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AOA reveal they're not on close terms with their FNC Entertainment CEO

By alim17   Friday, September 26, 2014   60,988   9,096   75



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JTBC aired a new episode of 'Sleeping with the Boss' on September 26, featuring FNC artists, such as AOA and F.T Island, with their agency's CEO, Han Sung Ho.  

AOA's ChoA said, "Because we're on a program with our CEO as the focus, I wanted to say nice things, but to tell the truth, we don't know the CEO very well.  If things don't go well, we do not exchange words," causing laughter and chaos on set with this revelation that he ignored them when they were not popular.

Chanmi further revealed, "He only learned our names after we finished 'Miniskirt' [promotions]."  ChoA continued, "He eats meals so often with CNBLUE and F.T Island, but he ate only once with us."  Yuna added, "We ate with him for the first time not too long ago."

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As Juniel was also on the show, Kim Gu Ra asked her if she had eaten with the CEO to which she denied having ever shared a meal.  The CEO said in his defense, "When it comes to female celebrities like girl groups or Juniel, even when we're recording, it's a bit awkward, so we don't meet up privately.  It's also uncomfortable for them when I ask to eat together."

He was again taken aback by ChoA's protest as she denied this.  She continued, "He was really not buying us a meal; one day, the members were like, 'This isn't right,' so on a rainy day, we left a message on his car, 'CEO, we want to eat octopus.  Please buy us octopus,' so that was how we ate together for the first time."

FNC actor Hong Sung Hyuk backed up the girls, saying he was not spoken to by the CEO until after his drama 'Jang Bo Ri is Here!' took off, so he did suspect what ChoA was saying about Han Sung Ho was correct. 

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Francias1 Friday, July 15, 2016

FNC is kind of sketchy, I feel I would stressed in such a company!

soshipickles Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jimin is really pretty*~*

rachelchau Saturday, September 27, 2014

didnt even learn their names. wow

wazzzaaaaaaap Saturday, September 27, 2014

or maybe the CEO want some of em boys y'know

leethao Saturday, September 27, 2014

I can understand why the CEO does what he does. He probably just eats more with the guy groups cause well they are guy. And while AOA is a group under their company, they are a girl group so it makes sense why he might feel a little uncomfortable asking them to eat or hang out. Like aren't there any high level female executives at there company that might be able to do what the CEO does for the boy group? I'm actually glad their president is the way he is. He's professional about his job.

ramjetranch Saturday, September 27, 2014

Yeah, he's probably afraid they'll make fun of him.

thegabriellayeongg Saturday, September 27, 2014

that's a really unique name for a show . REALLY UNIQUE

daebak1598 Saturday, September 27, 2014

Despite the fact that he ignores his unpopular artists (which even the almighty Yang Hyunsuk does... so no need to get your panties in a twist), keeping a distance from his female artists is def a good play on his part. Especially with all the sexual abuse scandals these days, establishing distance is super important for maintaining a good (and not uncomfortably close) relationship with his female artists. I would take not knowing their names over sexual harassment any day. It's kind of sad that that's become the standard...but it is what it is, I guess. ;

fafasinata Friday, September 26, 2014

if girl say that she didn't close with someone.. its mean that they're really close..

AyakoNguyen Friday, September 26, 2014

Oh come on, it's really bullshit to ask for the CEO to care to every single one in his company. He doesn't have to do so, not his responsibity. That's why in a company, they have CEO, Director, Manager...Their direct boss will take care for them, not the CEO. They have more things that need to care about. So stop complaining because you don't undestand about the structure of a company or not ever worked before.

