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A collective report on the dietary habits of various female stars


The autumn breeze in the air may mark the end of another warm summer season gone, but the Hallyu stars still continue their strict diets in order to maintain their gorgeous S-line figures. Check out some of the meals that they're eating for their diets below. == Kim Jun Hee posted via her Twitter page, "Junee's diet plan", along with a photo of grapes, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, lean beef, and quail eggs. An Sun Young also posted, "I'm going to try eating mostly vegetables this week", and uploaded a photo of some squash, Korean miso soup, and some rice. The amount of rice was a small amount and probably not even close enough to satisfy the appetite of a normal human being. Former S.E.S member and musical performer Bada ambitiously revealed her own strict diet plan consisting of chicken breast, salad, potatoes, fruit, etc. Actress Jun Hye Bin also had her own diet plan and uploaded a photo of herself posing with her diet food consisting similarly of chicken, smoked salmon, salad, and fruit. And the girl groups are no exception to the diet craze. The girls of SECRET revealed their diet on a popular SBS entertainment program. Their diet consists of bananas, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and other items. Kahi of After School also uploaded a photo via her Twitter page of her diet food which included hard-boiled eggs, grapes, oranges, salad... mostly low-calorie foods. Stars are receiving attention for eating foods that are low in calories and in fat, but high in nutrients and these are the type of foods that keep you feeling full. Diets don't necessarily mean you are limited to leafy greens, but it's more about eating the right mix of foods that will also provide the nutritional essentials that your body needs. The diets of the stars are easier to follow than most people think, and there are a few staple items that every star seems to include. ?Chicken Breast Lean chicken is a must for maintaining a slim figure. Jun Hye Bin, After School's UEE & Park Kahi have all succeeded in their diets eating chicken breast, and even the ballad King Sung Shi Kyung himself revealed that he was also eating lean chicken for lunch. Other stars including Hur Kyung Hwan, Park Jun Hyung, Oh Ji Hun and Koo Ji Sung also lost weight eating chicken, but they even began selling the products online after their success. ?Hard-boiled eggs Cho Yeo Jung successfully lost weight by eating hard-boiled eggs and was able to look amazing for her movie, 'The Servant'. Girl groups After School, SECRET, and SNSD all include hard-boiled eggs as a staple in their diet and it's beneficial because it keeps them feeling full. The stars are good about including foods from all the different food groups in their diet, but in moderation. They prioritize absorbing essential nutrients, so they are setting the right example for anyone who is looking to lose a healthy amount of weight. These stars may seem to have the perfect bodies, but as perfectionists who are constantly in front of the camera, they continue to work to maintain and improve their S-line shapes well past the summer season. Source & Image : Newsen via Nate

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