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Is Jo Kwon really dating Ga-In?


As we all know, 2AM's Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-In is currently starring in MBC's We Got Married. The couple has been famous and popular amongst fans, as the duo even got to win Music Bank's K-chart with their duet, We Fell In Love. The two have been too close that fans have even started questioning, "Are they really dating?" Well, Jo Kwon recently met a reporter, and he was asked, "Are you guys really dating?" To this, Jo Kwon replied, "Yes," but when he was asked about the question again, he replied, "No." He then continued, "If I answer that I am really dating her, you guys won't believe it. If I answer that I'm not dating her, you guys still won't believe it. ... The more the people are confused, the better it is. ... People don't know Ga-In's real charms." 2AM's Seulong, Jinwoon and Changmin seemed to be jealous, as they stated, "We are jealous that an idol gets to reveal his real affections for someone he loves." They also seemed to be sure of Jo Kwon's feelings as they stated, "The Jo Kwon you see in the program is Jo Kwon 100%." Over the past, couples who were featured in We Got Married didn't reveal their real feelings if they didn't have a feeling for their partner. It was to the point where the couple didn't even stay in touch through phone calls outside of broadcast. They were only "couples" in the show, but when they were outside, they were simply business partners. With Jo Kwon and Ga-In though, everything has been different. The two seems to stay in touch as we've seen from their little feud. They've even shown jealousy in public, like when it was revealed thatGa-In was jealous of Oh Bang Shil, Jo Kwon's first love. In every episode, the two seemed to be enjoying their time together. Whether they are dating or not doesn't seem to matter for now, as we can clearly see their affections for each other in the show. What do you guys think?

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