The only damn thing about the show is its name. Sounds bitch ~

jollyroger009 Saturday, September 27, 2014

A dumb kid trying to school other kids. You are clueless and know squat about leadership. Worthless arrogant assholes like this CEO you seem to think is so great are pieces of shit who inspire nothing but contempt and resentment. Leadership is not about simply filling a position of power. You have to inspire and motivate your people. This fuck essentially is telling these poor girls he doesn't give a shit about them. What a disgrace, and sure as hell isn't leadership. Here is leadership... I remember my battalion commander, a Lt. Colonel, was the very last man to eat at every meal. Most of the time he only got a few spoonfuls of scraps if he was lucky. But he would not eat until the lowest ranked private up to his XO had gotten their food. THAT is fucking leadership, not this worthless piece of shit you seem to worship.

AyakoNguyen Saturday, September 27, 2014

@jollyroger009 : lol, I don't think that HSH is a leader, for me he's just a manager, and there are so many type of managers and this's one among them. As long as he's still doing well on his job, so don't ask for things that are not in his management rules or style. Don't get confused between leader and manager lol, and don't expect others something that is not them. This man might not be a good leader as you fans expected but he's a good manager. He's doing well on his job/position, so stop your bullshit words and see things in general - this CEO has done well for the company. Who fuckin' cares if he is not close enough to some artists? Come on, be realistic, he doesn't have to. Thanks for your sample as well, but that's just one you've known, there are so many types that you've not ever experienced.People are not the same. And this man too. Don't judge if you are not wearing his shoes. And, lol, I wish I could be "kid" enough lol

ramjetranch Saturday, September 27, 2014

@jollyroger009 Yes - management and leadership are two different things. One does not need to be a manager to lead. These companies are not so big that the CEO can't personally know key people such as their artists.

jollyroger009 Saturday, September 27, 2014

@ramjetranch, @AyakoNguyen sorry guys, but you both don't know what the hell you are talking about. Managers, CEO's ARE leaders. Any position which has direct reports is a leadership slot, be it a Team Leader, Supervisor, Manager, CEO, Admiral, or President of the United States. And it doesn't matter if it a kpop company or the 7th Fleet. I don't know your experience but I've worked odd jobs, served in uniform, worked for the world's largest defense corporation, and am currently a federal government employee. I've seen every leadership style imaginable and been in leadership slots. This arrogant prick has a piss-poor attitude towards his people which is the greatest sin of any person responsible for others. How the hell do you ignore your people and don't even bother to learn their names? Is his company more massive than an infantry battalion or corporate division? Is this asshole so high and mighty beyond those who do far more important work than he does? Sorry, no fucking excuse for this piece of shit.

ramjetranch Saturday, September 27, 2014

@jollyroger009 Allow me to expand. Management is a job, leadership is a behavior. Managers are not necessarily good leaders. Leadership is the ability to inspire others and lead them to share your ideas and vision. I salute your service. As you might guess from my avatar, I have worked for five large defense contractors. I've seen a lot of management, and been part of it. I have found leadership to be quite rare, however.

jollyroger009 Saturday, September 27, 2014

@ramjetranch bro, you and I know the reality... the "never leave their fucking office" and lead from behind types. But my original point is that this particular CEO falls into this shitbird category beyond any doubt. Considering the nature of his company, it is all the more sad and pathetic. We dealt with the technocrat leaders who were at heart clueless lab monkeys with no leadership aptitude. But this asshole isn't producing, guidance systems, microchips or reactor components. He is CEO of a damned kpop company. Entertainment is all about people, and it starts with how you treat your own, and this guy is a posterboy for fragging.

ramjetranch Saturday, September 27, 2014

@jollyroger009 Yes. Even a large organization isn't an excuse for lacking leadership. I remember when a Rockwell Intl. corporate VP (wearing his 3-piece suit) red-teamed my proposal briefing at 2AM on a Sunday morning. He thought I had the wrong approach, but didn't tear me down. When he was done, I actually felt more inspired about what I was doing. You don't find many dudes like that.

jollyroger009 Saturday, September 27, 2014

@ramjetranch constructive criticism is one of the major responsibilities of a leader. You are right, the type is rare. It all comes down to caring for your people and ensuring you don't slap them so hard and kill their creativity and ability to contribute beyond the minimal. That VP didn't want to discourage your creative juices from flowing. Others, like this kpop CEO, would no doubt rip the heads off these kids and shit down their necks. This douchebag CEO is as commonplace as flies on shit. The only reason I am raising a ruckus is because I am a sucker for kpop girl groups and get bent out of shape when they are treated badly... by anyone.

