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Posted by Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Block B's P.O releases "Dear My Wife" ft. BoM's Mino


As a special gift for fans, Block B's P.O has released a song titled "Dear My Wife" featuring BoM's Mino.

P.O released the song as he wanted to express his gratitude to the fans who have given Block B support. Originally, he planned to share the song on Block B's official fan cafe but due to attachment file size restrictions he uploaded the MP3 unto his personal mini homepage on Cyworld.

Along with the song, he posted the following message,

Hello. Actually, I was going to put this on our fancafe, but it said something about the attached file size limit... So I couldn't upload the song. Since.. I'm not very good at computers, I was going to give up, but I wanted to show how thankful I was to BBC who always show their love to Block B, so I wrote this and uploaded the song.

Block B is going going to have a comeback in October, and we're practicing a lot while we prepare for our comeback so we can be better and give you an upgraded image. I'm always thankful to our BBC and I love you a lot, so I prepared a present for you like this even though I'm bad at computers. This is a song I composed and wrote with my best firiend MINO. I made a song that's good for listening to in the morning for our BBC who drag themselves to work and school in the morning. BBC who's always tired, always be strong and fighting! Our comeback is just around the corner!!!!! Look forward to it!!!!! BBC is next to Block B I love ma BBC~♥

Check out the song below!

Source: P.O's Cyworld

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