wait for others to do the job for him. Thankfully, Ddanddara was there to make the going a bit easier, and it just proved how much the band all need Seok Ho and vice versa. 

"BROOOOMAAAAAANCEEEE, nothin' really gay about it~"

And I was kind of expecting it but when Min Joo said it aloud with her own lips that she's been in love with Seok Ho for ten years, I almost yelled at the screen, "Then why didn't you tell him??!" First of all, she and Seok Ho would make a much better couple than Geu Rin and Seok Ho. Second of all, if you never express your feelings, then how are you ever supposed to know what could have been? 

Mr. Bang-geul is actually a deeply tormented soul. 

I thought it was bs when Min Joo told Yeon Soo that she was afraid that Seok Ho would "run away." Maybe she was truly afraid about ruining her friendship with Seok Ho...but to hold back for ten years?? I don't think that's the right way to go about it either. In any case, it's not like her feelings for Seok Ho matter much now, now that he's only got eyes for Geu Rin. I've given up on rooting for Geu Rin and Ha Neul because, well, it's clear the writers have made up their mind about making Seok Ho and Geu Rin a couple. I still feel no chemistry between the two but what do my opinions matter? Diddly squat, that's what. 




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iranaziraa Friday, June 17, 2016

I prefer the bromance more ever than the sukho and geurin couple T-T

minwooswifey19 Friday, June 17, 2016

For me personally if Hyeri wasn't the female lead I would have been intune too watching this drama  anymore cause I flipping love Ji sung. I fell in love with his face an acting watching protect the boss. Sadly this won't b a drama i watch with him since i can't get in tune with the actress or that idol guy that was in heirs. (To me he can't act) Lucky romance is really fun to watch than this. I hope HJE an Ji sung star in another drama in the nxt couple of years.

Dramafan Friday, June 17, 2016

I like more Ha Neul and Geu Rin <3<3<3

The End



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