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allkpop TV Guide: Rooftop Prince Ep. 6

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Official Synopsis: A prince from the Chosun era, Yi Gak (JYJ's Yoochun), along with his entourage, which includes Song Man Bo (Lee Min Ho), Do Chi San (Choi Woo Shik) and Woo Young Sul (Jung Seok Won), are catapulted 300 years into the future. As he attempts to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of the princess he loved, he unexpectedly finds himself in the city of Seoul in the year 2012, where he comes across a woman who looks exactly like his beloved crown princess…

Ratings: SBS' 'Rooftop Prince' has finally turned the tables on MBC's 'The King 2 Hearts' as it reached a high rating of 12.5%, while 'The King 2 Hearts' trailed closely behind with 12.1%. Meanwhile, KBS's 'Equator Man' stayed stable at a 10.2% rating. While SBS' 'Rooftop Prince' can enjoy its first-place crown this time around, the competition is still bound to heat up next week.

Recap of Ep. 6: The three boys return fresh and handsome to greet Park Ha (Han Ji Min) and Yi Gak at their rooftop room. While the rooftop room is being renovated, including the special addition of the panoramic beach scene, Yi Gak rents out a RV with his premium credit card. The boys transform into hot businessmen with smart phones and the added detail of sunglasses, making all the women (and myself) swoon. While Park Ha teaches them the way to order in a cafe, the men reveal their true ages (Young Sol as the oldest, Chi San and Prince Yi Gak the same age, and Man Bo as the youngest). Park Ha flaunts her "noona" status, irking Yi Gak.

Meanwhile, CEO Jang, who owns a quarter of the shares of Grandmother's company, comes to Korea to hold a business agreement with Tae Mu (Lee Tae Sung). However, she later meets Se Na's mother and greets her in a friendly manner, only to have boxes thrown at her. Although she leaves unscathed, the scene left me crying in anger. Oh dear, a makjang element: the birth secret of Park Ha.

The three boys and Yi Gak officially enter the company in their sleek suits. While Yi Gak is being introduced to the company by Se Na (Jung Yumi), the three servants fail miserably in front of Manager Taek So. With the previous night's lecture on Korean customs in company outings, which can often times include soju and karaoke, the three men misunderstand the casual lunch meeting as a company outing and release their inner party monsters, eventually getting yelled at by Manager Taek So.

Later, Yi Gak and Park Ha go out to buy a new TV set and eat pasta. During their lunch, Yi Gak asks Park Ha about the customs of dating and what she would want to do on a date, which Park Ha misunderstands as his way of showing interest in her. The two enjoy their bike adventure together when Park Ha finally teaches him to bike. Park Ha notices a bracelet she was interested in, in Yi Gak's jacket. Although she daydreams of Yi Gak presenting the gift to her (much like I imagine Yoochun doing in reality), the fantasy is broken when Yi Gak teases her instead.

Unfortunately, Yi Gak then takes Se Na out on a date, where they both enjoy riding a couple bicycle. Se Na dozes off, relaxed for the first time, and Yi Gak leaves her with the bracelet draped around a water bottle.

Park Ha and her stepmother head out to eat lunch, only for her stepmother to notice Park Ha's birth mother, CEO Jang, in the same restaurant. Her stepmother rushes Park Ha out of the restaurant, getting hit by Tae Mu's incoming car. (Man, although Tae Mu is painted as the villain, you've gotta feel bad for him with all these accidents.) Park Ha catches sight of Se Na and is about to call her over, only for Se Na to run away from the scene as she hopes Tae Mu doesn't discover her family secret. The familiar incident brings back her childhood memory of Se Na abandoning her in the truck.

Park Ha confronts the shaken Se Na, telling Se Na firmly that she's not her older sister anymore. When Se Na slaps Park Ha across the face, she retaliates. Se Na tries to hit her cheek again, but Park Ha grabs her arm, making Yi Gak's bracelet clatter to the ground. Park Ha stomps away, running into Yi Gak who is surprised by her tears. Yi Gak notices Se Na come from the same direction, making him begin to speculate...


kdramacrazy's Thoughts:

[Note : This post reflects the opinions of the author, and not necessarily those of allkpop.]

Thank the lord that our heroine is growing a backbone! Too many times have I wanted to throttle or strangle the 'bitchy' character, the villain that ruins the heroine's life (maybe that explains the cracks in my computer). Not only because of the villain herself, but because the heroine is too innocent, too kind and leaves the path clear for the antagonist to easily walk towards triumph. The knots of anger and frustration during those moments when I wanted to shake Park Ha out of her fantasy with the unicorns and rainbows, where she accepts the water thrown into her face or reluctantly leaves America, were relieved when Park Ha slapped Se Na across the face. Although it hurt for Park Ha to realize at that moment that Yi Gak was actually pining for Se Na, I thought it nicely fit into the plot. Because now the tables have turned against Se Na, I truly hope Park Ha holds a strong heart and doesn't shed tears because of unrequited love, rather than becoming the damsel in distress.

With the romance and the complicated love triangle, I'm concerned about how Yi Gak's heart will change for Park Ha when Yi Gak has shown genuine love and adoration for Se Na (or rather Hwa Young). However, it can't be forgotten how conniving Hwa Young was during the Chosun era arc, taking the handkerchief that Bu Young (Joseon double of Park Ha) as her own, and how Bu Young has her cute banter with Prince Yi Gak. In addition, the ending when Yi Gak connects the pieces of Park Ha crying and Se Na coming out of the same direction is the beginning of Yi Gak's discovery of Se Na's wicked nature, and maybe that will begin the unraveling of the true break up between Prince Yi Gak and Se Na.

I love how the comedy and the hilarity is being employed as actual plot and character development, rather than just side acts. I almost cried from laughter when the three boys were doing their version of a karaoke session as well as when they started to break down their respectful exterior to tease Prince Yi Gak. Not only is it nice to see the three boys as individual characters, but it's going to be hilarious when Prince Yi Gak realizes that his three servants aren't his courtiers anymore in 2012. I'm up for a scene where a drunk Young Sul will vent his anger by insulting Yi Gak or maybe Man Bo outsmarting the Prince.

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