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Lee Chae Young to remain on 'Idol School' + Mnet denies bullying rumors

By elliefilet   26 days ago   20,781   1,214   0



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Lee Chae Young will be staying on with Mnet's 'Idol School' as the bullying rumors surrounding the trainee are reported to be untrue.

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On June 30, Mnet stated, "After confirming with Lee Chae Young's elementary school, we've found the rumors of bullying and forced school transfer are false," adding, "There's also no record of a transfer in junior high school. We ask that you do not spread rumors that have no evidence, and there'll be no consideration for her to quit the show because of matters that aren't true."

As previously reported, posts claiming Lee Chae Young used to be a bully in school were shared on various online communities. The writer claimed that she used to go to the same middle school as Lee Chae Young and revealed several threatening text messages exchanged with the trainee. 

'Idol School' premieres on July 13 KST.
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pink_oracle 26 days ago

But what about the texts? Did you prove they were fake?

BigBlueagain pink_oracle 22 days ago

You just can't let stuff like this go, can you? Can you prove they weren't? Almost ALL of these supposed bully cases have been proven false. Why should this be any different?

pink_oracle BigBlueagain 22 days ago

Because the only solid piece of incidence submitted is the texts, they're the only element of relevance and yet they aren't even mentioned here. You can't say to people the case is closed when you haven't even acknowledged the bloody foot prints.

BigBlueagain pink_oracle 22 days ago

Texts are hardly a smoking gun. This is how many years old? First, we have to beleive that these were saved for that long. Then we have have proof that the ARE real (innocent unless proven guilty). The burden of proof is on the accuser, not the accused. People seem to forget that.

pink_oracle BigBlueagain 22 days ago

I just want to know what the outcome of the investigation into the texts was. I can't know what's what until that happens.

123PoP 26 days ago

So apparently two years after you transfer it is erased off your record or two years after you graduate? Still reading that she was an iljin and if Mnet investigated and chose to ignore it then 😑

partyfan2013 26 days ago

In better understanding, it looks like she will remain on the show as she is totally innocent on this matter and therefore will stick around on the show once and for all.  Hopefully nobody will go create any stupid controversies in order to taint the reputation of the show once the show begins.

xZukuu 26 days ago

its even worse that the person didn't stop even after mnet denied the rumors,she keeps posting and then deletes her tweets,its pathetic,whats even more pathetic is that she keeps making twitter accounts to post the same shit over and over again.

intricate 26 days ago

maybe they mistook her for another Lee Chae Young.

intricate 26 days ago

anyway, getting real tired of these false bully accusations all the time.

nameisinvalid 26 days ago

There must be some irony there if it turns out that this trainee is the one being bullied.

BigBlueagain 26 days ago

And yet another salty loser trying to cash in on someone's celebrity.

jenicekorn BigBlueagain 22 days ago

glad to see you defense someone.....

BigBlueagain jenicekorn 22 days ago

Defend, attack, all depends on what's going on and guilt or innocence.

krell 26 days ago

(Joking) S.KOREA = A NATION of BULLIES !!! ... 

krell 26 days ago

LEE CHAE YOUNG must have gotten *confused* with (AKP's) @Wang_Sejung = The Nation's *TRUE BULLY* !!! ...

The End



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