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Yoo Seung Jun still has dreams of returning to Korea one day


In a recent interview, the infamous Yoo Seung Jun (a.k.a Steve Yoo)revisited his feelings and thoughts of when he was banned from Korea for his controversial actions 10 years ago.

Yoo Seung Jun stated during his interview, "It's been 10 years since I went on Korea's blacklist. It's now somewhere I hope to go but can't... that's Korea. But I'm not resentful because I have Korean blood flowing in me, after all. I'm hoping for another chance, and I am working hard for it".

15 years ago, the singer debuted with a boom and quickly rose to fame, being crowned as Korea's most charismatic and talented rookie star. Despite his clean image, Yoo Seung Jun wooed the crowd with his powerful and advanced choreography and eye-catching dancing skills, capturing the hearts of many fan-girls.

But just shortly after when he was called for his civic duty of serving in the Korean military, he fled to America and obtained US citizenship. He was soon deported to America and banned from entering Korea. He hasn't been able to step into the country ever since, except for one occasion when he was allowed to temporarily enter Korea to attend the funeral of his father-in-law

From the interview, it was clear that Yoo Seung Jun admitted his faults and deeply regretted the choices he made when he was younger. He sincerely yearned for his re-entry into the country.

"I was really shocked when I was banned from the country. For 2 years, I couldn't think about anything. I was just so shocked," he said. "But when I think back, I think I was at fault for everything that happened. I ran away like a child. If I could go back, I would explain to my fans what was going through my mind at the time... but now I've waited too long."

Yoo Seung Jun is currently signed under Jackie Chan's company, JC Group, in China and they have big plans in store for him.

Even with his name still currently on the blacklist in Korea, he is advancing in the markets in China with movie releases and drama roles.

"Even though I'm working overseas, I'll never forgot my Korean roots. I am working harder than ever so I won't make any more mistakes to bring shame to Korea," he said.

The singer, now a rising actor finally commented, "Everything I say will sound like an excuse. I was young back then. If it were now, then I wouldn't have ran away like that.... I want to go back to Korea some day."

Furious and disappointed, many ex-fans criticized him for not completing his duty as a male citizen of Korea, especially because he was a person of such high position in the entertainment industry and was a role model for many young students.

Should he be granted permission to return to Korea? Let us know your thoughts below.

Sources & Image: Dispatch via Nate

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