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Posted by VITALSIGN41 pts Monday, January 10, 2011

JYJ's Junsu and "Tears of Heaven" cast holds press conference

JYJ's Junsu and other cast mates attended the press conference for their musical, "Tears of Heaven," held at Yejang-dong at 1 PM KST on January 10th. The rehearsal room for the musical was open to reporters, and a total of six scenes were rehearsed including "The Morning is Coming," "I've Never Loved Like This," "I Had to Learn," "Ominous Feelings Falling Like Rain," "Without Her," and "Do You Hear Me?" Junsu stated, "'Mozart' was a time of trial and error for me.� The way we sing for musicals is different from regular singing.� I later found out that the audience members sitting in the back couldn't hear me sing for 'Mozart.'" He continued, "I'm slowly improving, as I'm still learning.� I'm not quite sure how to express this, but I will be trying my best to hear that I've improved compared to 'Mozart.'� Please look forward to a lot of my unique sides." When asked about his current condition, he answered, "I'm not in my best condition, but it's okay.� I feel like I'm going to come down with a fever and my throat is itching, but it's not enough to impact my performance.� I'm doing my best to make sure my throat maintains the best condition." Regarding his sweet kiss scene with Davichi's Lee Haeri, the two actors shied away with red faces.� Junsu started, "'Mozart' had about four kiss scenes, and there's about two to three in 'Tears of Heaven.'� I have wondered whether my fans will be okay with it, but it's not just a simple kiss scene, and I naturally get into it as I fall into my role.� We've never really actually kissed up until today.� I'm apologetic towards Lee Haeri." Brad Little commented, "American pop singer Cher won an Oscar award through her musical.� I believe that Junsu will achieve similar results.� He's young and handsome, and even sexy.� He fits well with his role.� I have to act angry towards him in the script, and my emotions are based off of the jealousy I feel against him.� When I first heard that Junsu was acting, I thought it was a great idea.� The idea of being able to act with him is interesting." He continued, "The first skill that a musical actor must learn is to stand naturally before an audience and show off his acting.� Junsu is so great at that.� The second is communicating with the audience.� Maybe it's because Junsu has done it all along with his career as a singer, but there's nothing he falls short on in that aspect.� Junsu has a beautiful heart; audience members will find no problem in feeling the emotions he'll be delivering.� His large fanbase has created a wider audience range for this musical as well." Junsu was later asked, "It seems like there's a lot of difficult things going on right now, who gives you the most strength?"� He replied, "Our JYJ members and our fans give us a lot of strength.� And being able to work on a project like 'Tears of Heaven' is helpful as well." "Tears of Heaven," featuring Junsu, Brad little, Yoon Gong Ju, Jung Sang Yoon, Jung Dong Seok, Lee Haeri and others will open on February 1st and play through March 19th. Source + Photos: Asia Economy, Everyday Economy, Newsis, Herald Economy, EDaily, Newsen, Newsen via Daum (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

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