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Kim Hyun Joong reveals he doesn't worry too much about rumors + talks about being drunk when doing the 'cutie player'

Kim Hyun Joong
Kim Hyun Joong has been in the business for a while and revealed his sense of responsibility as a celebrity in the public eye.

In an interview with @star1, Kim Hyun Joong talked about how he deals with rumors and shared, "I don't think I had any incidents that I needed to explain... Even if there is a rumor, I don't worry about it much. I know my fans believe in me."


"But as much as I have a career in the public eye and receive a lot of love and support, I always try to be careful and act with responsibility."

Kim Hyun Joong also revealed the behind-the-scenes story about his drunken cutie player and shared, "I said that I did it after I drank alcohol. I couldn't say that this was done while I was sober... This video was first unveiled during my fan meeting. Because it was my first fan meeting in Seoul in a long time, I wanted to show my fans something memorable so after much thought, I decided to take on the cutie player."

"My fans know that I'm not good with those kind of things and that I don't usually do it. That is why I drank beer and filmed the video with the help of my friends. I think my fans' response was even better because they know that they might not see this kind of rare video ever again."

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