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K.Will celebrates first 'Music Bank' win since debut

March 3, 2012 @ 6:27 am
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Popular singer K.Will celebrated his recent #1 win by bowing to his fans.

On March 2nd, K.Will uploaded a post on his Twitter, stating, "My first 'Music Bank' win in 6 years since my debut!! I am deeply grateful~"

He continued, "Thank you for all your support!!^^" and amused his fans by uploading a set of pictures that shows him performing a traditional bow next to his trophy.

Netizens and fans alike have expressed their support by writing, "I hope you win tomorrow as well!" , "Congratulations on your first 'Music Bank' win!" and, "I will cheer hard for you!"

In related news, K.Will is actively promoting his new single, 'I Need You'.

Source & Image: K.Will's Twitter

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