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Wonder Girls explain why none of the instrumentals on their album have been recorded by them

Wonder Girls, Yenny

As the Wonder Girls made their comeback as a band for the first time, people have had many questions about them performing with instruments.

At their showcase for their album 'REBOOT' on August 3, the members honestly admitted that contrary to what some may have expected, none of the background instrumentals heard in their album were actually recorded by the members themselves. 

Yenny confessed, "There are no songs that we actually recorded [playing the instruments ourselves]," revealing that the instrumentals were recorded by professionals in the actual album and the girls only recorded their voices. 

She explained why this was the case. "The band concept was only decided on after half the album had been recorded. And we thought that rather than trying to show us as a completed recording band, it was best to show ourselves playing the instruments for a retro pop style that we are able to do."  

The girls also added, "Rather than a band that most people think of [when they hear the word 'band'], we prepared a band version [of ourselves] performing music with a retro pop base. As much as you all are looking forward to it, we will prepare more and work harder in our next album," revealing that they have not exactly revamped themselves as a true 'band' in the sense of the word, but rather that they adopted the 'band concept' for this time.

They however assured that although they might not have recorded their own instrumentals for their album, that they will continue with this band concept and work to improve. This is quite understandable as one cannot become a professional on an instrument in a short period of time. So perhaps we will hear instrumentals the girls recorded personally next time! 

When asked about their upcoming performances and whether they will be playing their instruments live, Yenny said, "We played live for this stage just now, and although it would be nice if we can play live on music programs, there are many aspects that might not work out. We will do our best to show you the best we can in areas that we can do so. On shows like 'Sketchbook' or radio programs, we will try our best [to play live]."

The girls are set to appear on 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook' this week, so we will probably get to enjoy a live performance on that particular show! Make sure to check back in for the coverage on Friday!

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