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New girl group, Leader's, releases debut single, "Please"

March 23, 2011 @ 12:10 am
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TGN Entertainment's newest girl group, Leader's, has released their debut single, "Please"! Comprised of members Cindy, Yeonshil, Serin, Dahae, Seolji, Yesol, and Chaeyool, the group chose their name with the hopes of becoming trend-setting leaders of the Korean music industry. Their debut single consists of two tracks, "Please" and "Hope," both of which keep auto-tune to a bare minimum in order to express their natural vocal talents. With a strong drum beat, an addictive rap and chorus, and stylish choreography, the girls revealed that they're ready to make their mark. A representative of TGN stated, "We hope to show new potential in the girl group market with a concept and music style that sets Leader's apart from others." --- 01. Please 02. Hope Source: HeraldM News via Naver

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