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[Drama Review] 'Ddanddara' - Episode 6

By jubilantj   Monday, May 9, 2016   19,431   2,412   1



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Things were moving along nicely...that is until another barricade has stopped the Ddanddara band right in their tracks. 

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As we all expected, Seok Ho returned--over half a year later--right by Ddanddara's side to finish what he started. But overcoming all obstacles to transform Danddara into the greatest band will take some work, especially if one of those said obstacles is none other than the formidable K-Top, one of the biggest agencies in the make-believe K-Pop world of 'Ddanddara' (Am I the only one who pictures SM every time K-Top is seen or mentioned in the drama?). 

Ha Neul succeeds in convincing Seok Ho to come back to Mango Entertainment and Ddanddara. 

Seok Ho finally succeeds in producing the song that Kyle composed, Ha Neul wrote, and Man Shik arranged. But getting it on air proves much more difficult than Seok Ho could ever imagine. He now has the honor of being the number one most undesirable person ever in the industry, and anyone who even shows even the slightest inkling that s/he has turned coat against K-Top in order to help Seok Ho will undoubtedly be squashed under K-Top's giant thumb of oppression. So yeah...K-Top's prospects at becoming the top band in the history of K-Pop is pretty low at this point. But I, like the rest of you, still have hope since it's only the sixth episode. 

Fewer things are funnier in this world than seeing a grown man in a tiger onesie, facial mask slapped on his face, and holding up a miniature Spider Man. 

Though Seok Ho may have returned to Mango Entertainment and Ddanddara after going MIA for six months, the way he acts is still incredibly frustrating. Let me be clear: it's not because Seok Ho is an arrogant p-word whose nature can only be tolerated in silent sufferance. He's way past that stage ever since hitting rock bottom made him realize exactly what kind of an insufferable character he used to be. Now Seok Ho's at the even more insufferable, intolerable, 'let-me-shoulder-everything-by-myself' stage, refusing to let the people who care about him help him in any way, shape, or form. 

Welcome to Ddanddara band, where we accept you--and judge you--despite all your flaws! 

Maybe Seok Ho is just so used to doing everything by himself; after all, he rose all the way to the top on his own despite coming from humble beginnings. Or maybe it's his pride, the last of which he chucked away when he literally prostrated himself in front of SBC's Producer Park, the same guy whom Seok Ho had treated like a measly little fly, groveling and begging to let Ddanddara debut live on a major broadcasting network. Whatever it is, Seok Ho's got to learn to let the people around him help, no matter how firmly he may believe that this is his own battle to fight. 

Seok Ho kissing up--literally--to get Ddanddara on a major broadcasting network. 

As an aside, another mystery has bubbled up in the drama, and that is the mystery of how Ha Neul's older brother, Jo Hyun Sung, died. The drama drops hints that Seok Ho's old buddy from K-Top, the scruffy CEO Byun of 'Smiley Distribution,' and K-Top's current CEO Lee Joon Seok had something to do with Hyun Sung's untimely demise. Right now, we don't have many clues to work with, and Hyun Sung's death still remains a mystery--I'm waiting for CEO Byun to 'fess up and tell Seok Ho the truth. Because let's be honest here...the truth will reveal itself eventually no matter how hard you may try to hide it. 


Plot: 7

Cinematography: 8

Pacing: 7

Overall: 7.3

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ssswzo Monday, May 9, 2016

I see KTOP as SM myself too tbh :< especially when they announce they will not let their artist perform if the PD let ddanddara band perform there :(



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