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Ministry of Defense announces decision to abolish celebrity recruit unit + to issue out punishment to 8 celebrity soldiers

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After completing their investigation into the issues raised regarding celebrity recruits in the military, the Ministry of Defense held a press conference to announce their decision.

The most pressing question on hand was whether the celebrity recruit department would be abolished as it had been in place for the past 16 years. The Ministry of Defense announced today that they will indeed abolish the system.

"After the investigation on the promotional department of the military, we have decided to abolish the 'promotional support brigade' [which the celebrity recruits are under]," said the spokesperson.

On why they decided to make this decision, the rep said, "The promotional support brigade was set up to promote the military and raise the morale of soldiers, but due to the unpleasant issues that have occurred, the military's image has only been tarnished... It has also brought down the morale of other soldiers who have been diligently serving... As the purpose of the celebrity soldier branch is to promote the military, the public's faith is important, but due to various problems, we have only lost the public's faith."

As for the punishment of celebrity soldiers they've found to have performed problematic acts, the Ministry of Defense revealed that 8 will be receiving punishment following the regulations laid out in their department. All 15 celebrity soldiers in the current 'promotional support brigade' will be reassigned to different units on August 1st.

For the 3 celebrity soldiers who have 3 months or less until their discharge, they will be reassigned to an active duty unit to carry out the same tasks that ordinary soldiers are asked to do.

The celebrity soldiers receiving punishment will be reassigned to a new unit after they've carried out their punishment.

The spokesperson said in conclusion, "We are sorry for causing concern to the citizens on the matters regarding celebrity soldiers. We fully realize the need to take responsibility for the insufficient management."

Source: Star Today, Star News

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