AyakoNguyen Sunday, September 28, 2014

@jollyroger009 : I think you've driven the issue goes too far. I agree with the explaination of ramje about the Management and leadership. Both are different. As mentioned, that's not a must for a manager to have to be a leader. Most of them are manager, so HSH is not a special case. You've been so sensitive, jolly. I guess you've been listening to K-Pop for a long time and you understand how damn this industry is. But if having to compare FNC with other ent companies in K-Music industry then I would definitely give my support to this company.

AyakoNguyen Sunday, September 28, 2014

@jollyroger009 : I ve been with CNBLUE for the 5th year and this band has grown with the company well (although not all them are close to the CEO, even Yonghwa). The company's management methods are harsh, but all must have to stand to achieve their final goal. If they are not good enough, they would be rejected. I still remember I was with HOT since 1996 to 2001, and witnessed how they were fleeced by the company/CEO and were forced to disband at the final. So you may get what I meant. Each company has its own style of management and CEO is the person who have to always stand strong to drive the company to go on the right direction. FNC's a yougn ent company but it's now standing in the top 3 of best ent companies in K-Music, so this happened for a reason, you know. You can't ask a CEO to go to please his all employees. K-Music industry is a hell (in general) and HSH's still a good one if comparing with other CEOs, trust me !

jollyroger009 Sunday, September 28, 2014

@AyakoNguyen And again, being a manager implies management... managing people... a.k.a. leadership. But the main point is that I am simply reacting to the comments of the AOA members. Kpop? Not quite, my views on this issue were forged in arenas within reality and where the stakes were far higher. Nowhere is hard-ass discipline and respect for the chain of command more necessary than in the military. So if a ship skipper or battalion CO can learn the name of every man under his command, a CEO of a music company can sure as hell make the effort to learn the names of the members of one of his groups. There is a difference between keeping things professional and within proper protocol and simply being an arrogant demeaning asshole. Your CEO buddy here falls into the latter.

AyakoNguyen Sunday, September 28, 2014

@jollyroger009 : Come on, ur comparison doesn't make sense, buddy. Let me tell u another story : I am now working in a pre-opening team of a hotel will be opening this Dec. Our team has just about 15 people (including me and HODs), but our CEO doesn't know all of us/ our name (although we've met everyday and he signed to hire every single one of our team member). So get back this story : There're some managers in FNC who take care of boy-bands and girl-group, and since there are nothing to do between the CEO and the bands/groups, then it's understandable that the CEO didn't know them. They have a female manager (I forgot her name) who is in charge of female artists, so actually, she should be the one who take care of them. And this CEO is not close to CNBLUE or FTIsland at all, just to Hong Ki and Yong hwa, that's it. In short, he's not as bad as you guys are talking about him, and this company too. I don't deny that it's better to be a leader instead of being a manager, but since it's not a must, then just let him do what he does best for the sake of all. And, AOA - They should be shine better to make others to remember their names. Until now, they are still a group who doesn't earn well in the company.

