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Big Bang's T.O.P addresses the media before heading in for his first hearing

By beansss   21 days ago   60,702   4,721   0



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Big Bang's T.O.P addressed the media briefly before heading in for his first court hearing, this June 29 at 11:30 AM KST. 

He told reporters by reading from an official written statement, "Whatever the verdict may be, I will receive any punitive sentence consensually." He added, "Lastly, I would like to apologize to my mother." 

To a question, "How did you obtain marijuana?", T.O.P answered, "You will be able to find out through the trial process." 

Stay tuned for updates. 
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    1. T.O.P

    skididdlepopper 21 days ago

    sigh... oh TOP i'm glad he's admitted to the charges and is open to the punishment that lies ahead. I hope after all that is over with, he lives cleanly afterwards xO I hope the best for him xO

    ariellll 21 days ago

    And all I keep thinking throughout this is, "I'm tall, I'm pretty sexy, I speak Korean, and I don't do any bad shit. I can rap. I can cook. I can speak English. I'm a fun person. TOP should just date me, I'd take care of him and his mom better than some problematic, undebutable f*cktard.." >-<

    ourcheers2u 21 days ago

    Hopefully he will get mental help during those two years.

    allkpopellie 21 days ago

    I love my mum so much too :( that apology, I can understand him :(

    KautyPop 21 days ago

    2 years probation, if he violates it he will be sentenced to 10months in prison, is what he's looking at thus far, final decision to be made July 20th.

    Chrysantheneum KautyPop 21 days ago

    plus a fine and community service, that's often the extra's and norm

    yoonbread 21 days ago

    Good.  TOP you will get through this.  You have your family that loves you, fans that still support you... just be mature and accept any punishment you deserve for your crime and fulfill your duties as a Korean citizen in the army. So proud of his response to the media. Stay strong Choi Seunghyun!

    Fatimaaxo 21 days ago

    He ain't never doing marijuana again

    Iamalittledai5y Fatimaaxo 21 days ago

    He isn't doing marijuana ever again.*

    JeanaKJY Iamalittledai5y 21 days ago

    lmao she's using slang bruh get widdit

    Iamalittledai5y JeanaKJY 21 days ago

    I am an English teacher in Japan. Correcting people just comes naturally to me. But yes, I understand.

    Marea_Jung Fatimaaxo 21 days ago

    believe me he will but with intensive caution, he doesn't want to get caught again

    Iamalittledai5y Marea_Jung 21 days ago

    If he does, it will violate his parole. And parole officers do not mess around.

    hanalala707 21 days ago

    Oppa, whatever happen, you alone is better and the best idol than the most idols like bts and exo. Sarang oppa <3 fighting juseyo

    themsbabyg hanalala707 21 days ago

    Never belittle others just to make yours look great. Everyone is special in their very own way.

    HarryBJ hanalala707 21 days ago

    BTS and EXO are idol groups, correct ur terminology

    HarryBJ hanalala707 21 days ago

    And stop dragging BTS and Exo, who says armies and exols are immature when vips got the likes of u in their fandom

    HarryBJ hanalala707 21 days ago

    U are a disgrace to VIP community

    HarryBJ hanalala707 21 days ago

    Cause ur comment is irrelevant and forces so many people to hate TOP,

    hanalala707 HarryBJ 21 days ago

    Bts and exo are cancer to kpop

    BangtanieAR hanalala707 21 days ago

    Belittling other groups isn't going to make your 'oppas' situation any better. Ever think karma is what is getting to your group & your fandom because of your actions/words? Every single group is legendary in their own way - you can still hype your bias group without unnecessarily dragging others.

    Armyinthehouse hanalala707 21 days ago

    Cancer? you are the worst kind of human waste. I knew people who died in a month, consumed themselfs into a 20 kg sack of bones, loose their minds and even cut their fingers without realise it while having cancer... You went too far. Right now i´m thinking about my best friend broken into my arms after loosing her father that way, and other people around me that lost family because that nightmare, what if something like that happens to you? will you still be this garbage? I don´t wish you to go through that, even though you are a worse person that any of the people a talked about.

    hanalala707 Armyinthehouse 21 days ago

    Idc. Maybe those are their karma.

    Armyinthehouse hanalala707 21 days ago

    Remember this when something terrible happens to you. I´m not going to spend a second more with such a pathetic and awful thing like you.

    L_catzzz Armyinthehouse 21 days ago

    Lol. Guys...hanalala is a troll. This is his 707th accounts. Don't take it seriously. You can just search for hanalala at the search box and u can see all of its nasty past comments. hanalala101, hanalala102, hanalalawhatever...

    hanalala707 Armyinthehouse 21 days ago

    Kys bitch, die with your friends

    Armyinthehouse L_catzzz 21 days ago

    Yeah, i know, but i thought that at least she will have a bit of decency. I always want to give a chance. Don´t worry i´m not affected one bit, i just tried to make her realize but at this point, there´s no turn back fo her, karma will take care. See you around!

    kimmiefonze 21 days ago

    ... or like My Prerogative style,"People can take everything away from you. But they can never take away the truth. But the question is... can you handle mine?"

    hanalala707 kimmiefonze 21 days ago

    Dont associate this bitch to my oppa

    kimmiefonze hanalala707 21 days ago

    I would if I wanna, and you can't stop me.

    ATA 21 days ago

    TOP has always been said to be super close to his mom, so I can understand that out of everyone in the world, his mom is the one he regrets disappointing and worrying the most.

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