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LPG members have done plastic surgery 27 times


Girl group 4minute were degraded rather than praised for revealing the fact that they never had plastic surgery done. On the 25th during an MBC variety show called Bouquet, singers 4minute, Secret, LPG, Girls Day, Kim Ji Hyun, Yoo Chae Young, Yuri, Jang Young Ran, Kim Sae Rom and Goo Ji Sun appeared as guests and held a talk battle. During this episode, girl group LPG became a hot issue as they truthfully confessed a shocking fact saying, "Putting all five of us together, I believe we had plastic surgery about 27 times in total." Regarding plastic surgery, however, 4minute Hyuna then said proudly, "Us 4minute members are famous for not having plastic surgery done. Adding up all our members together, we have done a total of 0 plastic surgeries." Entertainer Jang Young Ran expressed, "I admit that if I put on heavy makeup I'm pretty but when I erase all that makeup I have no distinct facial features." LPG member Sammy then continued, "During music show rehearsals, when 4minute members don't have makeup on, I can't tell who they are. But with makeup, they look so pretty." 4minute members who were degraded even after confessing the fact that they never had plastic surgery retorted back, "Isn't our face without makeup more pretty? Since we are still students." Personally, I don't really think it matters if you did plastic surgery or not as long as you feel beautiful about yourself. Besides, it's a big trend among Koreans to do some form of plastic surgery or another so the idea of a celebrity doing plastic surgery is not so much of a hot issue as it once was.

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