daebak1598 Sunday, September 28, 2014

@jollyroger009 I don't mean to butt into this conversation, but just to clarify, kpop companies have been successful with this style of management for nearly a decade. I'm not saying that's moral or ethical, but clearly the entertainment industry has different motivations and goals than you do. You can't really be fair by only hating on FNC's CEO, because in reality, most kpop label CEOs do the exact same thing. They have hundreds upon hundreds of trainees to their name, but most of the time, the CEOs aren't even the ones that manage those trainees. When a lot of those trainees don't even stick around for a long period of time, then it could make sense that the CEO doesn't know who they are since he may've never even seen them before. Of course, this is where stuff gets a little distorted because AOA is a debuted group. However, you have to understand that in kpop, "debuted" doesn't mean anything unless you are established. As in, only what AOA experienced after they came out with Confused and Miniskirt. By not knowing their names until they became profits to him, Han Sungho was only following a custom (of some sorts) that Korea has established since the early 2000s in kpop. Kpop is notorious for its one-track mind toward money and profits, and Han Sungho was only adhering to that. If you look at it objectively, it is crap - I agree. But it's unfair to hate on him alone because its a behavior that every kpop CEO exhibits.

jollyroger009 Sunday, September 28, 2014

@AyakoNguyen, @daebak1598 they are successful only within the confines of a Korean perspective and measurements, which isn't saying much when compared to the music industries elsewhere. But more importantly this management style is part of the reason South Korea ranked #63 in the world, and #32 of 34 in the OECD, in happiness and perceived quality of life indexes. For such a prosperous country that speaks volumes and not in a positive sense. And worst of all the WHO ranked South Korea #2 in the world for highest suicide rate. So go on about the "success," of the Korean system, but what is the price that is being paid? The Korean style of management (and the wider authoritarian patriarchal culture) is about the most diametrically opposite of the happiest countries on Earth, nearly all in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, and the standard of living in these countries is far superior to Korea's. So you guys do the math and still tell me this asshole-lording-over-from-on-high-and-treating-his people-like-nameless-shit-peasant serfs style is still desirable.

daebak1598 Sunday, September 28, 2014

@jollyroger009 I don't want to get into some sort of high-and-mighty moral argument here, because I'm pretty sure everyone will agree that the Korean mindset that has shaped society is flawed in many ways. Also, I don't know what you're trying to prove to me, because I distinctly stated that I don't think the entertainment industry is moral or ethical. And while I PERSONALLY don't endorse methods of the kpop industry, from the standpoint of a CEO who has built a career off of the industry, what reason would he have to change? It's the same thing with the Ladies Code accident. The preventable result of a flawed system - but do you see anyone making any move to change it? No. Do you see people who urge CEOs to change it? Yes. Does that mean CEOs will suddenly campaign for reform when they have been successful for years (within their own confines, since to them, global health certainly isn't a top priority)? Nope, nope, nope. And to reiterate for the third time, I do not find this system "desirable". But as a fan, the most you can do is preach to other people. The people who are in positions of power clearly are winning in the situation and so have no reason to change that on the basis of morals. Doesn't mean we don't want them to, just means that they don't.

ramjetranch Monday, September 29, 2014

@daebak1598 Sure they've been successful. Most companies are run like that. But, the companies run by true leaders that understand not only their markets and customers, but also communicate, understand, and leverage the talent of their own people will prevail. Han Sung Ho got a real wake up call on that show. It's not just octopus Choa's after; she wants to be heard. He'd better start listening to what she has to say (doesn't mean he has to do everything she wants), or he's going to see her heels flying out that door when it's contract renewal time.

AyakoNguyen Monday, September 29, 2014

@jollyroger009 : Hey jolly, you are being an extremist about this problem in general and about this article as well. You are just saying based on the dark side of a problem and forget to look at its bright side. In the story about HSH, may be you're judging him just based on the detail that he didn't remember his all employees's names (which any CEO on the world would never could do too). But, you forget that this man has so many good good points and he didn't treat his artists like slaves. He is also leading FNC to a completely different way, their artists have their own scent, truly talented and real players on the stage. So, well, you can't change the whole world with your beautiful idea, and this music industry as well. But the key point is that trying to be fair when judging. Everyone has their both side and don't just because of a small mistake and talk about them like a devil. It's just not fair, buddy !

quickfox Friday, September 26, 2014

The scary woman(forgot her name) should treat the girl groups LOL

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