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Lee Hyori and John Park are close?

April 11, 2012 @ 6:37 am
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It seems that singers Lee Hyori and John Park may actually be somewhat close.

On April 10th, Lee Hyori posted a picture and tweeted to John Park, "Hey Sung Kyu (John's Korean name), you are going to come when we have our vegetarian part on 'Golden 12', right?  Model Hye Bak wanted to give you this handmade candle." The handmade candle can be seen in the photo with a message from Hyori's friend that said, "Hi John. You are __ Super."

John Park replied, "Wow!  I hope Thursday comes quickly," referring to when he'll be attending the 'Golden 12' filming. The tweets between the two stars are of particular interest to fans as John Park has mentioned in the past that he's been a fan of Lee Hyori since childhood. Lee Hyori has also brought up on a previous episode of 'Golden 12' that she would like John Park to guest on the show.

Followers commented, "Wow, the two of them are close," "I want to go to the vegetarian party," and "John Park is getting a lot of love from his noonas."

Source + Image: Lee Hyori's Twitter

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