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A Korean Paris Hilton attracts the interest of netizens


Twenty-four year old brand manic Kim Kyeonga is being called the Paris Hilton of Korea by netizens, and has been attracting much attention after she appeared as a special guest on Mnet Tent In the City. She first shocked the show hosts by revealing, "The outfit and accessories I'm wearing right now exceeds $339,847 USD." One of the handbags that she brought on the show is known for its one year long waiting list and is considered the brand name of brand names. The surprise doesn't end there though, as she revealed that she had one in every color. "I don't have to wait when I go to Paris." She also went on to state that she's been maintaining her luxurious lifestyle through just the allowance she receives from her parents. When compared to America's Paris Hilton by MC Go Eunah, she retorted, "I'm better than Paris Hilton, so I don't like being compared to her. What does she have that I don't?" Kim Kyeonga gave a tour of her dressing room and showed off brand name bags bought in every color. She treated them as if they were toys, nonchalantly stating, "I'm thinking of drawing on them with a sharpie later." Her dressing room is also set up so that clothes are on the second floor while shoes are on the first floor with direct access to her parking lot. Some of the items she received as presents were a $254,885 USD car, along with a $169,923 USD diamond studded Hello Kitty necklace, the only one in existence in the world. Currently unemployed, the MCs went on to ask what she considered were the drawbacks of such a lifestyle, Kim Kyeonga replied, "I get a lot of useless people trying to get into my life, so I don't have a lot of friends. I draw the line first." Fashion director Woo Jongwan also expressed his surprise, knowing quite a few lifestyles of famous celebrities himself. "This is the first time I've seen such a person. I came in with a bad impression after I heard that she's covered from top to bottom in brand names. Still, I think her confident attitude is charming." On the other hand, netizens were rather put off with her attitude and left comments such as, "She's unemployed, but Hilton makes more money than she inherited. Hilton wins," "It's not even her money, but her parent's. She looks thoughtless and lacks respect," and "The difference between her and Hilton is that Hilton has a job." Source: Newsen

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