Nam Gyu Ri joins Namoo Actors + to seek revenge in new drama 'Heartless City' as her character

May 31, 2013 @ 10:34 pm
by pkdance
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Singer-turned-actress Nam Gyu Ri has now joined names like Han Hye Jin and Yoo Jun Sang as a new member of the agency Namoo Actors!


Namoos Actors confirmed on the 1st, "Nam Gyu Ri has signed with Namoo Actors. We formed a partnership based on trust with Nam Gyu Ri who has big potential. We will show our endless support for Nam Gyu Ri, who has a lot of passion for acting, so that she can continue to pursue a successful acting career."


It seems this singer-turned-actress has made the right choice as she's already secured herself a role as Soo Min who will burn with jealousy as she seeks revenge in the new JTBC drama 'Heartless City


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