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Posted by AllK_Maknae18 pts Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Female idols' jaw-dropping abs

Lee Hyori, Dara, HyunA, Eunji, Eunyoung, Ga Eun, Krystal, Hara, Nicole, Eunji, Jaekyung, Hyunyoung, Girls
1. Female idol's Jaw-dropping abs
If you thought the men of K-Pop were the only ones with some fine chocolate abs - think again. It comes as no surprise that these idols have rockin' bodies from their rigorous dance routines but these female idols are looking extra fierce with their 11 shaped abs. Check out the list and see if you don't find your keyboard covered in drool!
2. HyunA
It seems that HyunA is working everything her mama gave her! From her sexy face to her sexy booty, her abs are another aspect that make her practically perfect.
3. Rainbow's Hyunyoung
Rainbow's Hyunyoung really puts her flawless body out there. From being curvaceous while maintaining a slim body type, her abs make her a powerhouse of beauty!
4. Brave Girl's Eunyoung
Not only a pretty face, Eunyoung has a set of secret abs that you wouldn't expect! She rocks them on stage and on camera, making her a great addition to this sexy ab list!
5. Rainbow's Jaekyung
Some of these ladies are surprising with their A+ bodies and Jaekyung is one of them. A tad bit unexpected but still happily surprised to witness her toned body! Her ab definition is definitely a double take for male fans.
6. NS Yoon-G
Her abs take the cake. Not only is her body beyond sexy but her abs make you want to put that red bean bun down and start some crunches!
7. 2NE1's Dara
"I Think I'm Ugly, And Nobody Wants To Love Me" - yeah right! Sandara is packing some serious heat with those abs.
8. Girls Generation's YoonA
YoonA is a leading icon of Girls' Generation. From her beautiful facial expressions to her flawless body, her stunning abs are just one of her many great features.
9. Lee Hyori
Already a legend to the K-Pop scene, it is no surprise Lee Hyori's body is 100% too! She has been nominated numerous times for having the most desirable body out there!
10. Son Dam Bi
Son Dam Bi's sweet abs are quite the sight. It is expected she'd be sporting these abs alongside her fit figure due to her complex dance routines.
11. KARA's Hara
Known for her slim ant waist, Hara is also rocking a set of fierce abs. Her body is fit and despite her petite appearance, she is boasting a lot of strength behind her frail exterior.
12. f(x)'s Krystal
If her beauty isn't enough to stop you in your tracks, her fierce abs will! Krystal is a strong woman of the K-Pop industry and her body is proof in the pudding!
13. T-ara's Hyomin
She made the song "Nice Body" for a reason! Hyomin is another lovely idol to be gracing the stage with a secret bonus sex appeal - her abs!
14. Kahi
Kahi could quite possibly have the sexiest body out of all the After School members. Her bronze colored abs send the men rocking chocolate abs running for their money!
15. BoA
BoA is known for having a sensational body. Her toned and healthy body will have all the fans singing "I'll eat you up!" I wonder if she'd be willing to share her ab routine?
16. Nicole
Many who follow Nicole on social media know she is a nut for health and exercise! From aerial yoga, hot yoga and more, Nicole puts in work to keep her sexy figure in tip-top shape. She would definitely profit off of a making a fitness program!
17. G.NA
G.NA may be well known for her blessed chest, but she is also showcasing a solid pair of 11 abs! If her music isn't enough to get you hooked, her body definitely will!
18. Bonus - Eunji
Already known for her model status, the previous Nine Muses member Eunji is another beauty to behold that is showing off a pair of 11 abs. Her figure and sweet face make her a winning combo to anyone looking her way.
19. Bonus - Zinni
The B-girl of K-Pop, Zinni, of former idol group GLAM, is working on her fitness and we're her witness! What more can be said, her body is definitely jaw-dropping! Many would kill to have her strong body type.
20. Bonus - Gaeun
Former Dal Shabet member Gaeun has one of the slimmest bodies in the K-Pop industry. Her tall figure and slim shape make her an exceptional eye-candy, and her killer abs are a sweet bonus!

  1. Lee Hyori
  2. Dara
  3. HyunA
  4. Eunji
  5. Eunyoung
  6. Ga Eun
  7. Krystal
  8. Hara
  9. Nicole
  10. Eunji
  11. Jaekyung
  12. Hyunyoung
  13. Girls' Generation
  14. Hyomin
  15. NS Yoon-G
  16. Boa
  17. Son Dam Bi
  18. Kahi
  19. G.NA
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