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Posted by AllK_Maknae18 pts Thursday, December 10, 2015

7 Kpop gifts fans need this Christmas

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1. 7 Kpop gifts fans need this Christmas
Christmas is right around the corner and no one can resist the feeling of tearing apart that glossy wrapping paper to unveil the amazing presents inside! However, instead of saying "Oh, you shouldn't have," to mom's latest gift blunder (more socks), give them this perfect list for a K-pop Christmas. After all, what better way to celebrate another brilliant year of K-Pop than with a K-Pop themed Christmas?
2. Hats
Our parents are always telling us to bundle up this winter, so why not do it in style? Ditch the furry pompoms and show off your swagger with a K-pop fitted. Messy hair day? Boom - fitted hat. Cold winter day? Boom - fitted hat. Want to make any outfit 10 times cooler? Boom - fitted hat. Need I say more?
3. Hoodies/Sweaters
Ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage this year. Don't get me wrong, they are cool, but why not show off your K-Pop pride with a cozy hoodie and sweater. This year its time to make things crazy, crazier than your family gathering, with this 4minute crew-neck! Don't forget to pair it with a collared shirt for those formal occasions.
4. Calendar
Once Christmas day passes, it is only a few days until the new year! How else will you stay organized if you don't get yourself a BTS 2016 calendar? If you're parents are solely looking to buy you practical and educational gift, this is the one! Never miss your favorite idol's track release or your next final exam again! That is, of course, if you don't get lost gazing into your bias' eyes with every turn of the page.
5. Album
Who wouldn't want an album for Christmas? With the abundance of Christmas tracks being released and artists winning 'album of the year' awards, you deserve a piece of K-Pop history. I'd be just as hyped as Yura if I unwrapped an album, let alone a signed one!
6. Music Box
Speaking of albums, why not get the whole playlist on a music box? You read correctly, there are plenty of popular K-Pop songs transformed by the beautiful melodies of music box sounds. If your family is tired of hearing "Snowy Wish" and "Lonely Christmas," surprise them with the instrumental, like the one in this video!
7. Concert Tickets
You'd be a fool to not ask for concert tickets, especially if your favorite idols are coming to your town during the earlier months of the year. I'd be thrusting as much as EXO if I got some awesome tickets in my stocking! The perfect stocking stuffer in my opinion! Forget grandma's kisses and aim for these tickets!
8. An Idol
You didn't think we would throw this into the mix, did you? We all know it is everyone's ultimate fantasy, and honestly, I can't believe in a Christmas miracle until I wake up to Super Junior's Siwon under my tree! This is truly a request only Santa can handle. Just don't forget to leave him some cookies! Be prepared and put mistletoe in every corner of your house possible! An idol for a Christmas present is enough to have me deck the halls!
What are you hoping to receive for Christmas?

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