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[Music Therapy] Cool Calm and Collected

By    Sunday, November 11, 2012   44,801   0   0



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First month of school is always the hardest. Whether it is because of the sudden rush of work being handed to you left and right or because of the drastic increase in stress about your future as you are getting older, we all wish we can have just one day to forget about all your problems and enjoy the day as is. Now that sounds and is impossible for many of us out there so we created a list that will help you to feel such a way. These songs will hopefully mend and consolidate your struggling minds and hearts just as long as you have them on repeat. And who knows? they might be able to pull you through the "most stressful time of your life".

This week's Music Therapy will focus more on the instrumentals and melodies of a song rather than the lyrics as it always has been. The musical components of a song is crucial as it will help you bring out a certain emotion when listening to the song.

This playlist is personally dedicated to those who are experiencing the most stressful week of all.


-- Part I: The Calm --

Maybe it's because of the beginning of a new month or the ending of the last month, but we can all come to a consensus when I say people seem to be unhealthily stressed these days. Working hard is awesome, but it won't hurt to relax and take a breather. These melodic acoustic songs accompanied with some great vocals might be just what you need in order to help you drain your tangled thoughts.

Urban Zakapa "Always Be Mine"

Younha "Waiting"

10cm "Beautiful"


-- Part 2: The Cool --

A great way, and one of my favorite ways, to remove yourself from reality is to pop in your headphones and blast some of your favorite k-pop dance tracks. Electronic club beats of high energy synths and bass bombarding your ears can easily drown out any excess background thoughts that have been bothering you for the past week. And even better, this list of songs will help you get pumped up for the next batch of work that is waiting for you at the edge of your desk.

Younique Unit (Eunhyuk, Hyoyeon, Taemin, Henry, Kai and Lu Han) "Maxstep"

G-Dragon "Without You" (B.lee Remix)

Hyori "10 Minute" (Glen Check Remix)


-- Part 3: The Collected --

You didn't think we'd leave you hanging with heavy-duty, adrenaline-rushing songs, did you? This last playlist is a perfect end to a perfect 'cool calm and collected' playlist. Groovy and swagged out songs will keep you cruising with a lighthearted feeling keeping you stress-free (at least until this playlist is over). So tune-in to the songs below and perhaps you might be inspired to end your day a bit earlier today.

Simon Dominic "Stay"

Lil Boi (Geeks) "Fly High" Feat. Zico

Crucial Star "I'm Okay"

Primary "Johnny" Feat. Dynamic Duo

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