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Posted by AKP STAFF Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Taxi driver from Daesung's accident shares his side of the story


Amidst the many speculations that are taking place following Daesung's car accident, Dispatch received the opportunity of interviewing the sole witness, taxi driver Kim (45), at the hospital. Although he's still being treated from the accident, Kim emphasized, "I have to correct everything that's being wrongly reported." Various rumors arose after it was discovered that the motorcyclist's vehicle was in decent condition, and therefore the rider couldn't have been involved in an accident prior to his collision with Daesung. Kim, on the other hand, stated, "Hyun (the motorcyclist) was bleeding very much already. I think that there definitely was a very big accident that occurred before ours." Check out the full interview below. -- Q. "At this time, the motorcyclist has deceased and the attention is now being focused on whether his death was caused by Daesung's collision or not." Kim: "Daesung is also a victim in this case. It seems that the motorcyclist already received much injury from a previous accident. He was discovered 30m away from his motorcycle and you could tell how bad his condition was with the naked eye. There was a lot of blood where he was laying and his head was also bleeding profusely. Maybe its because of the shock from the impact, but his helmet was also nowhere to be seen. The police later discovered it, and, it too, was badly damaged." Q. "You checked for the condition of the motorcyclist but Daesung was unable to. Eventually, he passed Hyun and collided with the taxi." Kim: "There is a reason why Daesung could not have avoided Hyun. There was another car in front of Daesung. To put it simply, I put up my emergency lights after discovering the motorcyclist and stopping on the road. Just before I was about to call the police, another car discovered Hyun and swerved to the next lane. The car following him was Daesung's. Although the first car was able to swerve and avoid an accident, I don't think Daesung could see what was going on. Usually, when the first car swerves, the car behind it can't catch what he's swerving away from. Daesung was in that exact situation." Q. "Daesung testified that he did not see the motorcyclist." Kim: "Daesung did not know of the motorcyclist at all. He only knew once I told him that there was a person on the road. The car in front of him had swerved away so he didn't have time to check at the scene." Q. "Daesung is currently being questioned for speeding and negligent driving." Kim: "I think he was within the 60km/h limit because the car in front of him was not speeding. This was what I observed with the room mirror in the taxi. They say that he was speeding at 80km/h during the investigations, but I feel that's the speed he was at when he collided with the taxi." Q. "No skid marks were discovered at the scene. Does that mean his car only stopped after it collided with the taxi?" Kim: "In my personal opinion, I think he accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake. There should have been skid marks, but there are none. Even after the collision, the taxi was pushed out 30m from where it was originally standing. If it was pushed to that extent, it means he did not brake. Even during the collision, I don't think he braked, and it was most probably because he was nervous and shocked that he accidentally pressed the accelerator." Q. "Then if he wasn't able to see the motorcyclist at the time of the accident, did he check afterwards?" Kim: "Daesung did not have a chance to. Within 2 minutes of the accident, police arrived and he was taken for investigations. He did not know that there was a person at the time of the accident so I don't think he knew to check. He only knew that there was a collision with the taxi. Immediately afterwards, a representative of his agency arrived, and he, too, did not see the motorcyclist." Q. "Did he look shocked?" Kim: "There was so much going on. There was an accident and a victim was revealed. Within 10 minutes, journalists swarmed in. Since he's a young celebrity, I think he was shocked. Even while being investigated by the police, his hands were shaking." Q. "The taxi was severely destroyed. Just looking at the taxi, you must have also been severely injured. How are you right now?" Kim: "In comparison to the taxi being destroyed, I was not that injured. I think it was because I sensed an accident and prepared for it. The hospital said that I didn't break anything, but I am receiving physical therapy for my shoulders, back, and neck." Q. "If Daesung is found to be unrelated to the death of the motorcyclist, that leaves only the issue of his collision with the taxi. The compromise will be important." Kim: "Daesung's side has not begun a compromise yet. I have not received contact from them and we did not exchange business cards at the time. I do not want to reach a compromise at this moment, as I feel that the accident being reported truthfully is more important." Q. "As the sole witness, how do you feel?" Kim: "It's very disappointing. It was poor (inexperienced) driving for him to not be able to see the motorcyclist and drive over him, but the situation is becoming severe in that there's also the issue of a preceding accident and it's unclear as to who caused it. This is why I mustered the courage to say something." Source + Photos: Dispatch via Nate

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