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AOA members call one another out for their bad habits on 'Knowing Brothers'


On November 23, JTBC's 'Knowing Brothers' revealed a pre-release clip of this week's episode featuring guests AOA, just ahead of the full broadcast later tonight!

In the pre-release clip, the AOA members decided to come clean about any annoying habits they saw in one another. Chanmi was first to start, and she claimed, "Hyejeong and Jimin keep trying to take moves away from the choreography. They keep omitting stuff because they get tired." Here, Seolhyun refuted, "No, it's that Chanmi keeps wanting to add more complicated things, and we can't keep up." 

Next, Yuna curtly said with impact, "Seolhyun, stop with your 'Just kidding!' jokes. She makes those jokes way too much." Seolhyun admitted that it's a bad habit of hers and apologized, with, "It's such a habit, I can't help it." 

Finally, Jimin had some criticism for both Hyejeong and Seolhyun. Toward Hyejeong, she said, "Hyejeong keeps laughing with an ugly face on broadcasts. She uses her face too recklessly." The 'Knowing Brothers' members also pointed out that Hyejeong became a hot topic for one of her previous guest appearances on the show, where she was "caught" picking her nose. About Seolhyun, Jimin critiqued, "She thinks she's the center of this universe and lives with a bit blindly. A few days ago, we all went to see Yuna's musical, and our fans of course will go to see Yuna in her musical. But Seolhyun saw the fans and went, 'How did the fans know we were coming today?' So I went, 'They came to see Yuna!' and she was just like, 'Oh is that so?'." 

Watch the pre-release clip above while you wait for AOA's full guest appearance on 'Knowing Brothers', tonight on November 23 at 9 PM KST!

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eager_beaver3,675 pts Saturday, November 23, 2019 1
Saturday, November 23, 2019

"She thinks she's the center of this universe and lives with a bit blindly..."

That's not a very fun "ha-ha" kind of remark, it's a pretty savage jab. Jimin is basically saying that Seolhyun is self-centred yet oblivious to her egoism.


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