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Posted by jubilantj Friday, September 11, 2015

Hyorin criticized by the other contestants for lip syncing on 'Unpretty Rapstar'

Hyorin, Yubin
Hyorin has been receiving much attention on 'Unpretty Rapstar 2'...but not the good kind from her fellow rappers. In fact, the singer is under much scrutiny due to her lip syncing during the show. 

On the first episode of the program, the contestants were given the mission of doing a cypher and then filming a one-take video, much like the first season. The two idol rappers, Yubin and Hyorin, were eyed critically by the other rappers with underground experience, but the two were able to prove themselves through their strong freestyle. 

However, the opinion towards Hyorin became unfavorable when the rappers participated in the one-take video mission. Perhaps due to her nerves, Hyorin kept messing up her lyrics, and to add to that her throat condition was not good. So after much consideration, she opted to lip sync during the filming of her portion of the one-take video. 

The other rappers couldn't hide their disappointment towards her. Ash-B said, "It's regrettable that a rapper doesn't rap." In the end, Hyorin placed very last for this mission, which opts her out of taking part in the next mission. 

Hyorin, seeing herself in the final one-take video, said, "I didn't know I was so pathetic. It's obvious that I was trying so hard not to burden others when I forgot my lyrics." 

After the mission was over, the contestants voted to select who did the best and worst for this round. Truedy took first place while Hyorin placed last. Hyorin confessed, "I was expecting it but it's still disappointing that I placed last. I will prepare even harder while I rest.

And among the rappers, Yubin was the only contestant who stuck up for Hyorin initially, not picking Hyorin as the worst among the bunch, saying that she understands the importance of not straining one's vocals as a veteran idol herself. 

However, Yubin's opinion later changed after the voting was over and they were talking about the matter as a group. Hyorin explained, "I lip-synced because I didn't want to inconvenience those filming after me." Hearing this, Yubin couldn't help but be upset as she had stuck up for Hyorin thinking that Hyorin had only decided to lip-sync because she had no choice due to her throat condition, not because she decided she didn't want to take up a long time to film her segment.

Yubin expressed her disappointment, saying, "In a state where everyone is tired, we all have to do our very best, but if it's the case that she simply didn't actually rap just to get the filming over faster, then I wouldn't have picked Heize [to be the worst]. Doesn't it mean that [Hyorin] just didn't try her best?" 

What do you think about the situation?

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