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Posted by AllK_Maknae Thursday, March 3, 2016

More idols you may not have known came from wealthy backgrounds


Everyone knows the idol stories of horrible struggles, poverty ridden backgrounds and a tough upbringing. Although we are all happily inspired by our idols' hard work and success stories, there are even more rich and interesting backgrounds of some of our favorite chaebol (rich children) idols! After viewing how wealthy these idols are in the past, you'll be surprised by how many more rich idols there are! Fair warning, you may be keeping your wallet closed for a while after reading this.




Super Junior Sungmin

Surprise, another rich Super Junior member! Super Junior's Sungmin's father is the president and founder of 'Sendbill,' an E-tax application in Korea. His father also manages analytics company 'Network Mania.'

2PM Nichkhun

2PM's Nichkhun is not only handsome but also handsomely rich! His mother is the CEO of 'Union Medical,' a well-known pharmaceutical company. He was also a student of the Wanganui Collegiate School in New Zealand, an exclusive and prestigious school hosted by the British Royalty. He's so rich he can get two scoops of ice-cream! 

Block B P.O.

Many neitizens were surprised to hear of Block B's P.O.'s wealthy upbringing. His father owns a Duty Free shop and, although he claims the rumors are exaggerated, his lavish birthday presents (cough cough that Benz) say otherwise.

Super Junior Kyuhyun

It is not a secret from many that Super Junior is home to a line of wealthy idols! Believe it or not, a Korean language academy was established by Kyuhyun's father in Taiwan. His father is also a professor at Kyunghee University.

GOT7 Jackson

GOT7's rapper Jackson is working hard for the money, but he was rolling in the dough before debut! His father, Wang Ruiji, was a former coach of the Hong Kong national fencing team and a one-time winner at the Asian Games in 1978 representing China. Jackson also studied at the American International School in Hong Kong, which is another significant sign of his wealth and intelligence. 

Tiny G Mint

On an episode of 'Dirty Talk,' Dohee explained, "Mint's mother's work involves a lot of different things, and her father owns a number of cellphone stores." The MCs joked that she's been working too hard in Korea which prompted Dohee to reveal, "When Mint became of age, her mother gifted her with a home in her own name." Mint, you are one lucky girl--er princess!


iKON's B.I had a carefree beginning as his father was the former CEO of Seunghwa Pretech. Though there were some shady past controversies surrounding B.I's father, it still doesn't change the fact that this rookie idol was born and raised in a wealthy household.

G-Friend Umji

According to various sources, G-Friend's Umji's family is quite a wealthy chaebol! Her father was revealed to be the president of the Yeonsu branch of the S Moa Dentists Network. The network is said to have 40 clinics nationwide and employs over 200 dentists. 

BTOB Sungjae

On 'Radio Star,' it was revealed that member Sungjae of BTOB is rich! MC Kim Gu Ra gestured towards him saying, "Sungjae's household is quite good. His father works at an IT enterprise."  With Sungjae confirming his gesture with, "My father is the CEO of an IT company that deals with semiconductors."  


Don't be fooled as PSY was living the "Gangnam Style" life since birth! Living in the Gangnam District in Seoul, South Korea all his life, Psy was born to the executive chairman of DI corporation and an owner of a restaurant.

CLC Sorn

There was a rumor surrounding CLC's Sorn that her mother was a famous actress and her father a politician. However, she cleared the air by stating, "My mother is just an ordinary housewife.  My father was an actor in the past. Now, he works with the president," proving she comes from a well-off family.

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