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Black Pink's Lisa talks about how she was a YG fan + became the first foreign member to join the label

By KpopJoA   12 days ago   82,912   19,888   0



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Broadcasted on July 10, MBC FM4U 'Jung Yoo Mi's FM Date' featured Black Pink where member Lisa talked about how she became a part of YG Entertainment.

She explained how she was the first foreign member to make it into YG (Although some of you old school YG family fans might remember a guy named Perry).

"I participated in the YG audition which was held in Thailand.  I had always been a fan of YG Entertainment," Lisa began.

"Ever since I was little, I enjoyed dancing.  I would dance along to a lot of the choreography by Big Bang and 2NE1 sunbaenims.  

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The members also complimented Lisa's Korean speaking skills.  "She's really good in Korean.  She understands everything."

  1. Lisa

hiroonakamura 11 days ago

Perry was YG's first big producer. He basically taught Teddy how to produce songs according to many. Dude is half-japanese and half Guamese I think. Someone in YG ought to teach Lisa some of the companies' history so she isnt caught giving false facts in interviews again

ourcheers2u 11 days ago

Ayeee I remember Perry. For all of you who don't know who he is, he was YG's main composer before Teddy. He is Korean though(I recently learned that he actually isn't Korean sorry). Perry was my fave back in the day.

megamanx ourcheers2u 11 days ago

He's not Korean. He's half Japanese, half Chamorro (grew up in SF/Oakland though). His full name is Perry Thomas Borja look him up.

ourcheers2u megamanx 11 days ago

Damn...this whole time I thought he was Korean. I feel stupid af now. Thanks for this info, I'll edit my comment accordingly.

hiroonakamura ourcheers2u 11 days ago

being chamorro means that he is from Guam so part japanese part guamese i guess :D

blackjack4evar 11 days ago

"(Although some of you old school YG family fans might remember a guy named Perry)." What does this have anything with the article?!

megamanx blackjack4evar 11 days ago

Perry isn't Korean, he was in YG for like a decade. IE: Perry is technically the first foreign artist for YG.

hiroonakamura blackjack4evar 11 days ago

lisa says she is the first foreign member in YG. Allkpop just proved her wrong.

lilianlo 12 days ago

Well to be fair Perry is actually Korean, so it doesn't really count

megamanx lilianlo 11 days ago

He's not Korean. He's half Japanese, half Chamorro (grew up in SF/Oakland though). His full name is Perry Thomas Borja look him up.

hiroonakamura lilianlo 11 days ago

lol, you're doing a Lisa now - aka giving out false facts :P

flyingpancakes1 12 days ago

ehh...isn't Dara considered a foreign member too since she's Filipino??

Sunnn flyingpancakes1 12 days ago


alt829 flyingpancakes1 12 days ago

She's fully Korean, but moved to the Philippines for part of her life but then came back to Korea.

thefabcat92 flyingpancakes1 12 days ago


Melina45d 12 days ago

man i want her hair!

_CLeO 12 days ago

Lisa should be so proud of herself ^_^

liviekate 12 days ago

omg perry.. why is he on hiatus

ygbad_boy liviekate 12 days ago

he became one of YG's main producers. Perry helped in making a lot of BB's songs such as La La La

megamanx ygbad_boy 12 days ago

He WAS one of YG's main producers. His last producing for YG was back in 2010 for BB, no songs since. According to YG financial filings in 2015, Perry's contract with the company expired and he didn't re-sign.

hiroonakamura liviekate 11 days ago

he is 45 or something like that. A bit old to continue releasing rap songs of his own :)

liviekate hiroonakamura 11 days ago

lol tru, although jay z is 47 and psy is 39 (obviously very different career success but ya know)

pink_oracle 12 days ago

That can't be right??

gigi9 12 days ago

Her nose is the same and ppl say she got a nose job -.- same with Jennie

alt829 gigi9 12 days ago

Lisa's nose does look straighter but she could've gotten an injection just to even/straighten out her nose, technically it's not a nose job, but it could be the magic of makeup cuz contour does wonders to my uneven nose. Honestly though, I can't stand it when people obsess over someone's looks just cuz they look different from their past, people need to just get over it.

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