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Identity of composer 'FAMOUSBRO' for IOI's title track sparks controversy

By jennywill   Wednesday, May 4, 2016   71,842   3,463   123



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IOI's recent "Dream Girls" release is already sparking controversy.

Although it was previously stated by the girls on 'Standby IOI' as well as YMC Entertainment that the title song was a blind pick by the members, fans aren't so sure anymore... especially because a co-composer on the title song - alias FAMOUSBRO - has turned out to be Eru.

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Why is this an issue? YMC Entertainment is home to trot singer and entertainment industry big shot Tae Jin Ah as well as the company he founded with his oldest son Cho Yoo Myung. Eru is Tae Jin Ah's second son and also an artist under YMC Entertainment, so many are pointing out suspicions that favoritism seems to be at play. Fans are saying the 'blind test' might not be a 'blind test' after all as "Dream Girls" is the only song on the mini album that's title-song-worthy (other songs are too slow, or too soft, etc). 

On top of that, in "Dream Girls", Mina has the line "Even if I'm not pretty, even if I'm not thin," which has gotten a lot of fans upset as Mina has had problems with hate comments due to her weight. Other fans are upset that main vocalists Sejeong and Yeunjung seem to have almost no lines, and that Somi doesn't stand in the center during the chorus (or it looks like in the MV, almost not at all) even though she ranked #1 in 'Produce 101'. 

What do you think?

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triniblossom Friday, May 6, 2016

FAMOUSBRO is Eru? Wow that's a, I noticed Mina's line and I had a feeling that she was given that line intentionally. :/

Winston Thursday, May 5, 2016

For the girls of Pledis, Jellyfish, JYP, MBK, Starship, Fantagio etc, They would probably have some girl group to join when this IOI ends in 10 months time. They would probably either join other idol trainees as a member of a new girl group or could be added into existing girl groups in their agencies. However for Kim So Hye, all this dream could come to an end after 10 months as her agency does not handle girl groups but instead focus on acting. Hence I think So Hye would probably miss all her dancing and vocal skills when she goes back to acting. For Kim Chung ha, I dunno if M&H has a girl group for her to be in when she returns. I am HOPING that some of those agencies "transfer" their trainees (like how a football club transfer players) to other agencies if they have no plans to debut a girl group, if So Hye, Chungha can be transferred to agencies like Pledis, JYP or MBK, they can merge with the Pledis, JYP or MBK members to form 4 or 5 membered girl groups. Maybe I am thinking too early about their disbandment on their 1st day of debut stage.

baengoo Thursday, May 5, 2016

honestly, the song isn't THAT bad, but because ioi's debut was something well-anticipated and our expectations were high, the response is negative. for a group that's so famous and well-supported, ioi's debut song + mv is a mess. i'm ioi trash myself, but when "dream girls" came out, i was kinda disappointed; not in the girls, because they've worked hard and they all look so pretty, but in the song and mv.first off, trust me, if some other girl group from some other company used "dream girls" as a debut song, i doubt they'll succeed with it. but this is ioi, so even if their debut song is bad, they will still get support because we've seen their talent and potential through pd101. and what the hell, sejeong and yeunjung had so little lines for main vocals! they're so talented and ymc should've gave them more parts. ( but tbh yoojung and nayoung's rap saved the song ). if ymc wanted eru's composition to be promoted by ioi, "dream girls" should've been put as a side-track or smth, at least it's still in the album. "crush" would've been a much stronger debut song. and tbh, even "yum yum" is way better than "dream girls"to the mv director / choreographer / whatever: wHY ISN'T SOMI IN THE CENTER??? she was #1 on pd101 and she's ioi's center, but she wasn't even dancing in the front / middle in the mv like most centers. somi deserved to at least have the spotlight on her in at least one chorus or smth, but all they did was put her scene in the beginning and end of the mv, and supposed that that's enough. i mean, yeah, chaeyeon's pretty, but she didn't win produce 101- out of 101 girls, somi worked hard and ranked no.1, so she at least deserves to be in the middle of at least one chorus. heck, if someone who isn't familiar with ioi and watched the mv, they would've thought chaeyeon won #1. ( don't take it the wrong way, i do like chaeyeon and it's not her fault that she gets to be in the middle, but i think somi deserved it more since she ranked higher ).i hope ymc does better next time. if they keep promoting them like this, pd101 and everything prior to ioi will be such a waste, and the girls' hard work will be wasted. these girls only get to do this for a year, and think about the girls who come from small companies; when will they get to taste this again?? #justiceforioi #savethem #theyretooprecious

fairypanda Thursday, May 5, 2016

Didn't know eru can write this kind of song since he's a ballad singer o-o from what I see Chaeyeon is the centre, she's worth it though because of her visual charm. Also the lyric that Mina sing (if I'm not mistaken) "even if I looked mean but just be yourself" or sth similar to it, Mina was bashed when she was in Say My Name group for being mean and I was quite shock with that lyric more than lyric about her physic

iamjaelee Thursday, May 5, 2016

I was a bit disappointed with what they picked. I now wish that Dream Girls were performed in Prod 101 and Crush is now their title song. :( I really was addicted to that song :(

federick Thursday, May 5, 2016

I really thought they will really go big time once they debut

RJL7SMKZ Thursday, May 5, 2016

So...... all hate comments aside..... who else agrees that Pinky looks like a goddess here? :D

Zeith576 Thursday, May 5, 2016

any IOI lover want to join IOI line group and have freinds? add:luffylovetori

iisstf28 Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Got a question! Isn't Mnet part of CJES?? Why the hell is IOI in YMC?!? CJES can promote so much better...

Winston iisstf28 Thursday, May 5, 2016

This was decided during Produce 101, I suspect there must be some form of partnership involved between the two. actually CJ E&M has subsidaries like FNC and MBK also. FNC handles AOA and MBK handles Tara, DIA etc, and would be better to manage IOI, instead of YMC which does not have an girl group under them. maybe YMC wanted to try their hand at managing a girl group, especially if they have intention to debut one themselves.

Justhuman Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I just remember this famousbro composed Jessi's song Sseneunni... no wonder why i feel like this name sounds so familiar.....

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