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Jessica clears ups up assumptions in 'Online Shop with Me' video


Jessica cleared ups up assumptions about herself in her latest YouTube video.

In a video titled 'Online Shop with Me!', the former Girls' Generation member shared with viewers how she shops online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jessica expressed, "Before COVID-19, I had a lot of work overseas, so most of my shopping was done abroad. Probably why I'm not the best at shopping in Korea. I tend to shop online more when I'm here."

Before shopping with fans, Jessica reveals how wrong people's perceptions of her can be. She said, "Some people have the wrong idea about me that I'm a heavy shopper and a big spender. But I never buy things on impulse. In fact, I think over and over again if I should buy it. If it shows up in my dreams, then I buy it or I wait until it goes on sale," adding that she wants to live a minimalist lifestyle.

She further shared, "I'm the kind of person who only wants to buy one thing. I don't look at other things. If I have something I want and it's sold out, I have to search everything else and look for it."

Check out Jessica's 'Online Shop with Me!' video above!

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18 days ago

She's very sweet and always finding a way of getting closer to the fans


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17 days ago

not all celebs are big spenders, sure we all know some celebs do drive expensive cars and such, and i think its ok to pamper yourself with the money you make, but i think celebs who buy like 10 or 12 cars like a showroom .. is a bit of a show off.

Jessica is a very smart business woman cum CEO.. i am sure she knows how to manage her money well.


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