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Posted by parky11 pt Wednesday, July 8, 2015

8 ways fans show their idols love

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We've been focusing pretty heavily on the more extreme cases of bad behavior by so-called sasaeng fans and anti-fans. However, there are also countless ways in which fans showed their extraordinary love for their beloved idols.

1) They show undying support during concerts

Concerts might be times for idols to shine, but that doesn't mean that fans can't sweetly take the limelight sometimes.

In this almost magical moment,BoA's fans unexpectedly started singing her song "Meri Kuri"back to her. Even the normally calm and professional singer started to cry, singing along with her fans as they let her know that she would always have their love and support.

2) They help out in their idols' names

Sometimes fan mobilize together to make a difference in the world. For example...

For IU's 21st birthday, her fans decided to donate blood under her name to help children diagnosed with cancer.

SONEs made 107 blood donations to the Korea Leukemia Exchange under Girls' GenerationSooyoung's name to benefit cancer patients in need.

'Kim Jonghyun's Fan Alliance' donated food, urine pads, and animal snacks to benefit the animals at Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE).

And Hoya's fanclub 'Hear, Ho' donated 2 million KRW ($1,800 USD) on his 25th birthday to Soree 119 for children with hearing deficiencies.

3) They celebrate birthdays together

Sometimes idols just might be too busy to celebrate their birthdays with close family and friends. Luckily, fans are ready to make their birthdays a special day for them!

Fans helped Jungshin start off his birthday celebrations early.

EXO-Ls celebrated Chen's special day!

4) They heal the earth in their idols' names

In addition to paying homage to their idols' talents and star power, fans were able to protect the environment as well with special K-pop forests!

To celebrate T-ara's 5th anniversary, Queens united to raise over 9 million KRW ($8,800 USD) to create a beautiful T-ara forest in Seoul.

EXO-Ls donated through 'Tree Planet' for a 'Baekhyun forest' for Baekhyun's birthday.

Chilean fans of Lee Minho'sfanclub MINOZ planted trees through the'Reforestemos Patagonia (Reforest Patagonia)' campaign. Calling it the 'Lee Minho Forest,' this forest stands for the club's love for Lee Minho as well as their hope for a future visit from the actor himself.

5) THey responsibly send rice wreaths

While flowers are customary gifts of appreciation and support, K-pop fans have matured to sending rice wreaths instead

Hyosung was gifted a glorious rice wreath by her fanclub 'Hyosung Fan Cafe Superstar' for her then-upcoming drama 'Ghost-Seeing Detective.'

HOTTESTs all over the world broke records as they donated over28.088 tons (approximately 62,000 lbs) of rice, 6,000 eggs, 1,150 coal briquettes, and 600 kilograms of animal feed. In total, 2PM received 29.438 tons (approximately 64,700 lbs) of items, which they donated to youth in need.

YoonA thanked fans after they donated over15.373 tons of rice wreaths to 'The Prime Minister and I'press conference.

6) They also send food for strength and energy!

With their hectic schedules, K-pop stars are often exhausted as they go without sufficient food and sleep. However, fans definitely care for their favorite idols!

Chinese fans sent Song Ji Hyo a coffee car filled with delicious pastries while she and her staff were filming 'Ex-Girlfriend Club'. What athoughtful and delicious gift for the hardworking actress and staff!

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A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

2NE1's Dara received a pleasant and much-appreciated surprise when fans sent her a snack car during the filming for her web drama 'We Broke Up.' Filled with her favorite snacks, Dara thanked her fans, as the food kept both her and drama staff happy and energized despite the exhausting work.

7) They protect and defend their idols

Haters are just unavoidable sometimes, but that doesn't mean fans can't do anything about them.

When the hashtag #EXOLWantChanyeolDead appeared, fans quickly jumped onto their SNS platforms to counter this false claim. Using the hashtag #EXOLLovesChanyeol, EXO-Ls made sure that Chanyeol knew that he would always be loved and watched over by EXO-Ls.

After the departure of Jay Park from 2PM, anti-fans circulated a shocking petition that called for his suicide, gathering over 3,000 signatures. However, his fans continued to stay right by his side to protect him from his haters. Creating a petition called "Please Forgive Our Jaebeom Just This Once," fans were able to get over 6,000 signatures, over twice as many as the anti-Jay Park petition.

8) They honor their idols' dreams and hopes

After the devastating car accident that proved to be fatal for members EunB and RiSe, fans stood together to make EunB's wish of ranking #1 on music charts come true. Appropriately pushing Ladies' Code's "I'm Fine Thank You" to the top spot, fans made sure that Ladies' Code would rank #1 and EunB would see her wish come true.

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