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Nada, Dain, and Jinju reported to have terminated contracts with Mafia Records

By elliefilet   25 days ago   16,149   731   0



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Nada, Dain, and Jinju of Wassup fame are reported to have successfully terminated their contracts with Mafia Records.

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Just yesterday, Mafia Records stated the courts found Nada, Dain, and Jinju could terminate their contracts with the agency upon paying a fee of 50 million Won ($43,749.50 USD) each as stated in their contracts. On June 30, Nada's legal representation revealed the three had already deposited the penalty fees, ending their ties with Mafia Records.

As previously reported, the courts also found Nada, Dain, and Jinju were entitled to a record of accounts from the agency as they claimed they had not received payment. 

Stay tuned for updates.
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karakamilia 24 days ago

Hmmm where did they get that kind of money this quickly ? That's worth 1 semester of my college, wtf.

pink_oracle 24 days ago

Where the heck did they get that sort of money??

nami_chan pink_oracle 24 days ago

omg thanks God I wasn't the only one that thought the same..

pink_oracle nami_chan 23 days ago

I mean I'm glad they can leave but....that's no pocket change. The only thing I can think of is maybe they were bought out by new agencies.

nami_chan pink_oracle 23 days ago

yeah, probably

Lilhellyu666 25 days ago

GREAT who can replace the snake charming sound of nada. Wassup might as well disband if they can't have this snake charmer Nada back.

Lilhellyu666 25 days ago

Lied to their peers! Lied to their fans. They had many fans to begin with but now it's lessened! It's a lot less now. Thanks nada.

Lilhellyu666 25 days ago

Great how can we put a$$ back in this group. It's got extra flat ..wagon is busted.. flattest tires.. it's gnna stop eventually then they disband. Recruit shannon williams.

Lilhellyu666 25 days ago

Nada will soon sit on the sidewalk make staged reggaeton to the king cobra. Cobra is confused as ****. Dumbass'd reptar.. a devolved dinosaur.. snakes suck.

Lilhellyu666 25 days ago

Read this bollocks: Jaybie Dayy2 months ago Joe Black your fooling yourself 🤣 I've been boxing since the 90s I've been doing mma since around 2008-2009. i play fight with alot of sparing partners in the gym and they can't even come near me! Because I'll kick them in the stomach. and taking them down is super easy. single leg take downs is what i prefer agenst a boxer. and (((( they always fall for me running behind them and getting them in a rear naked choke.))))))))

mypcy 25 days ago

Who would in a company with that kind of name lol

holdthisLnoobs 25 days ago

@yg sign Nada my nigga. Fuck hello venus and their pancake butts

kpoplolita holdthisLnoobs 25 days ago

no thank you, we're full. We'll pass it up to SM.. watchu think SMstans?

holdthisLnoobs kpoplolita 24 days ago

We SMstans respectfully decline as we see Nada a better fit for JYP.

Jackie_H holdthisLnoobs 24 days ago

The fuck has hello venus to do with this

holdthisLnoobs Jackie_H 24 days ago

Lilhellyu666 in the comments below.

Lilhellyu666 25 days ago

I will just say whatever I want because I was offended by what they and  their fans said to Hello venus. Said they have pancake for butts. Always asking wheres the buttpads for hello venus. That's what you get .. poetic justice system works.

Lilhellyu666 25 days ago

only 1 hello venus constantly have butt pads.. she didn't wear it for entire career she's not jisook of rainbow!

Lilhellyu666 25 days ago

Sad when chocolat gang has bigger butt than the 20s liner's.

Lilhellyu666 25 days ago

Bollocks all this. I was hoping a good future for this group. Bollocks.

Lilhellyu666 25 days ago

JABS ARE GOOD actually

Lilhellyu666 25 days ago

Nada go team up with Truedy. Your staged raggaeton is awesome.

Lilhellyu666 25 days ago

I am only saying mean things to this g roup cause they diss Hello venus before. Told you don't talk bad about other groups or it'll bite your ass. Now you have no a$$ .. no funding.. nothing! Got put out and shot.

Lilhellyu666 25 days ago

Nice Hello venus won the twerking war and they don't even have any ass!! What now all the a$$ left your are just Wup!? Wup gang.. sad. At least you have Nari. Just make Nari work nightshift.

Lilhellyu666 25 days ago

Nada never fit in .. good luck with Nada. She doesn't look idol-like, she looks domesticated from a locale shelter.

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